A little summary of our test season 2015.


Cool picture from Tierp Arena! Photo by Patrik PG Gineman www.pgphoto.se

Already last year when we were on our way back home from the Top Doorslammer finals at Malmö Raceway we decided that we will throw out the clutch and put in a converter instead, and also that we will only do three maybe four test races and not the whole Top Doorslammer Series during season 2015!
The reasons to that were too many races last year and I did already know that the updates I will do on the car during the winter will be pretty expensive! =) And after the test season the plan was to start work on something better to transport the car and ourselves in instead of borrowing, rent, change trailers and busses all the time, we must fix something that works for us and will make everything easier! (you get pretty tired of loading the bus for about a day before every race and also unload it after every race…!

Anyway, I am disappointed on this test year!…. So the last two weeks I have been thinking, thinking and thinking A LOT…. I know we said 3-4 test races in 2015!
BUT!!.. I am really disappointed with what we succeeded with during the test at Tierp in May with no track at all…. Just spun the tires!
The Race at Tierp in June was pretty good, I was really satisfied, we made some good rounds and did repeat between 4.10 to 4.29 and I wish we would stopped there….
The race at Sundsvall in July was not what I did hope for, a really tricky track, missing people in the team, and a lot of stupid problems with the car…

And because of all this I wanted to go to Norway and Gardermoen Raceway for the fifth race in our series to do some more test rounds just to see if we could get back in the window that we had when we were at Tierp Arena in June, and it was really close that we did go..!

But I did decide today that we will unfortunately not go!… Too much to do in the shop and all our employs are on vacation next week and someone needs to be on the floor making money!
Sorry to say that but after a lot of more thinking I decided that it is better to start working on season 2016 instead! The white bus Olga is already sold, the blue bus that I fought would be the coolest bus on the planet (if things would turned out in another way) is pretty much sold and will soon leave us and some new energy will make my dream come true! That makes me happy! =)

I have already bought something new to transport the Chevelle in so I think it’s better to spend the money on that (and of course some more updates on the Chevelle! 😉 ) instead and be ready for season 2016 in May when we are back and we will do the whole Top Doorslammer Series again (6 races) plus two test races before the season starts, just to be ready to fight for real on the first round in the series, YEAH BABY!!!! =)

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A huge thanks to my team Åke, Marcus, Jocke, Max, Simon and John!

Thanks to my friends, family and fans that supports us and make this possible for us to do!

And of course our AWESOME sponsors that believes in us and helps us out in every single way! THANK YOU!! Please do all you can and help me support them!! =)

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See you all on the tracks next year!


I was at Friends Arena Sunday last week and did see AC/DC and the Rock Or Bust World Tour! Really great show!! =)
What an awesome little man 10 minute guitar solo by Angus Young, i felt that i needed to start film it after 5 minutes and he did continue for 5 more!! Yeah baby!!

Hope you also enjoy it!

Follow the link below to read, see pictures and the movie from TD round 3 at Sundsvall Raceway!


Enjoy! =)

Simon Arvidsson have done it once again, he is just too good to be true!!! 😀
After a pretty shitty weekend at Sundsvall Raceway for us i must say that i was really impressed when i saw the latest movie that Simon made, no really good rounds but still an great movie! When we are at the track you almost cant see him, you never know where he are but he picks up the right details everywhere from the whole weekend anyway! You are the best a man can get Simon!! 😉 😉

Enjoy!! 🙂

Made a lot of changes to the car but it did not answer at all on it…. Spun the tires pretty much directly of the line again!… Right now I am fucking disappointed on this weekend, missed 2 rounds and it was too much for me to do trying to figure out what the car wanted…. We said before the season started that we will do 3 outings this year and this was number 3. 

And like it feels right now I am not interested to do any more runs before a lot of stuff is organized better….

Congrats to Åke and whole team Eliasson! You did a great job!! 🙂

We are going out in about 1 hour against Åke Eliasson.

Time to warm her up!

Nice weather today again here at Sundsvall Raceway! 🙂

Made a looong nice smokey burn out!

When I stopped and was about to back up to the starting line again I saw that I did not have any oil pressure… I did wait, wait and wait for about 20-30 seconds but it never got back like it use to, so I turned of the engine and got out from the car….

The rescue guys pulled me down the track and when I got down to the shut down area a found out that the hose that gets oil from the pan was loose….


We have checked the engine and everything looks just fine! 🙂 Only sad thing was that I made some pretty big changes to the car to try get it down the track but now I will test it tomorrow in the first elimination round against Åke Eliasson istead… 

Tomorrows ladder.


At least we did have a nice BBQ evening with some friends from Piteå! 😀

Cool moon!! 😉

This weekend is a fucking disaster…  More info later….!


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