Top Doorslammer

I have been quiet for a while now, time for some updates!

The off season is here for real and pretty much nothing have been made around the racing circus since the last outing at Tierp Arena in the end of July, except for the last couple of weeks when me an Max (of course, who else) !? 🙂 have spent some time unloading the Chevelle and got the truck and trailer inspected, repaired and approved and legal to use for one more year on the Swedish roads!

After that we took the rig up north Sweden were it will be kept inside a warm shop so it won’t get more destroyed during the cold and wet Swedish winter weather, and also one really good thing is that I don’t need to see it standing outside the shop every day and make me sad..! 😀

The last hours of practice driving with Kermit and the trailer is over for 2017 and the rig is inside a warm safe shop to spend the winter! It feels kind of strange that all this is ours and already inspected and done for a coming season in the end of a season, this is usually a problem before the first event to solve but I felt that I don’t wanna do like we always do, need to start get things organized from now on…

Just some normal maintenance and control, we haven’t done anything at all to the truck since we bought it earlier this year more than fill it with fuel and drive it. We did also repair the ABS system so we got the warning symbol for it turned off, thanks to Jörgen Berg for helping out with a diagnostic diagram! 🙂

Time so see some light and get out from the trailer after sitting in it for 8 weeks, now back in the shop again and hopefully soon in the correct winter location with the blanket over so I don’t have to see her for a while…

The trailer is ready for the winter and cleaned out so we don’t get any disgusting surprises next year just because someone forgot or left some food or so in it.

At the yearly control! And it turned out pretty good. 

The trailer went trough smoothly but on the truck they didn’t like an ugly mark in the windshield that I did fix with a day or two of wet sanding and polishing 🙂 Not so fun but way cheaper that change the windshield.

Above you can see the difference on the windshield, been on my way doing this for a long time but haven’t got time for it and put my priorities on other stuff… but feels good now when it’s done! 🙂

And then they also found a steering rod that was in really bad shape so that one felt pretty ok to change even that it is a heavy job to do….! 😉

Then we loaded my daily Volvo in the trailer, took out all the things I might need in the shop during the winter and started our trip up north.

But first a stop at our awesome parter Bengtssons Smide to pick up some material that we are supposed to mount on the outside of the trailer during the winter when it been standing in the warm shop long enough to dry up everywhere.

Then to Opus to make the after control of the things they found on the yearly inspection.

And then the 7-8 hour trip to the winter place, of course it’s important to eat a lot on the way! 🙂

At the final destination and in the parking spot around 8 in the evening, now it’s just the 5-6 hour drive to get home again! 


Back home at the shop again, the weekend didn’t turn out in the best way for sure… Before the weekend I said that it must be a rain free and not to many clean ups this weekend to make it a good one, well…. It’s been raining a lot and it’s been a lot of clean ups both because of rain but also afte a lot of cars…

Even that I didn’t get what I wanted this weeken I’m really satisfied anyway with our performance, in Q1 I wanted to just make sure to get into the ladder and we did with a 4.03s, in Q2 I hopped it up to make a low 90 and ended up with a 3.92s, in E1 I was looking for a mid 80 and ended up with a 3.87s, in E2 I hopped it up a bit to go fast, ended up with a crazy shake directly on the hit…. Funny thing is that I really didn’t make that big change so the car should do like it did, I haven’t even looked in the computer what really happened… that’s something I will do later when I get the racing spirit back again.

So we didn’t get enough rounds this weekend to succeed with what I wanted, but like I just said I’m satisfied anyway! Right now it feels really good that the season have come to an end, and at the same time it really sucks because this is what I want to do… It’s been a tough year from the start for sure, messed up races because of missing parts so we had to cancel the first test, parts that wasn’t good enough so we had to cancel the event after the first round, people that are supposed to do things but just instead disappointing me and it ends up that I need to take care of stuff I shouldn’t have myself, to messy at work etc…. 

But we ended up with one more trophy for 2017 this race, we were qualifier number 2 got to the semifinals and also the second fastest car on the event in our class! 🙂

Pretty ok anyway! 😀

Back home and It’s time for a long time away from race tracks!


I hopped it up a bit and found the limit on the track, started to shake directly when I released the button so I just let off the throttle and watched Lenn go down on a good looking pass! Congrats to the LL-Racing team! 🙂

The 2017 racing season is now over and it’s time to start figure out what to and what not to do next year, time will tell.

Time to pack this circus up for the last time this year.


Ready, but first…

The waiting game due to a clean up!


We are up against Lenn Lindell that just made a 3.91! We got lane choice but now it’s time to step it up for real!

Feeling good!!! 🙂

Tuning makes the difference!

Winning! 🙂


Finally it’s time! Hold your thumbs that the rain will stay away now..!


The rain didn’t cause enough problem for us yesterday I guess… 🙁


After a good nights sleep.

It’s time to wake her up! Elimination round one in about 1.5 hour.

And some breakfast!

The weather doesn’t look so fun but the forecast says no rain… guess we will find out during the day! 😉