Yesterday we started up the Chevelle and all the new stuff works just fine, we got some small stuff left to do before its all done. But still it is almost two weeks to the test weekend at Tierp Arena and I can say almost done!! That feels really strange!!! 😀 😀


Outside the shop for the first time since September last year!


Nice ass!!


Transbrake button in, clutch pedal out! 😉



Fabricating some stuff to solve the problem with different pressure needed to the Lenco and the Bruno.


New seat belts!


New Hoosier tires on!


Nice view!! 🙂


New black hoses everywhere, looks really good!!


Some instructions… 😉






A really messy shop after a crazy week of work!…


John washed Olga so now she looks really pretty again! 😀  

More and more stuff are getting done, the past week I have spent A LOT of hours on the car and the Chevelle is almost done so we can make a warm up!! 😀


Third member back in place!


We have a transmission with oil pan in our car… Weird… 😉


New hoses, now all black!!! 😀


Doing stuff!! 


Wonder why it’s good to change the burst panel now and then…


Rear shocks back on the car!


New blower bag and restraints, looks good!!!


All hoses in place, drive shaft and tunnel mounted, done deal with the transmission!! 



Max cleaned the Chevelle, looks really good now!! 🙂


Nice messy work bench….


Jocke takes care of some electrical stuff!


Now we will have working EGT:s on all cylinders!


Max is all done with Olga, only thing left is the inspection!

The whole transmission (bellhousing to driveshaft) is about done and in the car, the engine is all done, the blower is assembled and mounted on the engine, we still got the rear axle to assembly, a lot of air and fuel hoses to put together and some electrical things to figure out. But I sure starts to see the light in the end of the tunnel!! 😀


The blower is back where in should be!



Some maching of course!! 😉


The complete transmission is in place!


Today I found out that the deal with Pros Test & Tune 9-10 May at Tierp Arena is done!! So, about 16 days from now it’s time to burn some rubber and start testing out our new stuff!! Yeah baby!!!! 😀 😀

More stuff are getting done, soon we have a race car again! A lot off new parts have arrived during the past week, now I finally can put the whole car back together again! 😀


The engine is done and back in the chassis again, the converter arrived last week so the bell, converter and the Bruno are tested together in the car and all the things that needed to be adjusted are done! 

Some work pics below.


Needed to adjust some in the heads to make clerance for our new bigger Manton Pushrods.


The new pushrods are in the engine after a couple of hours of adjustments… 🙂


Got some new T&D steel rocker arms! 


New rear tires!


Our new converter from Neal Chance!


And the last missing small things arrived Friday, a really fun Chistmas week last week!! 😉


The heads are ready for assembly!



Putting in bigger adjuster screws in the old rocker arms.


Checking how the converter looks inside! 🙂



The Bruno is put together again and the bellhousing is mounted on it!


Third member is checked and ready to go back in the car again.


Dad put the front struts back on the Chevelle!


John made the weels look good! 🙂


Adjusting some to get the right clerance between the converter and the flex plate.


Flex plate mounted!


Machining some…


New pan to make room for the Bruno oil pan. Thanks to Erik Bengtsson for the help!

Blower wash! 🙂 

The last week I have been spending working and repairing the engine block after I found a crack in it…. But that problem is solved now and the short block is ready to go back into the chassis again! 🙂


Below some worke pictures from the past week.


Not so funny…. I was just lucky to find it when I was cleaning off the clutch dust….


Time to take it apart to repair the block.





Except for the crack everything looked brand new just like always! 😉








About 30-40 hours later the block is done again! Machining, welding, machining again, mill oil pan surface, bore mains, honing cylinders, linehone mains and wash and we are ready to assembly! I am really happy to have my own machine shop and can use it whenever I want to, of course Birka Motorrenoveringar is the name of that company!! 🙂



And we are done again!


Åke have made some serviced our Alan Johnson billet heads!


We have got some new cordless drilling machines from our sponsor Peter Hult ,Pro Tools / SnapOn! 😀




New parts are arriving all the time to the Chevelle!! 🙂 😉





And Max have made an awesome job repairing the bus!!

More work pictures.

What a mess… To much heavy stuff… 😉

The new bellhousing and the Bruno unit together with the Lenco is tested in the Chevelle and everything looks just fine and works really good after some adjustments! 😀


The new motor plate and block protector is done!

I have started to fresh up my memory and started up the racing computer and put some time in the new tuning for 2015! 😉

I got some new clothes for our blower from Taylor Safety!

New spool to our third member from Toms rear ends!

Body off to change seat belts, check third member and do some chassis update! 🙂


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