After a couple of years with the same looks, we decided it was time for a facelift of the website. Hope you like it! 🙂

New design

New driver gloves for me! Really nice looking, fits really good and are much more comfortable than all the gloves from other manufactures that I tried. Stand 21 makes really nice stuff! Contact Jonnie at Lindberg Bros Motorsports for more info!


Kjula Dragway, our home track and the best place on earth to be at. Do what you can do to support the best track in the Stockholm area and buy the shirt of the year! Looks good! Or what do you think!? 😉

Nice shirt with a good looking car on it! =)

The 2012 year program on Kjula Dragway! =)

Crille and Tobbe are working on the bus today.

Fixing something on the roof..!? 🙂

No more rust around the front wheel!! 🙂


Bus work

Tobbe and Crille are working on the bus, fixing the last rust around the front wheels are the next thing to do! 🙂


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