More and more stuff are getting done, the past week I have spent A LOT of hours on the car and the Chevelle is almost done so we can make a warm up!! 😀


Third member back in place!


We have a transmission with oil pan in our car… Weird… 😉


New hoses, now all black!!! 😀


Doing stuff!! 


Wonder why it’s good to change the burst panel now and then…


Rear shocks back on the car!


New blower bag and restraints, looks good!!!


All hoses in place, drive shaft and tunnel mounted, done deal with the transmission!! 



Max cleaned the Chevelle, looks really good now!! 🙂


Nice messy work bench….


Jocke takes care of some electrical stuff!


Now we will have working EGT:s on all cylinders!


Max is all done with Olga, only thing left is the inspection!


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