Yesterday evening me and Max spent some time with the trailer. We also picked up the first parts to the lift gate finally! 🙂

We did lift it up a bit so we can remove the wheels and check the brakes so we won’t get any problem with that when its time for inspection.

Also me and Max went by Martin Lundqvist at Autocut to pick up the big ass squared steel tubings that he helped us to cut in his water jet, thanks for a quick work! This is also the first parts to our lift gate!! Thanks to our awesome sponsor Bengtssons Smide for getting us the material!


Finally, the trailer is back in the shop again so we can start work on it now! I am satisfied to 95% with the job they done on it and that’s pretty good because I was 95% disappointed the last time I got it back… 

Anyway, now we need to find time to spend on it… To be honest I really don’t think this trailer will be ready so we can take it to the first outing for us this season… 

Looks really good after all the body work they made on it, new paint on the whole trailer will wait until season 2017 like it looks right now, we are way behind in the schedule anyway right now!…


Our trailer.

Thursday last week Patrik went by the company that works on our trailer to see how it goes with it.. Must say that I am pretty surprised that it looks like it will be ready this week just like they promised and everything they have done looks really good and just like I ordered it the first time…

Only problem right now is that the trailer is about 12 weeks after in the schedule were I want to be right now due to deleyed delivery and that they didn’t do the work correct the first time… It is all empty on the inside, we got no lift gate so we can get the car in it, we must go trough brakes / axles, lights and much much more, and we got about 13 weeks right now to the first outing this year in the end of April at Malmö Raceway, and right now all the parts to the Chevelle starts to arrive. It will be 13 really hard weeks we got in front of us that’s for sure.

Getting some paint after the body repairs they made on it.

The whole trailer is sandblasted underneath and everything looks good, feels really good to know we got a trailer in excellent condition! 🙂 Only thing missing right now is some paint!

Some body repairs, and closed of the doors on both sides above the wheels.

Body work..

Once again I would like to say thanks for the year 2015 to all of you out there! Sponsors, partners, friends, family and our fans! 

Season 2016 have started and there is A LOT of things going on right now! 🙂 Changes, updates, new stuff, building our trailer and much more. Only about 18 weeks to the first outing this year and I know it will be 18 really hard weeks to go trough so we can have our stuff ready for the first event, you know time will start to fly now when we have changed to a new year!!



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