Top Doorslammer

Not much done the last couple of weeks, just some small stuff… ;) 


I needed to make a new motor plate, so above a really nice CAD drawing made by me! :)


The finished product, a huge thanks to Patrik Widd that always helps me out!! :D



Some small modifications made on the Bruno and the Lenco to make them work together with the blanket and the sliders.



Micke is really happy to be on his work on a Sunday! :D


Jocke and his brother Micke have spend a couple of days drawing and machining some new cool stuff to the Chevelle! Thanks guys!!! :D


Today me and Jocke spent some hours in the shop preparing stuff on the Chevelle, Jocke did put together our Lenco with a new gear ratio to work with our new converter deal, he also made some spare parts ready to use!

I know he really loves this! :)

Done deal! ;)


I felt that I needed to find out how our new Bruno Drive works and how it looks inside! :D


We are already in the beginning of March, it is only about 10 weeks to the first test for 2015!!! :) Deals are made all the time with our sponsors and I am really happy to say that all the companies that helped us during 2014 are still with us during this season! :D

Also like I said earlier, we will take 2015 as a test year, we will not make the whole Top Doorslammer Series this year. We are planning to only make 3-4 test races and that’s because I have decided that it’s finally time to finish the bus we once started to build that have been standing still for about 3 years now…..

Below some pictures from the shop and some small work we have made so far on and with the Chevelle.

Some of the parts laying around in the shop just waiting for us to get time to start put it in the Chevelle! ;)


Jocke working on the Lenco, or something like that…

Shocks, struts and Racepak removed and shipped over to the states for some service.

This is what we are going to test out this season, the clutch is out of the car and we will now have a converter with a Brunodrive behind!

Service of the blower.

New seat harness.

New stronger pushrods!

Some new Racepak stuff!! :)

Really nice billet flex plate from DMPE and aluminum bellhousing from Browell! Also fabricating a new rear motor plate.

I said that I won’t do so much stuff to the car this winter but….. :D This is some of the updates for this season…. And it’s more to come!! :D ;) Hehe…


More deals is done! Thank you for supporting Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing! :D

Winassist System AB.

The Parts Stop Sweden.

Nicma Tools.


Below is some of the companies that will continue to support Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing during season 2015!
A huge thanks to you guys!! :D


Swelube / Amalie Motor Oil.


ICA Gärdet / Stockholm Gourmet.


Bremö Bygg.


Bengtssons Smide.

tgpab plåtslageri

T. Grundström Plåtslageri.


The biggest update for this season is to throw out the clutch and put in a converter instead, behind the converter we will have a Bruno transmission and that one arrived to the shop today! Always fun with new stuff!! :D ;)



Must be better to have two instead of just one! Right? ;)


I was out today and started up Olga for the first time since late September, she was a bit grumpy but after some love happy just like always!! ;)



Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing would like to once again say a huge thanks for season 2014 and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Race Year!! See you all on the tracks in season 2015!!!