Top Doorslammer

Crazy productive last 5 days on the trailer!!! 🙂

Me and Max went up north on Wednesday to pick up the truck and trailer after 7 months in the winter storage.

Back home in Stockholm and ready to start work on it again!

Where we stopped the outside work on it last year…

It actually felt really good to bring it back home again now when I got some spirit back to work on it! But it went back to the normal “I hate it mode” after about 65 hours spent on it the last 5 days… 😀 😉 Haha…!

Well we got all the stainless trim mounted on the trailer and now it is all framed in with stainless material from our awesome parter Bengtssons Smide in Täby!

And it looks crazy good!!! 😀

A huge thanks to Max, Sofi and John for the help during the past 4-5 days it would never been possible to do it without you!

We also got it all sealed up everywhere and we are getting it closer and closer to make it possible to get it painted by our partner Kaross och Lackteknik in Jönköping! Hopefully we will get a lot of things made on it during this soft racing season so we will be back on track for a full series during season 2019 in the Top Doorslammer Series!


Yesterday was truckin time again! Time to bring the truck and trailer back home to Stockholm and continue the work on it! Right now I actually got some spirit and ideas about what to do with it! =D But I’m not worried, someone will mess something up and make me lose it again! 😉

The new good looking trucking hat! 🙂

Motor almost made one turn before it was running after almost 7 months standing here in the winter storage!

The Volvo is loaded and it’s time for some practice driving back home to Stockholm from Sollefteå!

Love the Swedish roads during the summer! 🙂


Finally this week I took the short block apart and everything looks great! =)

Now I’m only waiting for the parts that I have on order to arrive and then put it back together again, it’s about 12 weeks to the first outing at Mantorp Park in the end of July but it’s only 4 weeks until it’s time to be noisy at our partner The Parts Stop Sweden’s “Swap meet” and the date to remember is May 26!

See you there! 🙂


We are already on the entry list for this seasons first event for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing at Mantorp Park and Mantorp Drag Revival 27-29 July! 😀

This will be the biggest drag racing happening in Sweden this year and I for sure look forward to that and I think the 16 weeks to get there will fly by pretty quick! 😉 Hope to see you all there to celebrate 50 years of drag racing in Sweden together with us!

Also the Chevelle is back on the winter spot in the ÅBM shop after Elmia Custom Motor Show!

And Europe’s fastest conventional headed Big Block Chevrolet is out from the chassis to get some well needed service after the 2017 season!

Me and Max did check the whole car trough a couple of weeks ago so right now it’s just a waiting game on parts and then start to put it back together again! 🙂


Leaving Jönköping and Bilsport Performance Custom Motor Show 2018, thanks to everyone involved! The crew from Sundsvall Raceway / SHRA Sundsvall, Sofi Stam, Johan Lindberg, TTR Jompa and Tommy Ledberg! It was a long but great weekend in many ways! 😀

It’s crazy how quick this place gets empty when the show closes!

It did go way faster to load the Chevelle today compared to Wednesday last week….

And in a great weather for once..! 😉

Just about 5-6 hours to get back home to the shop again.


Last day here at Elmia Bilsport Performance Custom Motor Show 2018! Visitor records every day so far compared to last year, and by looking at the crowd today I guess it’s a record setting day today again even that it is a Monday!

A lot of interest around our showcase! 🙂

And I found my own favorite place on the show! 😀

Forgot to show this picture Saturday when the rooster from SHRA Sundsvall showed up and made a success here in our showcase! 😀

3.5 hours to go before it’s time to load up the Chevelle and be heading home to the shop again!


They opened up the doors to Bilsport Performance Custom Motor Show 2018 less than 2 hours ago and the place is packed already!! 🙂

A lot of interested people here! =D


We are ready for the opening tomorrow!

Pretty nice display area here in the SHRA Sundsvall / Sundsvall Raceway showcase!

Hope to see some of you guys here tomorrow! 🙂