A couple of weeks ago I decided that this is the first time in 10 years the Chevelle won’t leave the shop and make a pass down the track!… zzZ zzZ

It sucks and I’m more than disappointed about it!.. 🙁

But… There is to much shit this year that makes no time for racing and also there is no real series to make so instead we are trying to finish the trailer, maybe do some updates on the Chevelle for the first time since 2017! 😀

Concentrate uson the Åkes Bil & Motor work shop, have some free time, prepare the racing circus for 2022 and hopefully we will be able to go to England and Santa Pod Raceway and have a real Top Doorslammer series to make here in Sweden / Scandinavia and spend some time with all our awesome friends out there that we miss like hell!.. 🙂

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