We did service the engine, clutch and trans before we loaded the car in Tierp last weekend, now it’s time for new tires and checking trough the whole chassis, make everything clean and check all bolts etc.




A couple of hours more here and then it’s time for some sleep! First round will be at 11:15 tomorrow!

After about 9 hours on the road with Olga we are finally at the track here in Norway! We are almost done with our pit space that we share with Tee Cee Racing this weekend, you know the bald guys from Gurkstaden! 😉






Of course we got some rain in the sun when we started to unload everything…. 🙂

Soon time for Kaares awesome “korv stroganoff” and after that it’s time to change the rear tires on the Chevelle! 🙂

While we are in the bus on our way to Gardermoen Racweway you guys can enjoy the race report and movie from last weekend, Summer Nationals at Tierp Arena! Movie made by our awesome “hej på dej du dalanisse” Simon Arvidsson!! 😀 😀 😀


We did leave the shop in Täby for about 10 minutes ago and we are heading for Norway and Gardermoen Raceway for race number 4 in the Scandinavian Top Doorslammer series, we are on the number 4 spot in the series right now and we will do all we can to get higher up in the list! 😉

On the road again!!
About 8 hours with Olga! 😉

Ready!! 🙂

This is great with Tierp, it’s close to go home from the track! 😀

Good night from Olga! 😉

We are leaving Tierp Arena for this time, we did learn more things this weekend when it comes to read the track and tuning the clutch… This is really hard but we are pretty satisfied anyway! Made two full passes, ran 4.10s again and one 4.13s, made our first 300km/h + pass on the 1/8 mile, made my first red light and we did got to second elimination! So right now it feels yeah baby!!! : D

Good bye Tierp Arena!

Some stuff from the weekend! 😉


Made my first red light and did hit a crazy shake about 1.2 second into elimination round 2…. Congrats to Adam and team! 🙂

Adam with one more great run this weekend!!!

My sister Sara is getting us some burgers!! 🙂


We are going to do the service of the car here in Tierp before we load it so it will be ready and all fine when we are heading for Norway and Gardermoen Raceway on Thursday morning for race number 4 in the Scandinavian Top Doorslammer Series!!

Done and waiting to be called up to the starting line.


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