Plan was to make a little test pass and then go off the throttle but the car was lame and felt really good so I held it down, it was actually the first time ever that I felt the car work this good but it also came a boom and a fire about 2.8 seconds out…. But I crossed the finish line with a 4.30s so I’m for sure on to something.. 🙂

A couple of broken pushrods, rocker arm axles and we lifted the heads…

 Racepak graphs looks good and I can’t see any big thing that happened so I really don’t know what the problem is…


The plan was to fix it but we do find more and more hurted parts so I just decided that we pack this up and will go back home instead.

Got some work to do now because we need to be back here again in two weeks for the first race in the Top Doorslammer Series.


Warmed up and ready to go! 

Ok, let’s do this! 🙂

It’s cold outside and the track is really cold so we decided to wait a bit before we made the first hit, and just when we decided to warm up the car it started to drizzle a bit, so right now we are just waiting for the rain to stop and track to get ready again…

Ready, just waiting…

It’s pretty cold but also early in the morning, the weather forecast looks good for the day, guess we will be out for a test pass in about 2-3 hours.

But it would be good with some sun 🙂

But first some delicious breakfast! 😀

At least for today! 😀 

You got a bit scared now, right?? 😉 We were just about to fire up the car and make the first test pass around 8:00 and they told us that they decided to cancel for the day just a couple of minutes earlier… The thing is that we took really good time to adjust belts, neck device, and some other stuff because when we asked earlier during the day they said that they might keep the track open to 10:00, don’t know if it was that the track got really cold later on the evening.

Really disappointing to get this in front of you when you are sitting in the car more than ready to go down the track…. Well, we are more than ready for tomorrow that’s for sure! 🙂

Warmed up, all stuff checked trough and we will go out for first test round in a little while.


Really late last night after a trip trough snow and rain me, dad, Patrik and Max arrived to the track here at Malmö Raceway and today we woke up to a cold but sunny Malmö! 😀

The track looks really good and they open it at 3, guess we will go out on our first test pass around 5-6 somewhere, we need to set up our pit and we also got some small stuff to do on the car, no big stuff but it’s the small changes that makes it! 😉

Some breakfast and then it’s time to unload the car.

Patrik did borrow this monkey bike for the event, if you ask me this is the coolest push vehicle ever!! 😀 

After about 20 hours a day the past 2 weeks working on the Chevelle it’s all done except for some tuning stuff! 🙂

So about 2 hours ago we left the ÅBM shop and are heading for Malmö Raceway, but the weather is a bit strange…


 Started out really good!

 But after about an hour on the road the weather we got earlier this morning at the shop came back..! Snow…!?

Anyway, below is some work pictures from the past week.

Rear suspension changes are made that I really look forward to see what the do to the car!..

New shoes to the lady 😉

Everything here in the front is all done!

The view is pretty sick!! I love it!! 😀

Got some new sponsor decals on the body!

She’s all done! Hope she will treat us well this coming weekend! 😉

Loaded up and ready to hit the road!


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