Me and Max are back at the shop after a good and bad weekend at Tierp Arena!

Today we started pretty early to load up our pit area and we did also watch some racing, really sad that the race got cancelled due to rain tho for the ones that still was competing… 🙁

And then of course we got some lunch from our partner ICA Gärdet! 😀

Time to say goodbye!

See you in August again Tierp Arena!

Race report will come soon and also info about what’s next! Stay tuned! 😉

The Vette motor is apart and we know what we need to order to bring it back to life again!

We know that we are going to Tierp in August, but we need to test before that due to all the problems during this planned “test weekend” because in August we want to race for real and not just test!…

Stay tuned for more info where we are going next!

But at least we succeeded with a great team of the weekend picture! 😀

Bad camshaft batch!… So we are done for the weekend!

American JUNK! 🙁

We got a spare cam but that’s an old and completely different one and we will have the last qualifying round in about 6 hours and we feel that it’s a waste of time to change it change all we need on the motor to make it fit and maybe have the car ready but don’t have enough time to clean out all the junk from the old cam to make sure we won’t hurt the motor because of that so this is it, sad but true!…

We have spent way too much time on the blower / fuel set up JUNK and make that work so we are kind of tired of this right now…

Instead we will start to make the motor ready for a new correct camshaft when we get it (from a different manufacturer of course) and make sure that all oil passages etc are cleaned out for the next outing with the Vette, we just don’t want to make any mistakes here.

We fired up the motor to warm it up and get it ready before Q3 and first round today, all sounded good and then the motor just died!… We found out that we had no ignition / spark or oil pressure!….. Pulled the distributor cap and turned the motor and the rotor did not turn…

Pulled out the distributor and found exactly what I assumed to be the problem!… The distributor gear is damaged and on the camshaft the gear is gone! This have happened before and the manufacturer said the we must have done something when installed it, but this is a completely different motor and same thing happened….

So it’s just bullshit parts and bad quality!…

Good morning Saturday from Tierp Arena! Today we will have a new outfit in memory of Rolf Simonsson who passed away earlier this year 27 of May!… 🙁

Rolf was a great friend and mentor to Jörgen and a racer in Competition, Top Doorslammer and Pro Modified!

The weather is awesome even this day! 🙂

Todays running order!

Yesterdays qualifying lists from the two rounds we got!

But first of all, breakfast from ICA Gärdet! 🙂

Second pass I held done the pedal on a planned 400 feet pass and all felt good until it started to shake some so I was off the throttle at 2.99 sec and rolled in to a 4.30 pass to the 1/8 mile and that felt really good! 60 ft was better than the first pass with a 1.0098.

We are too low on power so tomorrow we need to add more and change transmission to speed up the wheels some! 😀 But I’m really satisfied anyway with how the car works and all the time spent on it really gave great result!

Nice picture by Patrik Jacobsson! <3

Only thing I don’t like and we got a huge problem with is the fuel system / whole blower set up with all kind of errors… We been having a huge problem with the idle since the first time we fired up the motor… But hopefully we will find all the things one at the time, step by step and sort them out but I think it’s really bad that people sells things they don’t have a quality check on before they ship them out to customers!… It’s so unprofessional that I want to puke!…

But before working on the junk we did service the bottom end and checked trough the valve train and all looks good! 🙂

And Max are on the transmission change and we will also change fluid in the Bruno Drive due to overheated trans oil when we got a crazy rolling idle in the last round!..

And today it was BBQ Friday made by Dennis with grocery’s from our awesome partner ICA Gärdet and friend Kaare! <3

This is Bänkt!

And by the way, this I camp Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing! 🙂

Time for test round 2 really soon!

Stay tuned!

First hit made in Jörgen Bergs brand new Vette! 😀

Andreas was confident that the car would leave the starting line as he wanted and so it did, went a slightly bit to the left but also really low in power so that causes the chassis to not react as it should!

1.0706 to 60ft tells us that we are aiming in the right direction!

The biggest problem is that Andreas is used to the Chevelle and he have done some changes to the Vette that he’s not familiar with so we are in learning mode here! 😉

Now some service, control, adjustments and then add some power and we will go out again around 5:00 Swedish time!

Stay tuned!

But first some lunch made by Dennis with grocery’s from ICA Gärdet!

We have made a real warm up and are ready to be called down for qualifying round 1 and the first pass ever on the Vette and for Andreas in Pro Modified!

It will just be a test pass to see how the car reacts!

I want to thank my partners that supports this Pro Mod test year!

Stay tuned!


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