I got this first pic made one year ago and all because I did have a gentleman visiting my trailer at the Doorslammers 2019! 🙂

One year ago today Darryl Bradford came to my trailer in England, I’m not sure but I think it was before we even made a pass or if it was during some drizzling. Anyway it was the first time (what I can remember) that I had a chat with him and I assume he was a bit interested about who I was now when I finally got my car to England and Santa Pod Raceway for the first time and I think this makes him the awesome speaker / commentator that he is, he search around to get info and fun facts to talk about before, during and after the run so he can introduce the racers for the spectators on the grand stands! I really wish more speakers could do that, I mean do the home work! =D

Anyway we did talk some and he was about to leave the trailer and he stopped and gets back to me and asks me “But Andreas I must ask you, why a Big Block Chevy? It must make it all so much harder!? All the other guys and girls are running Hemis” and I did reply without thinking one second, “BECAUSE ITS FUN” 😉 And everyone are able to buy a Hemi and I don’t want one! Well maybe the day I put my Chevy in a million pieces and it will be a stupid amount to repair it then maybe… 😉 Darryl just looked at me laughed and mumbled “because it’s fun, haha! You are different for sure” 🙂

And to be honest I don’t think he believed me (together with many more) that I would succeed with my goal with the trip to England and become the worlds fastest conventional headed standard bore space Big Block Chevrolet in a door car! I mean I needed to take away almost a whole second from my earlier personal best on the 1/4 mile!

But after a couple of passes he named our Swedish Self-Built Bad Ass Doorslammer “The House brick on wheels from hell!!” Look forward to hear you describe my Chevelle again and how patience Sofi is and stands beside me! Sad for sure that this years Doorslammer and Main Event got suspended…

So last year we ended up with a 5.8813 @ 242.55mph or 390.35km/h on the 1/4 mile!!! funny thing is that I haven’t done anything to the motor since 2017, no need to update anything because I haven’t used it all yet! Next funny thing is that I still haven’t used it all yet! I have done better on 60ft, 330ft and on the 1/8 mile before England last year so I know I have more in the motor and better numbers are coming!! I have spent A LOT of time looking at graphs and I got ideas and stuff to try out, 3.7? and 5.7? Is what I’m looking for next year at the 2021 Doorslammers! =)

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