Top Doorslammer

Saturday is qualifying day, hold your thumbs for good weather because there is total 258 registered teams on the entry list for this coming weekend and Saturday is the only qualifying day!
We are 18 teams in the Top Doorslammer Shootout, below you got the entry list!

Think this race will be a cool one! 🙂


A rainy weekend with some trouble for us and only two passes down the track, but Simon Arvidsson still makes a good job making us look good! =)



Finally back home after a long 13 hour trip from Pite Dragway! 🙂 Thanks again to all involved this weekend, it’s for sure something to remember! Ended with a personal best in the last round out, could not feel better than what it does right now!!! 😀

Time for some resting, Gudrun (Max of course gave the truck a name) made a good job taking us home today! 


I did think about a vacation or something so I missed the tree totally and got a reaction time like an elephant….! 😉 But I really don’t care right now, we did repeat the run before and made a new personal best with a 4.076!!!! And did repeat the 60ft as well! 😀 And the car is still way low on power, I have done my homework and finally got payed for it!!!!! 🙂
Thanks to my good friend!!! 🙂

I must say a huge thanks to Brandon Pesz for giving me the opportunity to go over to USA and stand behind him watching what he does or not when he tunes a race car, without him as a teacher I would never got this far and learned how to read a graph and understand what the fuel and a timing curve does to a blown motor like this! He is also behind me always on a phone and does his best to answer all my stupid questions when I get stuck! 

He should be proud that he made a swede understand him! 😉 And I’m really proud that I’m tuning my own car and I don’t have anyone taking my computer and does everything for me! Learning by doing have for sure costed me a lot of money but right now it feels so fucking good!!!!!

 I might be a monkey behind the steering wheel but at least have something between my shoulders! Or did the tuning genius Brandon Pesz did fill it up with tuning ideas!? 😀

Something was wrong with the speed on the time slip but if I look at the Racepak graph the speed should be around 300km/h! 🙂

Pesz Power Performace and Brandon is also a partner and delivers a lot of race car parts to me!


Hard work pays off, car liked the changes I made to it! 🙂 First time I made a real pass with the pedal down the whole way!! Good reaction, better 60ft and 0.02 seconds from my personal best! 

Still low on power, chutes out early and of the pedal at 3,95.. Let’s do some small changes to the car and keep the pedal down the whole way in E2 and see what that will do!! 😀



Better 60ft!

1.01 to 60ft but went left now when I added power to the motor, made some adjustments in the 4-link and now we have a solo in E1! I see it like we got one more test pass! 🙂


We did get one extra qualification round today because of the cancelled race yesterday, but just like always there is a but…. Of course we got some rain during the night so the track is all wet, they are working on it all they can for the moment. First start is moved from 10:00 to 12:00 and like it sounds we will be called out about 1 hour after the track opens.

Great times..! 😉


Because of a huge clean up after the incident between two Top Doorslammer cars in Q4 all qualifying rounds today got cancelled… Well what I heard are both drivers still ok but a bit beaten up… So at least that makes me happy! 🙂

No more fun today…

And if course the sun is shining on a blue sky and it’s warm when we can’t go down the track with our toys… Why is it like this?? Someone up there does not like us, that’s for sure!! 😉