Some really positive changes, we got two new team members in Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing! 

One of them will have photo / media as the main work and also help me update the homepage when we are out racing so I can spend more time tuning the car instead! The other one is a mechanic that is not afraid to get his hands dirty and that’s really good so we can turn around the car quicker between rounds next year!

This is Patrik Lissjos, in Swedish we call him “The Mas” because he is from up north Sweden, speaks funny and will work really good together with Simon because he is also a “Mas”. Patriks main work will be doing service work / check chassis stuff on the Chevelle so everything will be in good condition! He is also a really happy guy that you all can see on the picture! 😉

This is the next one, Patrik PG Gineman, also called Christian, Polka-Gris and some other names but he prefers PG! 😀 Patriks main work is media / photo, and help me update you guys about what’s happening when we are at the track during the season! He was with us during the race at Tierp Arena this year and I really liked Patriks work and he did fit like a glove in the team! 

So Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing is taking even one more step forward to promote our sponsors and partners more than before! How many teams in Europe got two guys that got media as main work? We do, one photo and one movie guy! 😉

And about sponsors, Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing is always looking for new partners to work with, interested? Contact us!


Go to to see Patriks earlier work! 

Me and Max spent the day getting the trailer to Sala Truck Service, they will help us lower and put on a new roof and do some other body repair on it, will be ready in a couple of weeks and then it’s time to get the lift gate, side door stairs to the level in place. This feels good!

A huge thanks to Jonnie Lindberg for letting us use the truck! 😀


I have been quiet for a while now but a lot have happened the last 8 weeks, the blue bus we once started to build on is now sold and gone and now we have bought a Gray Adams semi trailer instead! 😀 We have already started to work on the Chevelle and its over 3 months left of this year!? Yeah I know, really strange but it also feels really good, maybe for once some stuff will be done and ready in time…. Well, we got a lot to do this coming winter… Look at the pics below 😉


This will be really good when it’s ready! 🙂 But the most important thing to next year is just to make it safe, legal and ready to use on the road next season.


It’s a lot of room in it, two levels that are 13 long and 2.5 meters wide.

Awesome, thumbs up!

And this one is story for us now…. But I am glad that I found someone that bought it and will continue to build it and make it ready instead of just put it on a junk yard…. The funny thing is that it went back to Piteå were I bought it for 5 years ago! (But not to the same person)

This is a couple of weeks ago, the Chevelle is already in the winter sleeping spot! Impressive!! 😉

Engine out, parts controlled and sold!

Empty… 🙂

The drivers suit is already 5 years old!!… Time to send it and some other stuff to USA and get it recertified.

I will soon update you guys with more news and also what we have done on the trailer so far.

Stay tuned!




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