Top Doorslammer

Delayed a couple of hours but right now I’m happy that I spent the late night and early morning in the shop, otherwise we would not be on the way until late tonight…

Kermit and the white Hell is ready to hit the road!

Food from ICA Gärdet / Stockholm Gourmet and Max is still worried if he really got enough Cola to drink…. 😉

She is ready to leave and meet up with the other Doorslammers! 🙂


It’s around 2 in the morning and we are just ready after some service on the Chevelle, first thing tomorrow is to load the car and some other stuff in the trailer and then hit the road for the first of the two event of the Northern Swing that start at Sundsvall Raceway with the third round in the Scandinavian Top Doorslammer Series! See you there!! 🙂

She’s so fine (and in good shape again) 😉

It did cost a couple of parts to make all those 3.8x passes at Tierp Arena about 2 weeks ago! But now I have learned more about what the motor wants when it comes to the tuning and how different cylinders are running more or less hard, look forward to try out some new stuff this coming weekend! 

Out from the trailer and ready to get some love in the shop!

Heads are fully serviced!

Checking and measuring everything.

Some new stuff is going back in the motor.

We went trough the whole motor and now it’s like brand new! (one more time) We are ready for the northern swing!



Even that it did sink in that I would have won the final round if I didn’t read the newspaper instead of concentrating on the three and get a good light… 

But what a weekend, personal bests coming all the time and we made 6 passes in the 3.80is! 🙂 Look forward to Sundsvall in less than 2 weeks now! 

Congrats to Victor and our good nitrous friends in Victera Racing for an well deserved win! 

Just awesome people!!! Love em!

Feels good!!! Even that we are the first losers! 😉

This is a cute puppy btw! 🙂

She’s a beauty! 


Back home at the shop again!


I was crazy lazy on the three…. but what I hell, I did tune the car to make a mid 3.80 and we are leaving Tierp Arena with the events quickest and fastest car in our class!!! 🙂 

New personal best is 2.5770@237.26km/h to 330 and 3.8425@315.24 to 1/8mile!!!

I wanted to make a mid 3.80 this weekend and we did, I am more than satisfied with the weekend and want to say a HUGE THANKS to all of you onvolved making this possible for me and my team, you all are the best!!! 😀

There she is, the quickest and fastest big block Chevy in Europe! And still in one piece!! 😉


And a personal best on ET and speed AGAIN!!!!! 😀 Not much but a PB anyway! 3.8831@315.05km/h!!!!

We got an awesome team working on the car and that is what makes Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing so good on what we do!!!!

Consistent tuning, driver and mechanics that put all the nuts in the right place!



Chevrolet conventional headed big block self tuned power!!!! Fuck yeah baby!!!!!!!!!


E2 is a bit delayed, new time is around 12:00… And then 12:30…

We have been consistent all weekend with our 3.96, 3.89, up in smoke on the line on bad track after clean up, 3.89 and 3.88! Lenn have made a 3.92 and 3,97 this weekend but have potential for faster rounds so I need to step it up but also keep it to the ground and don’t do anything stupid… 🙂

The tune will make the car to repeat yesterday’s round and might even improve but I’m a bit worried about the weather / sun / track conditions that will change over the day..


Warmed up and ready except for some final tune.

She’s a happy lady today! 🙂

The weather is just great and it looks like it will be a really warm day today!

We are up against our closest neighbor in E2, Lenn Lindell / LL Racing and his Sjödin Motorsport built Cuda 70! 


A good day with only one pass that ended with a personal best in both ET and speed for us! 3.8839@314.14km/h!!! 🙂 

Car is ready for tomorrow’s battle!

Dinner time, and after this day I can tell you guys that I will sleep good tonight!! 🙂

Tomorrow’s schedule!