The truck and trailer are now back at the ÅBM shop again and the 2023 season is over for real!

The past is behind us, now it’s time to start think about the future and the 2024 season! 🙂

Due to the weather forecast for today Sunday the crew at Dala Street Open decided to finish the race already yesterday and have today as a test day if the weather would change!

When they did we decided that we didn’t wanna take the risk and pack together our stuff in rain and need to take it all out again and let it dry before the winter!…

So we packed up everything already yesterday evening, but I’m more than satisfied and really happy after 5 rounds in only 6-7 hours!

The weather forecast for today!..

I’m really happy how the day yesterday turned out, 4.34, 4.30, 4.30, 4.28, and then I gave it too much! I did not think that the track would be that good so all I can say is AWESOME job by the Dala Street Open crew!!!!

Before we started to pack everything up we had a nice BBQ dinner together, of course with grocery’s from our great partner ICA Gärdet! <3

Then it was time to get everything back in the trailer again!

We also let the Chevelle and the Vette check each outer out a bit! 🙂

And then today me and Sofi took the long 10 minute drive home from the track! After some cake breakfast together with Bänkt!

And it did rain and it was really cold today, so once again. They did the right thing to finish the race yesterday!

A race report will come later, stay tuned!

And we got one more after that but I found the limit on the 60ft and went into shake! 🙂

Time to pack up here at Dala Järna Raceway and Dala Street Open!

But I’m really happy with the weekend anyway!! We have had a great time, to bad it ends today due to tomorrows weather forecast!

A race report will follow!

4.30 @ 277km/h in test 3!

Kind of found the track limit after 330 feet! 🙂 Let’s do one more last round for 2023 and only add power early in the round!

But first a oil change to cool the motor down a bit!

Let’s see if we can improve! Weather is better and track is getting even better than before!

But we need to wait first to see if there is someone here that are competing that want to put in a protest against that they want to run the eliminations today already due to the weather forecast for tomorrow is really bad and the racing committee want to finish the race today instead of sitting here in the rain tomorrow!

Added some power and stepped it up a little!

A little bit better, but I’m starting to reach the limit on the track! Soon one more round!

Managed to power down the car enough to make a pretty decent pass with 4.34 @ 272km/h in the first hit!

I’m here just for fun and did not expect the track to be this good, car is of course really powered down but the they have succeeded really good with the most important thing, a smooth and even track prep all the way so it’s possible to tune the car after the track!

Of course it was some driving and fishtailing but I’m really happy how the pass turned out, because I was looking for a mid 4 second pass!

Well done by all the track prep guys for the Dala Street Open race!!!

We will go out and try to improve in a bit! 🙂

But first service of the car!

And some burger lunch!

Stay tuned!

Test round 1 is about to happen!


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