2014-07-25, Round #3 – Tierp Arena

Tierp Arena


TD Round #3 – Summer Nationals @ Tierp Arena

Thursday when we arrived to the track was crazy. It was so warm that it was hard just to try survive! 😉 But of course, it could have been raining and that would not be funny at all… =) Anyway, we did set our camp just like always, did get something nice to put on the grill from Stockholm Gourmet and we made the car ready for the first qualification round on Friday.

Crazy good weather today also and we did go out for the first round around 10 am. I was pretty sure that we would get the car down the track in the first round but we did not… Spun the tires directly on the starting line… It did feel like there was no track at all! We did some changes to second round and the car did go about 0.3 seconds out and then spun the tires again.. Well we were not the only car to have problem to leave the starting line and get down the track. The track have been standing still for almost a year and needed a few cars to run on it to get better.

And the track did get much better. First round out after some clutch changes we made a 4.1095 and 290km/h down the track! Only 0.0045 from my personal best!! 😀 But of course some problem. I could hear that the car did misfire a bit out and did go off the throttle. The thing is when I did look on the Racepak graphs after the run we could see that the car started to misfire 3.5 seconds out and the engine rpm did drop really much…. I would really like to know the numbers on that round without ignition problems….

To second round on Saturday we did pretty much no changes to the car and did hope that we could just repeat the 4.10 round earlier the same day, but the track was much. Better now so we did hit a shake and spun the tires instead…. Well we did get a graph to look at anyway! =)

Sunday, elimination day!
First round out was against Jussi Piippolainen we did win that one with a 4.13s against Jussis 4.43s but the most important thing in this round was that we made our first 300+ km/h run!! 300.84km/h over the finish line, that felt really good, finally we are in that club!!! 😉 Second elimination was agains Adam Flamholc, Adam is a really good driver and have a fast car but everything can happen! So I tried to be really quick on the tree but made my first red light ever instead… Well, I did try =) Congrats to Adam with team! 😀

Next weekend we will be in Norway for race number 4 in the Top Doorslammer series, hope to see you all there!’



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Back home at the shop! 🙂
On our way home!
Lost second round and made my first red light… 😉
We just got some rain but we will be out soon!
Did win first and new PB in top speed!!! 🙂
30 minutes!
Good morning!
First elimination round at 09:45 tomorrow!
We are done here for today!
Time for some service! 🙂
Spun the tires..
Ready again!
Finally!! 4.1095 @ 290km/h!!!
In the upline!
Good morning from Tierp Arena! 🙂
Good night!
Time for some service and some relaxing!
We are just about to roll up for Q2.
No traction at all for us..
Good morning from a sunny Tierp Arena!!
Soon time to sleep!
Some pictures from the pit
Tuning the car for tomorrow!
Everything is done!
Checked and approved! 🙂
At Tierp Arena!
And we are on our way to Tierp Arena!! 🙂
Already done and loaded!?!? 😀
Preparing for Tierp race