I thinks it’s pretty boring to just buy the same stuff that everyone else got, so that’s why I go the hard way build my own motor! I mean how hard is it to buy parts? All you need is money! But if you want to make your own stuff you need to be smart and it would never be possible without my great friends around me, Brandon Pesz, Jocke Månsson in our team and his brother Micke Månsson that is really smart and got crazy good machining skills!

I spent the weekend doing some special stuff on our new block!

American made above, Swedish made below… 🙂

Micke did draw and machine out a new close out plate to our new gear drive.

Machining receiver grooves in our new sleeves.


Installing and degree the camshaft.


Checking valve to piston clearance and retainer to guide clearance.

 Working on a new piston design.  

In the latest number of the Swedish magazine Street & Strip I got a little add on a page just to show the sponsors and partners that decided to continue to help us out during the 2016 season! I think this is a good way to show much I appreciate there help! 

Thank you guys! 😀


And this is what 9 hours of work looks like… Well at least when I start with something myself I get it done, finally a couple of months to late it’s time to start draw and fabricate the parts to our trailer lift gate!! This will be so fucking good when it’s done, I will spend hole next Saturday in front of Solidworks again and maybe after that we can start fabricate all the parts we need! 🙂 
A huge thanks to Patrik Widd for helping me out with this!! 😀


Some work is made on the trailer and I have got a lot of new parts to the Chevelle! 🙂

This is pretty much all the updates for season 2016 and also almost all the new parts to the new motor!! 😀

The new billet block from CN-blocks.

The new rock n roll drumstick!

Making tools and mounting the cam bearings in the new block.

Mocking the motor up just to see what’s missing and if something is wrong so I can order the last stuff I need to make it ready to go in to the car.

Yesterday Max and Jocke spent some hours working on the trailer, did remove all 6 wheels and brake drums and to our big surprise everything did look really good, almost like new! Finally something that goes our way with the trailer project… 😀

Nice! Really nice!! 🙂

So now when we know that the brakes looks good and won’t cost a lot of money to fix we started to rearrange some other stuff inside the trailer! 😉 Making more room between the wheel boxes, move around the air stuff to the brakes and air suspension to make room for some cabins. This will be awesome when it’s done!!



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