Made a looong nice smokey burn out!

When I stopped and was about to back up to the starting line again I saw that I did not have any oil pressure… I did wait, wait and wait for about 20-30 seconds but it never got back like it use to, so I turned of the engine and got out from the car….

The rescue guys pulled me down the track and when I got down to the shut down area a found out that the hose that gets oil from the pan was loose….


We have checked the engine and everything looks just fine! 🙂 Only sad thing was that I made some pretty big changes to the car to try get it down the track but now I will test it tomorrow in the first elimination round against Åke Eliasson istead… 

Tomorrows ladder.


At least we did have a nice BBQ evening with some friends from Piteå! 😀

Cool moon!! 😉


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