Last qualification round. We managed to run 6.81 @ 315km/h, our first ever 6 second run. We had the bump spot for about 10 minutes, but were kicked out by another Sjödin Motorsport car… Lenn Lindell, LL Racing. At last we ended up at no 18th spot and are first alternate for tomorrows eliminations. We’ll be ready!

We have made two runs so far. Unfortunately none of them very decent. Now we’re making som changes to the gearbox and hoping for the third run to be better.

This is the first real race weekend for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing. It’s 35 doorslammers here trying to qualify for a 16 car ladder for tomorrow. Our car have just been warmed up and we’re going out for the first qualifying run at about 11 am.

Erik Bengtsson, who is with us this weekend from our partner Bengtssons Smide, is helping Tobbe checking the clutch.

Andreas and Crille packing the chutes.

A few new stickers on the car this weekend.

Now we’re at Tierp Arena! This is going to be a fun weekend. The car has been inspected and we’re doing all the preparations needed for tomorrows race. We’re first on site here, but now it’s starts to fill up with trailers and busses.

We’re home!

What a view…

Andreas best clothes.

We are just about to leave the shop and heading for Tierp for our first ever real race with the Chevelle 65.
You can follow us at our Facebook page, on our home page and you can also see the whole weekend live on ! Tomorrow Friday Top Doorslammer will run at 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00. I think this will be a really great weekend!! 🙂


Going home

Because of the weather conditions we decided to make the car ready for the next race (in about two weeks) at Tierp Arena  instead and then go home. We are pretty satisfied with the weekend anyway. New personal bests at 60 feet, 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile 🙂

It’s not as shiny and nice weather today as yesterday. After a nice breakfast we were ready to warmup the car, but then the rain came… At the moment it’s not raining but it will take some time for the track to dry, because of the cold and cloudy weather. We will keep you updated.

Andreas did a self portrait.

Jompa Wallin (Mr Bling-Bling) want’s everything to shine!

Boring weather

But hey… think compositive!


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