Top Doorslammer

Made a lot of changes to the car but it did not answer at all on it…. Spun the tires pretty much directly of the line again!… Right now I am fucking disappointed on this weekend, missed 2 rounds and it was too much for me to do trying to figure out what the car wanted…. We said before the season started that we will do 3 outings this year and this was number 3. 

And like it feels right now I am not interested to do any more runs before a lot of stuff is organized better….

Congrats to Åke and whole team Eliasson! You did a great job!! :)


We are going out in about 1 hour against Åke Eliasson.

Time to warm her up!

Nice weather today again here at Sundsvall Raceway! :)


Made a looong nice smokey burn out!

When I stopped and was about to back up to the starting line again I saw that I did not have any oil pressure… I did wait, wait and wait for about 20-30 seconds but it never got back like it use to, so I turned of the engine and got out from the car….

The rescue guys pulled me down the track and when I got down to the shut down area a found out that the hose that gets oil from the pan was loose….


We have checked the engine and everything looks just fine! :) Only sad thing was that I made some pretty big changes to the car to try get it down the track but now I will test it tomorrow in the first elimination round against Åke Eliasson istead… 

Tomorrows ladder.


At least we did have a nice BBQ evening with some friends from Piteå! :D

Cool moon!! ;)


This weekend is a fucking disaster…  More info later….!


Serviced, needed some valve springs and a blower belt. Small tuning changes made here and there…! Let’s see what this does to the car! Our turn in about 30 minutes!



This was the worst round this weekend…. Well let’s try something new and we will go out for our last qualifying round in about 2-3 hours.


Ready and everything looks good, rolling down soon!



We were ready and about to warm up the car and I found a crack in the foot that holds the distributor…! And then we broke the hose from the fuel tank, and, and…. Well!… 



But its fixed now! :) Huge thanks to team FMV Racing for letting us borrow there Tig welder! :D


Soon time to try warm up the car again and see if Murphy have left the building… ;)

Well, you look good! :) But that’s all ;)

Next round in about 2 hours!