OK, the future!

Some decisions made on our team meeting yesterday!
We did put up a little plan for our bus and we will continue on that one LATER… But for 2013 we now got a solution that is almost ready how to transport the team and car!
We need to do some expensive changes to the car and need to buy some spare parts so during 2013 we will try to go to four races to start with, just playing around and not competing, get the team to work, and trying to figure out how to get the car to work AGAIN after all the changes we will do to it now..! =)

Which races we will got to are we going to decide after our Top Doorslammer meeting at Åby motormarknad in Norrköping 16 of February.

We also started to work on a plan for 2014! And if it will work like we want to, 2014 will be a real FUCK YEAH year!!! =)
More info about that later! 😉

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