Top Doorslammer

Time to do something I been interested in for a long time, going out in Europe for the first time and more specific to England and Santa Pod Raceway for some 1/4 mile racing for the first time since 2011 in the Outlaw class called Pro Doorslammer at the event The Doorslammers 17 to 19 of May! =D

But, just like always…. The season is getting closer way too fast right now…. It’s less than 4 weeks until it’s time for me and Max to hit the road and take the 2000 kilometer (1250 miles) 30 + hours long trip to get there.

Been on the entry list for this event that also is our first outing in 2019 for about 8 weeks now! 🙂 Kind of exited because it’s something different to go out in Europe for the first time and race with my own car!! Also fun to keep the hammer down a bit longer and do the full 1/4 mile!

Rules are the same as in our 1/8 Top Doorslammer class when it comes to the safety and the car, and by that it means that we got no limits when it comes to engine size, blower overdrive type of blower etc. So I can use my screw blower in my doorslammer and I just need to make sure I brought enough to make it fast enough around the other cars that will be there, today it’s 15 cars on the entry list to this weekend and I’m pretty sure it will be more when the race in on for real!

I decided this thing already in September 2018! That was months or even more before they actually decided to have this The Doorslammers event in 2019.

Next goal in this deal is to become the worlds fastest Chevy Big Block powered doorslammer with standard bore space and conventional Chevy heads on the 1/4 mile! From what I know the worlds fastest Chevy Big Block today is a turbo car that made a 5.89@254mph pass in 2017 and that motor got standard bore space but it also got Big Chief heads and that’s kind of cheating if you ask me!? 🙂 I don’t think I will be able to beat the MPH but I must be faster than the 5.89 before going back home again! Well I’m doing this just as a fun experience and we will for sure know after the weekend at Santa Pod who got the worlds fastest (standard) Chevy, right!!?

Above is what we have to beat as far as I know and no one have said anything else!… So if I just get the car to the 1/8 mile with the new rear axle gearing, 3-speed trans, chassis set up, fuel and timing tune up it will be a piece of cake to make this possible and beat the 5.89! But that’s on a paper, let’s see what happens in the reality in about 5 weeks from today!

But first A LOT of trailer work now when we finally got it back from the paint shop after 5 months delay… Been waiting all winter to start stressing around with this, I guess we will have about 10% done of what I planned to do during this winter… Upper floor is pretty much untouched since we bought it in 2015 and I would like to have the beds mounted, some lightning and a heater in place because I know how the weather can be in England… Also it would be nice to get something done on the bottom floor.

Then I need to make sure the truck is good condition to make the long trip!… So during next week the guys at Lastvagnsverkstan in Smedjebacken will put their hands on it to see if we need to get something fixed on it.

The Chevelle also needs to get ready and except for some small preparations that we could do during the winter we have pretty much just started with it!….

And of course at this time of the year we have more to do than ever at the shop, and right now the situation at the shop is a total mess but what a hell… Only solution is to work even harder, rest is something I hopefully can do the day I’m dead!… 😉

And the last thing is that I need to find the founds to make everything possible! Wanna help us out to make it easier for us? Contact me!

Please send a little pray to the God of drag racing to be nice to us and that everything works out just like we want!

See y’all in England! 😀

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We’re back with updates here on the homepage again after some technical issues!…

But after all it does not matter too much because everything have been standing pretty much totally still because a lot of waiting on getting the trailer and truck back from the paint shop that delayed the delivery date 5 months or so….

Only thing we have done is some small preparations on the Chevelle due to all the spares and tools was in the trailer that should been away from the shop only around 4 weeks so I never thought about taking anything out from it…

The whole rig is white just like I wanted and we decided, sad part is that the quality / result after a half year away just makes me angry and disappointed… But that’s pretty common and how every race season always starts, someone is always there to help me fuck it up totally!….

More news soon about the first race this year, we are going to England and Santa Pod Raceway for The Doorslammers race and we are gonna do some 1/4 mile racing for the first time since 2011!

Stay tuned!


I just want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone involved in Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing during the 2018 season, my team, family, friends, sponsors and partners!

It’s you out there that makes this possible and also fun to do!

I hope that all of you out there did have a really great time during the Christmas holidays and also that you did have a good New Year to start up the 2019 season!


Me and Max loaded my Volvo early this morning in the trailer and left the shop and headed for Jönköping, it’s finally time to get the truck and trailer painted! =D

The last time you will see it looking like this! 🙂 Really look forward to see the result in a couple of weeks from now when Björn Johansson and the rest of the guys at Kaross & Lackteknik in Jönköping have made their thing to the rig!

This day started kind of early around 6 this morning!…

Like you can see even Green Glenn is really tired after this day, hope the guys at KLT will take care of him! 😉


Me, Max and Dad did spend the day unloading the Chevelle and a lot of necessary stuff that we need during the winter from the trailer into the shop.

The winter is here again…

Of course it ended up with some stuff and a mess… Will fix that during next week! 😉


Time well spent! After a couple of days outside in the cold rainy weather and some money spent the last time on the rig me an Max took it today and made the yearly control and everything went smooth, both the truck and the trailer are in good condition and are good to use for one more year on the road! Easy to say that I’m satisfied right now! =)

Feels good to have our own rig!

Back at the shop again, but it’s not time yet for the winter rest. More to come, stay tuned! 🙂


Yesterday evening me and Max took the truck and trailer for a test drive after some work on the trailer!

Ready to go again, the plan for this year was to work on the truck and trailer to make it better and closer to ready and like I want to have it! But instead it’s been a lot about repairing brakes and boring stuff like that… Would been better to work on the inside of the trailer, but there is a new year next year for that I guess! =)

Last week me and Max took off all the wheels to get some new rubber on, been on my way to do this since I bought the trailer… but priorities and money have stopped that!…

When the wheels where off I just made a quick check on the brakes and realized that we didn’t have any brakes at all on one wheel….

For some reason the brake arm was loose… Doesn’t feels so fun that things just falls apart….

Time for new tires! A huge thanks to our partner Tobbe at T.Grundström Plåtslageri for letting me borrow his truck to transport the tires! 🙂

And a HUGE thanks to Jörgen Berg at Lastvagnsverkstan in Smedjebacken for giving me a super price on the tires and also helping me change them on a Friday evening! =)

When changing tires I took the opportunity to take a lower profile to get the total trailer height down a little bit!..

When I got back to the shop again I found some other problems with the brakes working outside the shop between the rain showers that I made some washers for to hopefully solve the problem with the snap rings not staying in the axle groove…. and then I also found a couple of bent brake hoses that I needed to change.

Then I found even more problems and spent the whole day yesterday outside in the cold weather in the rain and sun at the same time of course! 😉 adjusting the brakes and then finally late last night we got the new tires on the trailer and got it back on the ground and took it for a test drive, everything seems to work like it should right now and I hope it will continue like that now! 🙂


Got back home again to the ABM shop about 4 hours ago after an expensive “holiday weekend” (like I would like to call it) at Tierp Arena, but after all a really good one together with our friends from Crowcastle Racing! Tony, Krille, Cissi, Björn and Isak have for sure made my year a whole lot better! New friends made for life! 😀

Even that we didn’t make a pass or even fired up the Chevelle both me and Max felt more than satisfied with the weekend in a strange way!… 🙂 I know now today that the track wasn’t good enough for me to tune my car to go fast enough to make a new personal best (I got no traction control) so right now it does not matter that we kept the car in the pit all weekend because I would been disappointed instead!…

Thanks to everyone involved this year, Dad, Max, Sofi, John, Marcus, Fredrik, Christer, fans, supporters, families, friends, all of our partners and sponsors! You all know I would not be able to do this without all of you out there! 🙂

Just a normal Saturday dinner with Tony and the rest of some awesome friends! 😉

Of course we got some awesome food, if you ask me that’s really important!

Not a birthday boy, but Tony like a good cake anyhow!! 🙂

Krille 🙂 I sure do like this guy! =D

We have for sure struggled with this evil girl this year… But in the end, compared to last year (when they made one burn out) Tony have made many passes in the Camaro and I think he and the team are really satisfied anyway after a couple of personal bests and some trophy’s! And that’s not so bad, right?

It’s been a pleasure to be together with you guys during the races this season! 🙂

Now to a birthday boy! During Friday evening we did spend some time to celebrate my friend Fredrik with some champagne and cake after he turned 50 years young Thursday last week! This is what dragracing is about, having fun with friends! 🙂

What we really found during Friday evening when servicing the car was a bad lifter, cam, some junk in the motor and that a couple of valve seats needed to be machined… I did have all the parts we needed and also our own machine shop about 1.5 hour from the track. Plan was to service at the track because I did not have the time to do it back home after the last race and I knew we might need to go home and fix something and that would not be a problem for me! BUT I totally lost the spirit to continue with this after the messy start when we got to the track on Friday and they held us outside the pit space for over 2 hours because no one knew where to put us, I was told that the one responsible for it wasn’t there and that was the reason to keep us out…. We’ll too much is bad organized when it comes to things around our events if you ask me and I am more than tired of it right now!!… More about this later!

Back home, but no winter rest yet for our truck and trailer! Tuesday me and Max will take the wheels of the trailer so I can go on Friday and get some new tires on, after that it’s time for the yearly inspection and then more to come, stay tuned! 😉