We went to Tierp without success, and because of the problem we had there we never went to Malmö last week…
I was hoping that we would be ready and go to Sundsvall Raceway next but… I am waiting for parts from USA, and I am about to fabricate a new oil pan to the Chevelle and it will take more time to get it done than what I thought from the beginning… I got pretty much to do in the shop also and I feel that I don’t got power to work 24/7 right now… So the next outing for us and also the first run down the track this year will be at Kjula Dragway June 29-30, see you all there!

And remember to buy our new cool shirt and support us in the best way you can! 😉



The whole engine is in pieces now again, and so far everything looks just fine!! 🙂



It’s bad that we had this trouble so we are missing some races…. But we will be back!

Ok, we have found why we had the problem in Tierp now…

Thank you MSD for selling stuff that you you haven’t checked…. One pig tail was mounted wrong in the connector to the Can-Bus system…

Two warm ups and once again in pieces…. Funny!

So far everything looks good..!

Trying to get some new power on the way home!… 😉

Leaving Tierp Arena and heading back home after a really bad day…!

I am pretty sure that we just did this….

On the road again!

Problem with crank trigger, electrical boxes and other junk made this day a real mess!… And when we got the engine running like it should do and it sounded really good, we where just going to tea the 2-step I did raise the rpm a little and it sounded like it worked, so I did try it for real and the rpm limiter did not work… Up on maximum rpm and broke the blower belt, the rest of the engine looks good but something is wrong with the gear drive for the cam shaft…. And I feel
That I just want to leave all this for now…
And we will not go to Malmö next weekend because of this, it have been way too much work the last couple if weeks and I don’t have any power left to do this….


Really boring…..



We will not be ready and out for qualification round 1…..

Around midnight its finally time for some dinner!! 😉

We are lucky to have my mom with us that will feed us this weekend!

Doing some last stuff on the Chevelle.


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