On our way home again! Thanks to Sundsvall Raceway and all the people that does all they can to make the organization and facility better and better! 🙂 And thanks for the best event 60ft trophy and the price money! 😀

I could really not figure out the track this weekend, and the real reason we went here was to check out the track conditions! With my graphs and info from earlier years I must say that the track was better in 2017 compared to this weekend!… And then I really wonder why a known problem with the track surface wasn’t fixed before the event, it’s just stupid to wait and do it on a warm and sunny race day, that was about 3 hours just waisted time for all racers and spectators… Nothing good about that!!

And the reason to all bad runs is that I really hoped that the track was better and gave it too much even that I took away A LOT of power, but I needed to slow down the motor with transmission, way rich on fuel and have less timing than I ever tried, so much that the motor started to misfire!..

On the 4.28 on Saturday I was just lucky and on the edge to go in to shake all the way and after 330ft the G-meter and wheel speed did go crazy up and down all the way to the finish line! I could hear the motor rpm go up and down and the car was fishtailing pretty much!

And all the pedaling and shaking with the motor rich on fuel and low timing resulted in broken crank pulley bolts… That was really sad because I finally started to figure out the track and did have the best looking graphs during the whole weekend! Car felt really really good and it would have been a really tight race against Kenneth Lingvald, I was a little slower on the tree (he got awesome reactions) and he drove the car the whole way to a 4.41 to the 1/8 mile and on the 330ft we both did have a time of 2.91 even that I just coasted from 2.2 seconds when my motor stopped pulling when the blower stopped!..

Well, that’s racing and it ain’t over until it’s over and that the fun thing!

But I must say it’s a long time since I was this disappointed as I am today!… First the track problems, and then a couple of cheap bolts stopped the weekends best round! And now when I’m thinking about yesterdays problems we did have with the blower starter that stopped us from making a pass I get even more disappointed because if we would have made that round the bolts might have broke already yesterday and we would have fixed it during the night instead!… But of course nothing say that they would have snapped off on that round yesterday!

Thanks to all involved this weekend, partners, sponsors, friends, family, my awesome team! Dad, Sofi, Max, John, Krille, Dennis and this weekends guests Jörgen and Bengt! 🙂

We at least got a little trophy and some price money for the best 60ft on the event, that’s the third time on three events this year! 🙂

Loading up the circus!

Good bye Sundsvall Raceway!

Max is happy with our third position of three cars on the event! 😉 Hahahhaha!!!

I did just put us on the entry list for the EDRS Top Doorslammer round 5 and the finals at Gardermoen Raceway in Norway in less than 2 weeks! 🙂 Not much cars again but hopefully that changes.

Elimination round 1 was a good race agains Kenneth Lingvald all the way to 2.2 seconds when all the power went away!…

I did finally find a decent slow tune for the track and I felt the car pulling better than what it have during the whole event and it just went dead, or it felt like that! I was still having the pedal to the metal and I was falling against the windshield!…

I assumed it was a crank or something because the motor went silent, but then I heard it was till idling and I turned it off myself, when I got out of the car I saw that the blower belt was a bit loose and I looked down and saw that it was room between the crank pulley and the crank hub!… So I did guess it was the bolts that snapped off, and now in the pit when we took it apart I saw I was right!…

Bad tracks hurt parts! Period!!!!

All pedaling and shakes is not good for the parts, and together with a way to rich motor low on timing it’s even more bad for the motor…

Next, Gardermoen Raceway in Norway!

We did just warm up the motor and are ready for elimination round 1 in a bit!

We got a sunny Sunday morning here at Sundsvall Raceway!

They added qualifying rounds today before eliminations but we will skip them because I can not see that I will be able to improve on this track with the conditions we have here! It’s just a waste of time and parts!.. We will wait for elimination round 1 and I do not expect to be able to take the car down without getting into tire shake but we need the points so that’s the only reason to do it!

We are instead saving parts for the Top Doorslammer round 5 and the finals in the series at Gardermoen in Norway in about 2 weeks from today!

The Chevelle is ready for tomorrows eliminations!

One more cozy evening here at Sundsvall Raceway! 🙂

Dad and Krille did check the motor after our shaky rounds this weekend and all looks good, I’ve heard that we got two more qualifying rounds before eliminations today / Sunday but I’m not interested because I went here to see if the track is better than what it was when I was here in 2017 and now I have my own opinion about it.

But everything around here when it comes to Sundsvall Raceway is more than great, the facility, the people! 🙂

John makes the Chevelle look good, our Manton valve train looks great as always! And Dennis are getting us dinner with grocery’s from our partner ICA Gärdet!

One more evening with a group of great people! <3


Nope again.

Added a tiny tiny bit of power to the round after our only full pass with a slow 4.28 @ 275km/h this weekend and no, it was way too much!..

I can explain the feeling of driving the car by saying it feels like a brown Volvo 240 wagon on ice! 🙂 Hahaha!!! Pointless if you ask me!

Now some service of the car so it will be ready for the race in Norway in 2 weeks!

First pass down the track this weekend!… I could not imagine that I would need to take out so much power that I just did to succeed with this slow, boring pass!.. But still the car did move around really much so it was still a bit too much.

Next round now!



This starts to feel stupid and I would like to say so much but it’s better to be quiet, went into shake even earlier than yesterday! Got angry, did some pedal and went left and right a couple of times because the track and car did not like that…

Guess we will have 2 more rounds today.

Stay tuned.


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