Pictures from yesterday.

This time we started to work on the Chevelle really early so we will have good time to do all the things we need, just two days since the last run and the whole car is in pieces! Instead of doing like we always do, start with it in the last minute…..


Time to leave the ground.


Crille is preparing the engine oil so it is ready to fill in the car.


In pieces! 🙂


Tobbe is giving the Lenco and the clutch some love! 🙂


The third member is out for inspection.




Start getting some colour! 🙂


Of course everything looked like new!


And now it is time to put the car together again!


The results from the day, the first run 7,5/310 km/h with a spinning clutch all the way down the strip but it still felt good! And also this was my first ever 7 sec run in a car, it felt really good to pull the chutes with a little speed! 🙂 Second run today the car left the line pretty good but hit a tire shake and then up in smoke about 1.5 sec into the run….. 9,30 260 km/h something. And the third and last rund today Good from the line then tire shake and of and on the pedal then just spun the clutch again… 7,70 260 km/h something…

Well it was a really great weekend without rain for the first time that the Chevelle is on a track..!! 🙂
I would like to say huge thanks to the team Åke, Tobbe, Crille, Marcus and Isabell, we are still learning alot but it starts to feel really good, and i am really start looking forward to the next season when we are aiming to run on all the Top Doorslammer races!

And of course, thanks to Pelle Hallström with crew on Kjula Dragway for letting us be there and play with our car!


First run today!

Two cars from Sjödin Motorsport! 🙂
Both with screwblowers of course!!


Good morning

Last run yesterday resulted in 8.13 / 265 km/h. Almost the same speed as the first run but a whole second quicker. We’re going to add more power today as the track is better than expected. Inch by inch, the performance is getting better…

Sunday morning.

Nothing is left to chance. It’s important to have the right temperature on your coffee.

First run completed and it resulted in a 9.14 sec / 261 km/h. Not a good run, up in smoke right of the starting line. The car have been warmed-up just a couple of minutes ago and we are on our way to the paring lanes at this very moment.

Drivers meeting have been completed, and Top Doorslammer (Test n’ Tune) is planned to run at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm. We are making some changes to the ignition and will make our first apperance at 1 pm.


Working late

We’re done for today. Time to sleep.. Here is a short image gallery from today:

The rebuilt brake lever

Fast Freddy is here…

…as well as Johan Westberg.

Listening carefully.

We arrived here at Kjula a couple of hours ago, mounted the tent and unloaded the car. And for a change it’s not raining here. Crille is preparing dinner and Andreas is planning to do a little welding tonight and then weight the car.

The weather forecast for Kjulaås looks pretty promising for the next two days. This is going to be a fun weekend!

And the sun is shining! 🙂



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