The bus project is progressing. Today we managed to locate the problem with a leaking air bellow on the right hand side of the bus. And after a quick visit to Volvo, spare parts are to be delivered tomorrow!

This is where the old air bellow used to be mounted.

Andreas doing what he does best. Building stuff!

Tobias welding.

Somebody needs a shower…

Towards the end of the day Tobbe got bored and tried his ice hockey skills instead.


Day 5

Not much more to say than; we’re working like maniacs to get rid of all rust and replace all damaged beams… Feels like and endless task right now.

Yesterday we were joined by Crille to help us out.

Tobbe continued to work on the intended “relax area”.

Welding all day long.

This is what you will look like after a couple of hours under a bus 🙂

Wonder why we are doing this….

This is much better! 🙂

After a slow and trubelsome start of the day, the work on the bus is now on it´s way. Due to the cold conditions at the place we were supposed to work, we have now moved the whole circus to another (and particularly warmer) place.

Patrik Widd towing the bus behind his wheel loader. This project would not have been possible without Patrik’s help
Big thanks!

In good company of other Wilson trailers.

Still some work to be done…

Of with one of the wheels to make better room for work.

Tobias is removing one of the other wheels whilst Andreas is doing…. something.

Over n’ out for now!


Bus project

Parts of team ÅBM Racing are now in Krylbo ready to make som serious progress on the bus project. Andreas, Tobias and Marcus arrived at this huge hall friday evening where the work will take place the following week.

You think the bus will fit in here? 🙂


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