Top Doorslammer

Me and dad have done some service on the Chevelle and now the motor is like new again and ready to make some power in Q1 on Thursday! 🙂

Back in the trailer again, only thing missing right now is some tuning stuff that I will take care of tomorrow at the track.

In pieces and pretty much everything did look good!

Some new rods, rings, bearings and a piston. She’s a hungry lady! 😉

Some offers to the God of speed! 🙂

And back together again!

Loaded again, and ready to leave the shop tomorrow! 


A really fun weekend with good consistent runs and a lot of personal bests on all numbers and we ended up with making our first 3 second pass!! Personal best on the car after this weekend is 0.97@60ft and 3.95s@303km/h at the 1/8 mile.

Enjoy!! =)


New movie, TD round 4 @ Pite Dragway and The Midnight Sun Internationals 2016!
Movie by Simon Arvidsson, enjoy!! =)


Finally it was time to open up our first 3 second champagne and celebrate!!! 😀

E1 win, E2 win, personal best, first 3 second pass!! its been a good weekend for us when it comes to our performance on the car, pretty consistent and I have found a good base line! Total 4 rounds with 4.08, 4.09, 4.00, 3.95 and personal best in some way in every round, speed and time on 60ft, 330ft, 660ft!! 

60ft 0.97s, 330ft 2.63@229km/h and 660ft 3.95@303km/h! 

A huge thanks to all involved that makes this happen for us!! Our familys, team, friends, partners, sponsor!! You all are the best!!! 🙂

Can’t describe the feeling how good this feels after all trouble and work we been trough this year!

Just awesome!!!!

Nice photos by Tierp Idag!

Leaving Tierp Arena for this time, we will be back in about 3.5 weeks! I think that weekend also will be a good one! 😉


I made a stupid mistake and forgot to push down the release valve when I pack the chutes… That makes the air leak out with the vibrations from the motor when it’s running… The alarm for low pressure went on when I was going into pre stage and I did not have any transbrake… So I turned the motor of!…

Bad way to end a really good weekend when it comes to our awesome performance yesterday and today!…

My fault, so this is something I have to deal with in front of a mirror… 😉

Really don’t like you right now….


First 3 second pass and round win!!!! 3.9590@303.37km/h!!! And a personal best on all numbers except for on the 60ft!!

This is so fucking good!!!! 😀


Yeah baby!!!!! The 3 second pass is getting closer and closer!!!! 🙂


Personal best to 60ft with a 0.97s and personal best to 330 with 2.65s car started to fishtailing 3.0 seconds out so I pedaled a bit out with the chutes and lifted at 3.8s… 

We will go out again in about 40 minutes! Stay tuned! 🙂

Feels good!!! 🙂