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I messed up totally in E2!… Had a hard time to see the tree and deep staged, did not see the pre stage lamp and when I saw the stage lamp light up I was like, FUCK!….

A huge congrats to Anders Edh with team for the awesome round and performance against us! NICE WORK GUYS!!! 🙂

But the car made it down the track again and I’m really happy with the weekend but I’m NOT all satisfied with the numbers!….

The time slip numbers are bad but the Racepak data shows something else! This will be good! 😀

The Pro Mod wives are happy for some vacation and sun instead of working on the race car! 😉

Now some mixed vacation and service of the car, building transmissions, looking at data from this weekend! Test on Thursday, and then do some data check / adjustments all Friday for the first round in the FIA series that starts on Saturday!

Stay tuned!


Made it down the track, and the pedal down all the way so we got a little better top speed! 🙂

But we need more ratio on first gear, and we do not have time to build a transmission for it now so this is what it is! I will do the best I can with what I have! 😉

We got our Swedish friend Anders Edh in the next round in about 30-60 minutes I guess! The pairing and information for us racers could be a lot better here if you ask me!…

Wish us luck so we can get more data for next weekend!

Now some service of the car!


And we are lucky! We got a bye round for E1 in the chip draw last night, so I see it as a free test round! 🙂

Warmed up and ready after some messing around with the transmissions during the morning!


I was looking for a 3.9? And a 6.0?

And the car felt just AWESOME in the last pass, everything felt just right even that I’m still low on power! Then it went all quiet!… When the car disconnects the battery itself the time slip won’t look so great! 😉

This connector had a different plan for us in Q4 that also was the last round for us before tomorrows eliminations!

At least we are making progress! 😀

Now some service and dinner!

Stay tuned!


And off the throttle at 5.95! Forgot where the finish line is!… 🙂

Now service and out in about 45 minutes again!


I’m starting to know what the car wants! It moved around so I got the chutes out early and off the pedal at 5.15 seconds, but it ended up with the first 6 second pass with the Vette, 6.32 to the 1/4 mile! That felt good!!!! 🙂

But it was a bumpy ride in the shut down area!

But it’s fixed now!

And we are out in the lanes now for Q3 after some changes to the car!

Stay tuned!


Well, we just got the order that we will be called to make a pass at 3:00!…

So instead!


We got our brand new Berg & Sjödin Motorsport supporter T-shirts and Hoodies with us here for Doorslammers and Main Event!

T-shirt kids to 3XL £20

Zip Hoodie kids to 3XL £40

And swing by our pit area and pick up a Hero Card for free! 😀


Let’s do this!



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