The second race in the scandinavian Top Doorslammer series is going down on Pite Dragway the coming wekkend and that means we have another “Best ET Contest” running! After the unsuccessful weekend in Sundsvall we are more eager than ever to get the car down the track with a decent time. But what will the numbers say?
Guess our best time from the Midnight Sun Drag Festival and THREE of you will have a chance to win some cool prices from Sjödin Motorsport and our sponsor

This is how you do it:
1. Go to the Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing Facebook page, on the top of the page you will find the “Best Et Contest” for the next race. (our own page is the only place we look at to find our winners, you will not be a part of the contest if you write it on some page were this is shared)
2. Click the LIKE button (if you not already have done that) on the Sjödin Motorsport /ÅBM Racing Facebook page.
3. Write your guess on what you think will be our best ET and speed in km/h from the weekend in the comment field below. Notice: 4 DIGITS! (exampel our best run so far is 4,105s @ 298.51 km/h)
4. Keep your fingers crossed and enjoy some badass Doorslammer racing!

Deadline: THURSDAY 3/7 11:59 PM (23:59)
The 3 winners who guessed the closest will win some sweet prices from Sjödin Motorsport and Fuel Clothing Sverige
The winners will be announced on Monday 7/7 at our Facebook page.

So, what’s your lucky numbers?

With a best run of 4,371@256km/h i think we can all agree on that the weekend in Sundsvall didn’t really go our way.
We had some very good guesses in the Best ET Contest and we want to say thanks to all of you who competed. The winners is:

1. Stefan Flodell 4.211 @ 297km/h
2. Ulf Fridolfsson 4,185 @ 301,12km/h
3. Simon Racing 4.180 @ 280 km/h

Congratulations to you guys! We will contact you soon.

Bummed you didn’t win? Don’t vorry! A new contest is on its way soon enough. Keep your eyes open for more information here on the Sjödin Motorsport/ÅBM Racing facebook page.

We just arrived in Piteå and have parked the bus at “Gubbdagis”. We would really like to thank Niklas and Rolf Berglund for helping us get our bus from Sundsvall to Piteå!







Here are a few more pictures from Sundsvall.

Mats Wicktor

TeeCee Racing


Anne Britt Nilssen

Flamholc Racing

Andreas looking at the Racepak graphs and figuring out what to do for next round…

Our new hero cards.

Bye bye Sundsvall. Piteå next!


And the forecast does not look good, it is also really cold here so I guess that it will be hard for the crew to make a really good track for us to race on so we are packing instead…. Pite Dragway next!

Sad but true…



We were next in line and ready to start up for the first elimination round, and just a couple of seconds before it was time it started to rain just a little but still to much… We are back in the pits now… Waiting….



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