Top Doorslammer

Over and out!

Zzzz Zzzz


We did leave the track for about 20 minutes ago and are now heading for Stockholm!



Time to pack everything and go home again….



And just when we got up they told us that it was raining just a little in the end of the track, after waiting about 1 hour it started to ran so we took the car back to the pit… Right now it’s raining pretty much so we are just waiting… Really sad because we got a solo run this time to, it would give us some really nice points in the series….



It’s really cold here at Sundsvall Raceway, and with some problems in our first round with track prepping, driver appeal from two teams because they started to prep the track after two pairs made there runs and after that they had there re-runs the rest of the field made there passes but this took about 2 hours and after that it started to rain some…. But it have stopped now so we are having some lunch and servicing the car for the moment.

We are out against Jussi Piippolainen in the next round!



We got a solo run in first due to Victor Jansson got some engine damage.

The ladder.


The forecast do say rain but no rain yet! :) It is cold but does not look so bad on the sky! First round will be around 10:00!



Too little clutch last round and too much this round… We’ll, we ended up as number 11 of 15 cars…. Not happy at all with that!! :(
Elimination day tomorrow!