The team problem are solved! The work on the car is almost done! And we are on the entry list for next weeks race in Malmö!! Yeah baby!!!! 🙂


In about one week from now we will be heading for Malmö Raceway!! 🙂


Bad ass doorslammer!!


Of with blower and heads so we can change the rods.

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Time to take the Chevelle 65 down south to Malmö Raceway for the first time!! =)

Come and visit us in the pit and take a closer look at the Chevelle! See you all there!!


The work on the bus have been standing totally still since the middle of May, and then we I lost half of the team and have been putting a lot of money in the Chevelle, my race license and some other dues I did put the bus to the side.. AGAIN….!!!!

But last week Max did come up with the crazy idea “can I do something on the bus” And I really don’t know what is done or not on it because it is about four months since I touched it the last time….
I have been thinking about scrapping it and buy something else, but it feel wrong after all the money I spent on it…

But maybe there’s hope for it now again anyway..!? 🙂


Some new metal to make the plate for the air bellows stronger.


Jocke are doing something to the wheel tubs! 🙂


Nice with some outdoor work..!


Max are removing something..! 🙂


The wheel tub are back in place!! 🙂

Click on the link below to read about our weekend in Norway! :)!


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