Back home in the shop and the 2016 race season is over for real for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing! 

Time to start work on the trailer again… But not right now! 😉

Only 8 months left until it’s time again! 

Heading home after four awesome runs at Tierp Arena! 4.12, 3.96, 3.95 and ended with a 3.90!!!! 

Packing up.

Going home!

It was A LOT of driving after half track, car was fishtailing and I was steering like crazy!!! I saw Dmitry to my left all the way so I just held it down like it was no tomorrow! 🙂 0.079 on the tree, 0.95 to 60ft, 2.59@233km/h to 330 and 3.9031@307km/h to the finish line!!!!!!  

It’s pretty common these days that people are bragging about others tuning there cars, so I felt that I needed to brag some also! 😉

But of course I would never got my car working like this without my really good friend Brandon Pesz as a tuning teacher! 

And there is more power in the motor but we need to wait to next year to find out how much….

Snapped of some studs and ripped out threads in the heads to the rocker arm stand on cylinder 2… And this happened at 2.9 seconds out, that explains the low speed…

Now lunch!

We are just about to warm up the motor, E2 in about 1-1.5 hours.

The Chevelle is serviced and I have done some changes to hot it up for the round tomorrow, track was way much better than what I expected in E1 so the changes I made for that round pretty much just compensated the track conditions from the first round today and made the car repeat the numbers from the first round today… Tomorrow we are up against Dmitry in E2 that have made a 3.97 as best so far this weekend and we are on a 3.95 but I think they have stepped it up for tomorrow so it will be really interesting to see how it turns out! 🙂

Ready for tomorrow, it will work good, or it won’t work at all but I want to try some new stuff! 

Dinner with family and friends, this is why I love the dragracing life! 🙂

New personal best with a 3,9518s!!!! And also a win in the first elimination round agains Åke that did leave a bit early from the line!

Was looking for a lower number but it did not work this time, gonna try some new stuff for tomorrow’s E2! 

Chevy power!!!

Time for a late lunch, and a really good one from Stockholm Gourmet! 🙂


Now E1!

We are rolling down for elimination round 1 right now, we are up against Åke Eliasson!

Personal bests again at 60ft and in speed!!! Still low on power but the changes gave good results!! Now time to start using the motor to get even better results!! 😉

We ended up as number 4 in the qualifying list and will go out for E1 in about 2-3 hours.


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