A couple of weeks ago I decided that this is the first time in 10 years the Chevelle won’t leave the shop and make a pass down the track!… zzZ zzZ

It sucks and I’m more than disappointed about it!.. 🙁

But… There is to much shit this year that makes no time for racing and also there is no real series to make so instead we are trying to finish the trailer, maybe do some updates on the Chevelle for the first time since 2017! 😀

Concentrate uson the Åkes Bil & Motor work shop, have some free time, prepare the racing circus for 2022 and hopefully we will be able to go to England and Santa Pod Raceway and have a real Top Doorslammer series to make here in Sweden / Scandinavia and spend some time with all our awesome friends out there that we miss like hell!.. 🙂

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Finally. That turned out AWESOME!! 🙂

Looks great! Doesn’t it!? 😀

Pretty big difference compared to the look earlier.

After 13 months the rest of the Gladiator Garage Works Flooring is installed on the bottom floor in the trailer! It all started thanks to my old school friend Björn Linde that got some pieces over after putting a floor like this in his shop and I’m happy for that! Thanks to Gladiator Garage / Bara Kök & Bad for a great service and a good deal on the floor!

Feels really good to see this, I really like the details and it starts to look like I want to have it!

Now it’s not way much work left to do on the bottom floor and the upper floor is close to finished, it really start to feel that the trailer might get pretty much all done by the end of this year!

I also bought some new air bags for the trailer last week and I did hope that we might get one changed out just to see if I got the right stuff but Max made an awesome job and changed out all 6 of them even that the weather was against him with some rain, sun, snow, hail, blue sky, cloudy sky etc. like 500 times during the last weekend!

The biggest problem was that we needed to remove the fridge and a cabinet and make some holes it the interior to get access to the two bags in the front on both sides!

Just great! 🙂 Hopefully less problem in the future!… 😉

Ain’t this just awesome!

More storage space created thanks to some ideas and our partner Bengtssons Smide that helped out and fabricate some aluminum pieces that I could mount in the trailer with help from Sofi and some help from Björn from T. Grundström Plåtslageri because I needed to do some changes and he helped me out with it! Awesome people can make awesome stuff together!

A while ago we continued to look at the uneven brake power from side to side on the same axle because we got some sun and pretty decent weather to work outside in, that of course switched to some crazy windy and cold weather as soon as the tire and brake drum was off!.. BUT the good part, we probably found the real problem with the brakes, there is roller bearing on both brake shoes that attaches to the axle that forces them apart to contact the drum when braking, that roller bearing was not a bearing anymore, it was just a rusty solid piece… But with a hammer and some big tools we got it apart and now it’s back together again with a lot of copper paste so it hopefully will last for a while now, just got 5 more wheels to do the same work on and then the yearly inspection to see if it’s good or if we need to adjust the brakes to make them work like they should…

It at least feels good to spend time working on the trailer again! I really have a plan getting it done this year so we are able to make a full race season next year and not work on the trailer.

Much more to come soon! 🙂

Last year was not much of a racing season or even a season at all!.. But some special people and companies did help us out in a special way and therefore I got this picture made for them! 🙂

And of course out on social media’s it’s for all of you out there that supports us in some way by following us, share our stuff, like stuff here on Instagram, on Facebook, website and on our YouTube channel! 😀 You people are the reason I spend time putting out stuff on the internet, thanks for being a part of our racing circus!

Now lets hope we can make some racing sometime during this year! 😉

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Got some more stuff done on the trailer during January! And It’s all about the details, and it turned out REALLY NICE!! Well at least that’s what I think! =D

Felt awesome making some progress on the trailer again, been on my way for a long time to do this but it’s always hard to find the time and spirit to do things but after some weeks off from work during Christmas and New Year I found it again!

Finally, it’s time to hide all the ugly looking electrical wiring and so up in the roof behind some aluminum! 🙂

Thanks to our partner Bengtssons Smide for material and fabrication and Sofi for helping me out make the last stuff on the parts and install them! <3

It did turn out nice, didn’t it!!

Then a couple of weeks later I spent some more time on the trailer starting to finish up the right side above the side trailer door.

I got some aluminum strips in place to cover all the ugly electrical cables and it made it all done and complete!

And when I was doing that I did install a fresh water and waste water gauge so it will be easier to check when it’s time to fill or drain them!

Also I did install one more storage box on the side door to keep stuff that you need close when we are out in the pit.

One more time thanks to Bengtssons Smide for supporting us and helping us out fabricating a lot of stuff that we need so we can get the last things done and maybe have the trailer pretty much all done during this year! (Well it will never be “done” but it might be finished at least) 😉 I really like all the details that makes it look good and clean, don’t you!?

Soon I’m all done with the front part of the bottom floor and I also get more storage room to hide stuff in all the time! 🙂

After the metalwork I did some update on the IKEA bureau we got in the trailer, I really don’t think it is supposed to be moved around like we do to be able to load 2 cars in the trailer… So some metal pieces mounted in it will make it stick in one piece from now on I hope!

A fun shop dust clean out movie from 2018, really start to look forward to the first start of the year again!… =)

Let’s leave 2020 in a long big smokey burn out behind us!!!!

Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing wish all of you out there a really Happy New Year! =)

Photo by David Beitler Photography!

Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing want to wish all of our fans, friends, partners and sponsors a Really Merry Christmas And A Really Happy New Year!

It’s been a boring and a really strange year during 2020!… So let’s use a old Christmas card from when life was simple and fun with a lot of racing and when we were able to meet all of you guys out there on the race tracks! =)

A simple movie with all 6 test rounds at Hudik Raceway August 2020! Enjoy! =)


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