Top Doorslammer

Movie from The Parts Stop Swap Meet!


Click on the link below to get to the report!

Enjoy! =)


Click here to get to the race report and read, see the event movie and the pictures!




Its a lot of people already here at The Parts Stop Swedens Swap Meet!! :)

We will fire up the Chevelle around 11:00 and 12:00! Come and visit us!! ;)





The weather is really nice, blue sky and it starts to get warmer outside! :D

Come and visit us today at our sponsor The Parts Stop Swedens Swap Meet! We will fire up the Chevelle and make some noise around 11:00 and 12:00 be there!!! :)




Leaving Tierp Arena right now! See you in about four weeks again on the second race in the Scandinavian Top Doorslammer Series!



We are loading everything right now and will soon be heading home to the shop!


It’s too cold here today so they can’t make the track good enough for us to race on… :(