Yeah baby!!!! =)

All problems solved for the summer!! =) (For now at least) 😉

The team for this year, thanks to Åke (dad), Marcus, Max, Jocke, Simon and of course in advance to all the others that also are going to help us out.

Buss / transport of team and parts, thanks too Lenn Lindell, LL Racing.

Trailer / transport of car, thanks to Mattias Wulcan.

About the Chevelle..!! It will be back on track with A LOT of changes and new stuff in it!! =)

And of course thanks to our sponsors!!!

We will start our summer and go down the track for the first time this year with the Chevelle at Tierp Arena 2013-05-11!!!

Yeahhh!!! SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!!!!!




A lot of people at the TD meeting at Åby marknaden! Time to decide where to race and what to do this year! 🙂




Enjoy! =)


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