At Sundsvall Raceway and it’s time to organize out pit space.

Feel good to see our own trailer out in a racetrack! 🙂

But before we do anything some awesome food from Stockholm Gourmet / ICA Gärdet! 😀

Finally we have pretty much everything together, we are on the road and heading Sundsvall Raceway for TD round 3!

Feels a bit too good to be true that we have our own trailer with all our stuff behind us right now after this awful start on this season!! 😀

Fueling up! 🙂 

And Sundsvall Raceway here we come! 😀

Last week we put the Chevelle together again and fired it up, except for I realized that our oil pump is a little bit small (too little volume) for our new motor block that have a bit more internal leakage than the old one, but thanks to Sten at Auto Verdi for quick service getting me new parts and thanks to Charley Karling at Karling Racing Engines for machining the oil pump bracket we have everything together again and will sort it out tomorrow at Sundsvall Raceway, everything should be just fine now but with all our bad luck this year I won’t say too much yet… 😉

But first doing the last stuff on the trailer and put the missing stuff in it! 🙂

Together again!

Feels good!

Looking good!! 😀

Got some hours left here for sure before we are heading the road to Sundsvall Raceway!

The first two weeks in June we made a huge progress on our trailer, we went from pretty much something that we couldn’t  use to anything and all suddenly the trailer is standing outside the shop, felt pretty amazing! Just too good to be true!! 😀

I did have a great plan from the beginning with this project, but of course it went straight to hell because of people / companies that didn’t do what they said they will do… But at least I gave you a sweet looking ass and a great working lift gate that I’m really satisfied with! And reaching this far would never been possible without my awesome team! Max, John, Patrik, Dad! And our awesome sponsors and friends that been supporting this project, Erik, Lasse and Per from Bengtssons Smide, Danne, Patrik and Alex from Berga Lås & Larm, Roffe from The Parts Stop Sweden, David and Bengt from Swedol in Arninge, Johan from LSF Custom Paint, Peter and Patrik from Rörmekano, Jari from Eltric, Dolle from Nicma Tools, Kenneth at Swecomposite, Göran at Takmakarna, Åke Granholm for letting me use his truck, Janne and Isak from our own companies and of course our own companies that I steel time from working on this! Thank you everyone!!! 😀

Work pictures from the last couple of weeks below.

Isak are getting the hydraulic pipes in place for the lift gate.

Dad are fabricating some stuff.

The lift gate are finally in place and I can open and close it, a huge step forward! 🙂

John are getting some paint on the lift platform.

Finally, the frames around and the doors everywhere on the trailer starting to get in place!! 😀

All the aluminum on the outside and on the inside of the lift gate are in place! 🙂

The moment of truth! 🙂 Pretty scary moment I must say, I decided to take something cheaper and heavier than the Chevelle so I did try to lift up my daily driver and like you can see, everything worked just fine if it works fine for this it will work fine for the Chevelle!

Danne and Patrik from Berga Lås & Larm went by to mount all locks in the doors, feels good to have high quality locks in the trailer!

Roffe from The Parts Stop Sweden went by and helped us out to get a fuse box and some other electrical stuff installed.

Rear door installed.

More material from Bengtssons Smide are ready to get mounted on the trailer! 🙂

The tail light frames and the sides on the platform are in place, looks awesome if you ask me! 😀

The extension on the platform is all done!

Not much room to get out from the trailer shop…

Finally the trailer are outside and the shop is empty!

On the road again for the first time in about 6 months! 

Outside the ÅBM Racing shop, this feels so crazy good!! 🙂

Doing nothing staying home and getting about 45 hours of sleep the last three nights made me find the spirit to continue with this mean little machine… 🙂 Been spending the whole day shorten brand new pushrods and getting the motor assembled again, now without the recommended oil restrictors that I’m pretty sure caused the worn down pushrod tips on the exhaust side that after a while hydrolyze the motor that ended with a big boom in Malmö when we made the first hit for this season… Remade with all new stuff once again and updated rocker arm system with some new stuff from Manton Pushrods and this time it would be fun if I could make a pass longer than 2.5 seconds out… Anyway it’s all done and ready to go back into the Chevelle tomorrow morning, so we are getting ready for TD round 3 at Sundsvall Raceway in about 1.5 week from now!

Feels good! 😀

We did not make it to the Tierp race… It was really close but not close enough… 🙁

We did not get the trailer together in time to make it to the first qualifying round on Thursday but we did keep on working to get to the track on Friday instead but late Thursday evening it all ended with 1mm too long pushrods, don’t know how but I did something wrong when I measured the lengths when I ordered them… It felt really bad after the hard work we made trying to get everything together on the trailer and on the Chevelle to get to the second race in the Top Doorslammer series at Tierp Arena… I got the machines to shorten then but I felt that I didn’t got the spirit to spend one more night in the shop fixing this because I know that I won’t be a good driver to take the car down the track the day after, and now after all it did not matter because the Top Doorslammer class qualifying was cancelled due to rain on Friday so we wouldn’t got in to the ladder anyway.. But still it feels really bad that we did not get there at all, it would felt like we won if we just got to the track at least!… But now we just need to put that behind us because it’s old stuff now and instead work to get everything together to the “Northern Swing”, only 1.5 week to TD round 3 at Sundsvall Raceway and after that directly to Pite Dragway for TD round 4! Hope to see you all there! I sure do look forward to make some passes in the car after this really bad start on the 2016 season! 🙂

A huge thanks to all you that helped out trying to get this together for me! Dad, Max, Patrik, John, Janne and Isak from our company, Erik and Lasse at Bengtssons Smide, Danne, Alex and Patrik at Berga Lås & Larm, Roffe from The Parts Stop Sweden, David and Bengt at Swedol in Täby, Jari from Eltric, Peter from Rörmekano AB, Åke Granholm for letting me use his truck to move the trailer with.

Without friends and help you are nothing, thanks for being here for me! 😀


Ok, so we got no truck, no trailer and no motor to the Chevelle.It’s about 220 hours before I want to be heading for Tierp Arena So starting today I won’t do any customer work in the shop, only spend my time on my own racing deal and hope for the best and that at least something will go my way… It feels like it won’t work to get the things together for TD round 2 at Tierp Arena but I’m not a quitter even when I know I should stop doing what I do..! Tuesday I will get the last stuff to the motor, pistons, wrist pins, pushrods and some other parts to update my rocker arms and then do some cylinder head machining, so there is a lot of work just to get the Chevelle ready… And the trailer have no working lift gate, no air lines to the brakes and suspension, no doors, no lights at all, no interior and the rest of the stuff I have forgot that also is missing! I will of course get a lot of help and that might make it possible to make this work but in the end it’s all up to me and I’m the one that will spend about 200 hours on this the coming 9.5 days, wish me luck because I think I might need it! 🙂

It’s you and me now!

Below some pics from the past week.

John and our sponsor Johan Jarbeck from LSF Custom Paint have made and awesome job getting the last part of the body repair done and get some white paint on it so it will look a bit better! 😀

Patrik have spent time getting some of the air system for the suspension and brakes moves around to make more room above the wheel boxes and also started to change all the hoses and stuff so everything will be like new to make sure we won’t have problems with it in the future. 🙂 He also got the hydraulic assembly for the lift gate in place.

I have spent time to get the last things for the mounting of the big squared tubings for the lift gate in place and also started to check how the platform did fir now when everything starts to get in place.

I went by our sponsor Swedol and did fill up my whole trunk on my car with stuff! 😀 

We also got a lot of material from Bengtssons Smide to put on the inside and outside of the tailgate platform. 

We are on the entry list for the Tierp race, looks like it will be a really cool one! Hope we will be there.. 🙂


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