Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing would like to wish all of you out there a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you all at the race tracks in 2016!! 😀


Yesterday Max took the Bruno drive and the converter apart and everything looks like new, feels good that we just need to put everything back together again and make it ready to hit the track soon! 😀

In pieces checked, cleaned and ready to go back together again.

Spares, and new cool stuff! 😉

Christmas presents to our sponsors ready to go out! 🙂

Parts are rolling in all the time right now to the Chevelle, at least one thing that works like it should do… But also I am the one that makes it happen and I don’t need to wait for someone to do it for me… 😉

The UPS truck and boxes, it’s Christmas isn’t it? 😀

Recertifyed, repaired and washed driving suit! 🙂

Recertifyed Hybrid neck device.

Recertifyed transmission blanket, some engine parts and some new chassis stuff! 🙂

Tuesday last week Jonnie Lindberg did help me to get the trailer back home about 7-8 weeks later than what I was told it would take to fix the things I wanted to be done on it.. Anyway I got some pretty big problem because I’m not satisfied at all with the work that is done on it and this puts us in a really bad position right now when it comes to have the things I wanted done on it before next season, I am right now waiting for the guy I been dealing with to get back to me and hope that he will fix the stuff that I am not happy with. But still even if he does I have a really big problem to solve because you can’t buy time…. 8 weeks is a long time and that means we are 8 weeks behind in the schedule on the trailer… 

I was hoping it would feel good to bring it back home, but I was only upset and angry instead…

Jonnie is not only an awesome Top Alcohol Funny Car driver, he for sure knows how to drive a truck and trailer!

At least we have the trailer in a shop so we don’t have to work on it outside during the winter, a huge thanks to Göran at Takmakarna for letting me rent a spot in his shop! 🙂

During the weekend last week me and Patrik “The Mas” started to make a plan for it should look like on the inside, but we can’t start work on it for real due to the stuff I’m not satisfied with that needs to be solved first…

Simon Arvidsson did put together a little movie with some random funny clips from our test season 2015 just to thank you all out there that supports us, sponsors, partners, friends, family and fans! Hope this will get you warm inside and make you think about summer and racing instead during this dark and cold time of the year! =)



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