Welcome to ÅBM Racing

Top Doorslammer

Spending the day here at a sunny Santa Pod Raceway with a beer or maybe two 😉 Putting on sponsor and partner decals on the trailer to show who the companies and people are that making this possible for us to do!

Can’t thank you enough, a huge thanks for being a part of the Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing team! 🙂

Without you all we would never be here at Santa Pod right now and never been able the get the chance to try setting a world record with our car and motor combination! We are doing this together as a big family! =D

Looking good, right?


Today after a long well needed night of sleep dad took the motor apart and everything looks really good so far!

Now I know that I can add more power and that means that we are able to go faster with the Chevelle and it’s only 4 days until we are racing again at The Main Event here at Santa Pod Raceway! =D

She is still happy after what we succeed during the weekend here at The Doorslammers at Santa Pod Raceway!

Everything looks goooood! 🙂

Dinner time at a sunny Santa Pod Raceway!


Standard bore space, conventional headed Chevrolet Big Block that I built and tune myself in a race car that I built and adjust myself!

6.04 @ 229mph and of the throttle at 5.80 because I started to go sideways a bit to much…

I prefer to make my own decision on my own car because it’s my own money and I’m proud that I succeed with what I want!

Swedish Self-Built Bad Ass Doorslammer!!! 😉

Can’t be more than satisfied with this weekend and I will be back next year at Santa Pod Raceway and The Doorslammers and the class Pro Doorslammer in 2020 that’s for fucking sure!!!

This weekend was possible thanks to the people on this picture! Max the man, daddy, Sofi the love of my life and then Mr and Mrs Monk Daniel and Elin, love you guys!!!

Also a special thanks to all of our sponsors and partners that made this weekend possible, you are the best!!

At the last, a huge thanks to Santa Pod Raceway and the crew here, can’t describe how thankful I am! You are the best!


And we are on to the semis against Wulcan!

Almost done again! 🙂




We were next in line, and now rain…

Satellite forecast says that this will be over in a while, we sure hope so!…

Stay tuned!


Better on the 60ft, 330ft and 1/8 mile! But with transmission problems… Could not get in third gear and went on the rev limiter….

Good thing is that we did not over rev / let the motor free, we only went up on it and it saved the motor!…

Did look for a 6.10 something… Soon time for next round!

Some service and everything looks good!! 🙂

Max is building a transmission without problems for next round I hope… 😉



Time for E2!

Here we go again!


New PB with a 6.28 @ 374km/h / 232mph!

Now some service, hop it up a bit and change of chutes that got tangled up in the rear axle…