Finally last week it started to happen things for real with the tail lift gate on the trailer! 😀 Parts have been laying around for a while but a lot have been missing so we can do the last stuff and finally start to mount the parts to the trailer.

Welding up high… And I really don’t like being this high up from the ground, but a man got to do what a man got to do! 😉

Trailer side finally repaired and done! 🙂

Time to get this heavy assemblys that includes the squared tubing, lift cylinder and the plate that holds it in place mounted to the trailer side.

A huge thanks to Erik Bengtsson from Bengtssons Smide for taking their dump loader the whole way to our shop to lift these pieces in place! A lot of things would never been done if we wouldn’t have Bengtssons Smide as one of our partners, we really do appreciate what you are doing for us! 🙂

Precision work by Erik, he made it look so easy!! This is just awesome!!

The main parts are in place but there is a lot of work left to do!…

Next step is the final mounting of the lift gate frame to the trailer and then get this platform above in place.

Last weekend me, Max and Patrik worked on the trailer just like always but we also made time to do two sponsor events! 🙂 Plan was to warm up the car but due to no parts to the motor after we hurted it in Malmö on the test weekend we only displayed the Chevelle and did have a table with all broken parts to show how much that can get damaged in less than 4 seconds, really fun to meet and talk to the people that did visit the events.

The first one on Saturday we went to The Parts Stop Swedens Swap Meet that they have I the middle of May every year. 

A lot of people and motorcycles, just like always! 😀

Sunday we spent some time at Bengtssons Smides shop, this was one of the stops in the “Rod Run” that Lasse Bengtssons motor club have in the beginning of every season.

A lot of people and a lot of cool cars! 🙂

Above Erik Bengtssons motorcycle that he have build by himself. A really nice piece, that’s for sure! 🙂

We are slowly moving forward, hopefully we can have the trailer done enough so we at least can use it so we can get to the track, soon I hope…

The main part of the tail gate is finally pretty much all done.

We should been in Malmö for the first race in the series last weekend but due to the problem with the hurted motor on the test weekend and that I couldn’t get new parts in time I decided to cancel that event and work on the trailer instead.

Plastic fantastic… I said when I made the body to the Chevelle “NEVER AGAIN” and here I am but on a much bigger thing..

I hope that the tail gate will be ready to mount on the trailer really soon.. Going to feel really good to close this big hole!

Our sponsor Johan Jarbeck from LSF Custom Paint that did the paint job on the Chevelle went by to help us out some, for sure something that we appreciate!

He did look a bit suspicious when it was time to mix some plastic to do “the final touch” 😀

Assembly time, this feels really good!!! 🙂

Patrik is doing his “thing” whatever that is?.. 🙂

Well, he also got the floor back in place in the part that is our future bathroom.

But pretty much directly after he fixed one thing he made a big hole in the trailer side wall instead.. 😉

It looks like this plastic thing never ends… John have made an awesome job the last week, that’s for sure!

Lift gate welding.

Lift gate pre bend!

Patrik are checking trough the air suspension and brake system.

All mechanical stuff when it comes to brakes and air suspension are now all done!

Monday I started to check trough how much parts that was broken after the first pass for the season I did with the car at Malmö Raceway Saturday last week. It is pretty much that we did offer to the God of speed on that round that’s for sure… So we won’t get home enough parts in time to get the car together so I am sad to say but Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing will not be a part of the first race in the Top Doorslammer series next weekend at Malmö Raceway, that race is cancelled for us. 

It looks like I have found the problem that caused this and the whole motor is apart so I know that the block, crank and cam is ok! But pretty much all valves, rocker arms, pushrods, lifters, pistons, wrist pins, rods and some other small stuff have made the last round down the track!

A bit boring and expensive BUT I am pretty satisfied anyway because the car have never worked this good ever before! It was on a good round, no shake, no steering no nothing it just went down the track and the Racepak graphs looks awesome so only thing I look forward to right now is the next outing for us that will be at Tierp Arena in June, it’s time to put some good numbers on that scoreboard! 😀 

I did learn a lot and I for sure made the homework on my trips to US when spending time with my friend and tuning genius Brandon Pesz, the Chevelle will haul ass, I know it! But it would work better with some more oil to the rocker arms… 😉

And also we will have our new trailer to Tierp, and that feels really good!!

Offers to the God of speed! About 2.5 seconds from brand new this is just junk!…

It started somewhere here, for some reason we did not get enough oil to the exhaust rocker arm on the pushrod side so it started to wear it down and when it doesn’t open the exhaust valve like it should do it starts to fill up the cylinder with fuel and after a while hydrolyze it when it gets to much fuel in it.

When the chamber is full with fuel the intake valve can’t open and it just snapped of two rocker arm axles.

Some of the cylinders that still opened the intake valve got the fuel that didn’t go down in the cylinders were the axles got snapped of and just pressed out the head gaskets on two cylinders.

This dome should be flat… It takes some power to do this!!

Today we took the motor out and took it apart to see if something more was damaged but it looks all good so I will just hone the cylinders and start to assemble it again and wait for all the new parts to get made and shipped to me.

Until we get parts for the Chevelle motor, we will spend the time on the trailer! 🙂

Finally home at the ÅBM again, and today I will go home for the first time in a two weeks… Tomorrow is a new day to work on the Chevelle again!…

The Black Sauna took all the way home without any problems! 🙂

That’s it for this time.. See you in about 1.5 weeks after a lot of hours in the shop and with a lot of new parts in the motor!

Nice photo taken by Marcus Möller, also the first hit for 2016 and the only one for the weekend… But we’ll be back! 🙂


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