Thank you FHRA for letting us make a pass after the set time due to we did not have any power in the trailer because of some electrical trouble in the pit area! 🙂

We made a 4.11 with a low speed as a shake down in first round out for us and Q2 for the event!

Went into a shake at 1.6 seconds that got worse, went left and sideways with a couple of G:s and made a loooong peddling and got back into it, but at least I now got some data so I know what to try change for next round!

Next in about 1.5 hour from now!

Now service of the car and find a better tune for it! 😉

We are in Kauhava and it’s a beautiful morning here at the track! 🙂

Todays qualifying schedule is 11,14 and 17 Finnish time! We will miss the first one due to parts of the team are on the way to the track at the moment but at 14:00 we will burn some rubber! 😀

We are done with the tech inspection!

I’ve been to the drivers meeting, did not understand much but got some fellow racers that translated the important stuff! 😉 Haha!

Last stuff are made on the car!

Now let’s find a safe tune to just go down the track!

Some pics below from yesterday when we arrived to the track!

It’s time for Top Doorslammer round 2 in the EDRS series! 🙂

We did arrive in Finland early this morning and we got about one hour left to the track at Kauhava! 😀

This is going to be fun, it’s the first time for us to bring some Swedish Chevy Power to Finland! 😉

And we are the only Swedish team here in Top Doorslammer, will be great to meet some new Finnish friends!

The team are exited for sure for the ferry trip!

We did kind of finish up the Chevelle yesterday after some service and freshening up! And then got it back in the trailer!

Then we took the trip to Kapellskär from the ÅBM shop in Täby!

We did have some quality time on the ferry, got a good nights sleep and arrived this morning and started the 4.5-5 hour trip from the port in Nådendal to Kauhava Raceway! 🙂

Let’s hope the converter changes / the new parts I ordered last week will solve the little issue / performance problem I did have at the race at Tierp Arena about 2 weeks ago!

I would like to say thanks to all our partner, my team, our fans and friends, you are the reason we are doing this! 🙂

I would like to say a special thanks to Benke and Ullis at W-Linds Bilbärgning that supports us and makes this trip possible for us!

And also a special thanks to Kaare and ICA Gärdet for making sure that we will survive when we are out racing, food is a really important thing to make the day great and to be strong enough to spend all the time needed at the track! If you are in the Stockholm City area around Gärdet make sure run visit the sweat lite store for some great shopping! 🙂

Below is som pre Kauhava service pictures from the shop!

It was time for new rods in the motor, a standard check of the rest and the cylinder heads to see that everything is ok!

And of course some special machining! 😉

We will soon arrive at the track and build our pit space and then continue to work on the car and make it ready for inspection and tomorrows qualifying!

Stay tuned!


Photo above by Lena Peres.

What a weekend at Tierp Arena!

Felt really good after a couple of weeks of 20+ hours per day to win it all!

Below a lot of pictures from the weekend!

We did have some small issues over the weekend, mostly because we did build a race car at the track when we did run out of time home at the shop!

We started with the first qualifying pass after 666 days since I drove the car with a 4.08! And that was also the slowest pass for the weekend! We did continue with a 3.98, 4.01, and then in eliminations we went 3.90, 3.89, 3.90 and then a 3.92 in the finals agains Wulcano Racing!

I’m satisfied with the weekend but not with the performance on the car even that it was really consistent, first we did have Racepak problems that took 4 rounds to get a working drive shaft graph…

And when we did I found out that the converter is too lose and we did not get time to fix it!… Well we won! And that feels good!!

Thanks to all involved! Friends, partner, family, fans and the team!

And thanks to the crew at Tierp Arena for a crazy good track!

The past two weekends have been good with some great progress on the truck and trailer again! 😀

Me and Max did fill up some water in the fresh water tank for the first time and started the water pump and the water heater for the first time and everything did work just fine without leaks or so! 🙂 A huge thanks again to Peter and Patrik at Rörmekano in Vallentuna for their support helping us out install everything when it comes to the plumbing! 🙂

We did also finish up the front storage area where we have all the stuff outside in our pit space, we made some changes for a better storage and did put everything except for the tent in the trailer again, feels kind of crazy that we have packed almost everything 5 weeks before the first outing!

We did also remove the winter “insulation” on the lift gate that been sitting there for almost 2 years now because we are going racing again! 😀 We did install lamps in the rear part to help out when we load the race car in the dark, and at the same time we did finish up some small stuff to hide the plumbing to the lift gate, it’s all about the details! 😉

After that we got the fridges installed so they can’t move around after we changed them out almost a year ago!… 😉

Really not much left to do on the trailer now! 🙂

The week after I went by our partner Bengtssons Smide and got some material for a future storage box on the Scania Truck, thanks for your support! Really appreciate it! 🙂

And how freaking nice did this turn out!? 😀 We will really soon have a working sink in our tent / kitchen with fresh warm and cold water and also a pump station that gets the waste water to the waste water tank with some simple plug and play hoses! A huge thanks to our partner Peter at Rörmekano for swinging by today and finishing up the last piece of our plumping / water system on the trailer!

The week after we got a holiday that made us a longer weekend here in Sweden and that means trailer work! 😉 Plan all week was to work on the race car… but then work happened instead!… 🙁 So I did not have time to prepare stuff around the Chevelle for the planned weekend work! Anyway since Thursday last week we have been spending a lot of time on the trailer and on the Scania truck!

My old friend Dennis that was with me already already 15 years ago and also did help out a lot when I was modifying the body before making the mold and then the carbon fiber body have helped us out and finishing up all the electrical stuff in our roll out kitchens!

Krille from Sollefteå way up north Sweden is now a part of Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing and went down to help out during this weekend, good part with Krille is that he is a real fixer and can do what ever and that is something we really need in the team!

John the Snake have been here doing some stuff on the Scania and helped Max out with organizing the lights in our tents (in the rain of course) after 5-6 years finally!

Sofi have been cleaning up the roll out kitchens and organized them so we only got what we really need in them instead of way to much junk!

After a really long day it’s nice with some beers and just hang out! 😉

We also started to get the new trailer based weather station in place!

And we have finally got the stereo mounted after laying around for a year or so!

We have done some race BBQ practice at the shop on the new grill and Max is the man for the job of course! 😉

The front part of the trailer is finish packed with the tents so we are ready to leave the shop when it’s time for it!

Sofi have done som welding fabrication just like always and also started on the new living room table, Krille have got the new generator in the right place!

We still have more from the trailer work weekend! 😉 During Saturday I was Superman for a while on a ladder on the side of the trailer wall drilling holes for the weather station sensor, yes it did of course rain because it was outside work!.. Like always!… 😉

So with that sensor in place we finally got the weather station up and running, feels good for sure because I have already sold the old one!

Sofi got our kitchens all done and even cleaned up!

After that Sofi and Krille got the new carbon fiber living room table in place, a table that got for over 10 years just laying around and finally found a place to use it!

Then during Sunday we got a tool for the Lenco made by Jonnie Lindberg Motorsports mounted on a bench in the trailer, a really good thing to help Max out when working on the transmissions!

After that we tested everything on our roll out kitchens, and thanks to Sofi everything is organized and clean, all electricity works thanks to Dennis and we got warm and cold fresh water and also a pump that takes the waste water to the tank thanks to Rörmekano in Vallentuna! A huge thanks for that! 😀

We finished up the weekend with some BBQ practice again, of course in a really nice weather, probably because we were done with all the outside work! 😉

Pretty much a real clean up of the trailer is all that’s missing right now! 🙂

Really soon it’s time to start work on the Chevelle again, kind of look forward to it! 🙂


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