Top Doorslammer

Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing wish a Merry Christmas to all our fans, friends, family’s and partners!


It’s been quiet for a while here now so it’s time to update you on what’s going on in the ÅBM shop!

Season 2017 is just around the corner, I started to work on it already before the last outing this year when it comes to our partners and what to do for next year. But it’s first now the last couple of weeks that me and Max have been spending some real time working on the Chevelle to get things up and running for next year and maybe we will have it done in time for once…. Well, I do not believe it will happen but at least we can try! 🙂

Once again the whole car is in pieces and everything is checked trough, most of it looks just fine but of course I’m gonna do some small changes and updates to make it even better to next season.

Time to wake up again after a couple of months without attention from someone.

Motor in pieces again, pretty much everything looks good after the 15 passes we done this year on it after the boom in the first test pass out in Malmö…

Converter checked though and looks just fine!

The car is down on the scales to see if we can do some weight changes on our heavy brick to next year.

Rear axle in pieces and our Toms billet third member looks just fine, been using this since May 2014. Outstanding quality!!

Motor out.

In pieces and looks pretty much good, for the first time we been using the motor like it should so I found some small stuff I’m gonna change to next year.

Heads unassembled, we need some new stuff here for sure. Or a new set and put these ones as a spare…

Front struts and also the rear shocks is removed to get done service.

This little piggy needs some service again, guess it’s better to take the time it needs to do it instead in a hurry… Gonna be fun to see how it works next year!

Under the blanket and it’s time to sleep for a while again and wait on parts to arrive to the shop that is sent for service and on order.


New movie TD #5 The Finals @ Tierp Arena 2016, Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing, is someone else looking forward to the season 2017!?!? =)


Feels really good to start working on the trailer this early before next season! It’s possible because this year we don’t have a company that promises to much and destroys everything for us by putting us 4 months behind in our schedule… Do you remember last winter? We did start to work for real on the trailer in the beginning of February… And now we are already up and running in October, four months earlier this year!!! And yes, no promises from other companies this winter! 😉

It’s time to fix the last moisture damages in the front wall on the lower floor that we waited with earlier this year.

Looks good!


This will take some time to fix..!


At least it did look worse than what it was! 😀 Now it just need to dry, and that can take a while..

Making plans trying to organize were our cabins and benches will be in the future 🙂


Spent some time with this lady today 😀

Everything feels like it’s under control! So far… 😉


Me and Max started to work on the trailer earlier this week, the whole bottom floor is now all empty and the next step is to finish some small things that we still got left on the inside from earlier this year when we fixed the moisture damages in the side walls, so a little more plastic fantastic job just to remember how fun we had last winter… 😉

An empty bottom floor! 🙂

This is how the bottom floor did look during this season, not so funny! A complete mess… but it did work for us and we could get to the track with the things we needed! But to next year it will be a huge change, no more mess! We will get things organized with cabinets and tool boxes from our partner Treston AB and more fabricated stuff with help from Bengtssons Smide! 🙂

The upper floor was pretty ok but it will be a huge change here also! We will start to build our bathroom in the front part of the upper floor with help from our partner Anders Bremö Bygg, and then get some beds in place that we can flip up to the side walls when we have the Chevelle loaded in the trailer.

It’s pretty simple to get the lower floor empty when you can put everything on the upper floor 😀 This is where we will start so we can get all our spare parts and tools organized like we want!

We have also got our new heater pumps from our partner Panasonic Sverige Värmepumpar, it will be really nice to have them installed so we can get the temperature like we want it, guess we will use the heater part more than the air condition but it happens a couple of times every season that you want to cool down a bit! 😉

The trailer looks pretty good like it does right now but it will look even better to next season because in the beginning of next year it will go down south to our partner Kaross & Lackteknik in Jönköping and get some new paint on it, I really look forward to it, get it done on the outside so we can get all decals and stuff on it so everyone can see who’s coming! 


First of all I want to say a huge thanks to all of the people that been a part and been helping out with the trailer project during this year! Our awesome team! Max, John, Patrik, Dad! And our awesome partners and friends that been supporting this project, Erik, Lasse and Per from Bengtssons Smide, Danne, Patrik and Alex from Berga Lås & Larm, Roffe from The Parts Stop Sweden, David and Bengt from Swedol in Arninge, Johan from LSF Custom Paint, Peter and Patrik from Rörmekano, Jari from Eltric, Dolle from Nicma Tools, Kenneth at Swecomposite, Janne and Isak from our own companies, Patrik Widd, Martin at Autocut! Thank you everyone you all made this possible!! 😀

Now some news, me and Max have got some stuff made during the last couple of weeks and finally the trailer got a Swedish license plate and are inspected and approved to use on the roads! That’s one big step for us after this messy year and it does feel good that one thing on the list is already done for the 2017 season! 🙂

Feels really good but it would never been possible without all the work we in the team spent on it during this year, we got a trailer in really good condition after all bodywork we made on it and now it’s time to start working on the inside and get everything organized like we want to! 

The inspection went really smooth only thing we needed to do to get it trough was a small adjustment on the brakes on the middle axle 🙂 

I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thanks to Åke Granholm for letting me rent / borrow his truck during this summer, it have for sure made everything much easier for us! Thank you very much!! 🙂

We did also unload the Chevelle and some other stuff and got it back into the shop again!

We did also say good night to the Chevelle, at least for a while… Soon it’s time to start working on it and get it ready for the 2017 season! You did good this year and you will do even better next year! 😉

This felt good, it means that we can use the trailer for one whole year before it’s time for the next inspection on it.

Time to get it back in the trailer shop again, a huge thanks to Göran at Takmakarna for letting me rent this spot so we can work inside during this winter also!

Back in the right place and back up on some blocks so we can get the wheels of it. Soon time to start working on it but first we need to make a plan where to start and what we really need to do on it during this winter.

Will get back with more info soon! 😉


It’s already 6 years ago since I made the first ever test pass with the Chevelle at Kjula Dragway! And it was a crazy good feeling after spending about 400 hours on it the three weeks before this first ever outing! That also means it’s over 10 years ago since I started this project, building this car and make a little boys dream come true and getting his own Doorslammer! 10 years, time flies, it really does!! It’s crazy!! And today we are hauling ass with it!! Thanks to all you that been helping out in some way during these 10 years!

Please check out the build of the Chevelle side, I do sometimes and daydreams! Fun times!! 🙂 

After the first pass, still remember that feeling! 😀

This really makes me smile, 6 years already!!? That’s just crazy! 😉

It’s been a lot of people involved during these 10 years, some of them I really miss… Some of them I don’t…