Top Doorslammer

The biggest update for this season is to throw out the clutch and put in a converter instead, behind the converter we will have a Bruno transmission and that one arrived to the shop today! Always fun with new stuff!! :D ;)



Must be better to have two instead of just one! Right? ;)


I was out today and started up Olga for the first time since late September, she was a bit grumpy but after some love happy just like always!! ;)



Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing would like to once again say a huge thanks for season 2014 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Race Year!! See you all on the tracks in season 2015!!!



Sunday last week me and Jocke started to work on the Chevelle and prepare stuff for next year, Jocke did check trough our transmission, I did remove the front struts and the Racepak computer that are going to USA for some service, I also did check trough all of our spare parts and made a list with the stuff I need to order, the summer is here soon!!! ;)



End of season 2014 party together with LL-Racing!! Yeah!!



In Norrköping right now on our end of the year Top Doorslammer meeting, talking about season 2014 and making plans for next year.



Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing end of season movie! Of course made by our movie master Simon Arvidsson!! And once again, thanks to our friends and our sponsors for the season 2014. Look at the movie and have some “fredagsmys” like we call it in Sweden!! Enjoy!


SOLD! I hope you will have a good life in England with you new owner! After about 5-6 years it’s time to say goodbye to Mr AFT 11″ 3-disc clutch, it have for sure been a couple of fun years but we want to go faster and you have to step it up to keep it up!