For some reasons the racing season is over before the weekend even started for us…. The reason to this is something that I will explain later!…. But anyway the 2018 season for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing is over…..!

BUT! Now I can do something I really like, tune a car and help Tony, Krille, Cissi, Björn and Isak tune their car instead! Win for me and I hope that everyone out there supports me and understand my decisions when I explain the reasons after this weekend. 🙂

Me, Dad, Sofi, Max, Fredrik and John will do our best to make Tony’s Camaro go the fast possible down the track! 🙂

See y’all!!!!

The waiting to get a place in the pit today messed up our night for sure…!

Found some problem when we started to service the motor, of course!….

We will probably skip the first round tomorrow and get the car ready instead!….

The expected rain and thunderstorms are here!…


Service went good, until!…

Problems with the motor!….

After some lunch at dinner time it’s finally time to start doing some service on the Chevelle!

Would been funnier to start doing this a couple of hours ago!

As we say in Sweden Köööörv time!


A big joke!

After 2 hours of waiting someone finally decided that we could get in to the empty pit space…

Can’t be more disappointing to start a race weekend like this!……….

At Tierp Arena!

Is almost 14 months since I saw this sign the last time!….

And now the waiting game…. There is no map for were anyone should park in the pit, no one here can say anything what to do and the person that got the responsibility for the pit space is not here!….

It’s the second time in a row this year that we are getting to a track early to be able to work on the car and we can’t start to work on the car because of problems at the track / organization….

I really don’t understand why a thing like this can be so hard, I have known that I’m gonna be here today since February and today it is September 21!….

Guess it will be a looooong night tonight.

Me, Max, The Snake and Dad are leaving the ÅBM Shop and are on the roll to Tierp Arena to meet up Sofi, Fredrik and the whole Crowcastle Racing team for an awesome last race for the season! 🙂

Super happy!!!! =D (as always)

This is what we want this weekend, happy faces! 😀

Kind of boring weather this morning… But hopefully the good weather starts right now! 😉

21 cars will be fighting tomorrow to get into that 16 car ladder on Sunday, this will be a great racing weekend if the weather will be with us!

The place to be Saturday and Sunday this week is Tierp Arena at Racestars event were we got round 6 and the finals in the Scandinavian Top Doorslammer Series!

Will you be there? We hope you will!!

Seeee y’all!!!

This coming weekend we got the finals in our series at Tierp Arena but first something little about the Top Doorslammer round 5 at Malmö Raceway! It was a really bumpy ride and a lot of downs but ended up with some really good ups after some really hard work and help from people around! 😀

Track was really tricky and I could not use the power I wanted, just look at the lateral G-meter graph in the Racepak, was all over… But I did figured it out and it even got better than what I expected during the 2 last elimination rounds we made on Sunday which made me low on power instead….

60ft tells us a good number with a 0.96s but I was too scared to get into tire shake were I did have problems during the 2 qualification rounds we made so I just did keep the power low to make it down and get some data on the car and be able to see what my winter updates made in reality to the performance, all I can say is that I’m satisfied with it and I really hope that the coming weekend at Tierp Arena will give us the opportunity to make the amount of passes I need to improve and end the year with a new personal best! 😉

After the last round of the three ones we made on Sunday the rear axle was still pretty much quiet and I hope it will continue like that now…. But we will do a check on the third member on Friday just to make sure that the ring and pinion looks good.

Thanks again to team Bankrobber for some well needed extra help between E2 and E3, also a huge thanks to Raymond Blixt for helping us during Saturday night letting us go with you home to your shop we’re we could use his tools to change some bearings in the third member! 🙂

This is what we want this coming weekend, a satisfied and happy team! 🙂

Ready to go to Tierp Arena, we will go there early on Friday morning and service the Chevelle and make it ready for Saturday’s qualifying.

One thing I’m extra happy about when it comes to this weekend is that we are sharing tent with our friends from Crowcastle Racing again! So I know already now that it will be a extra good weekend whatever happens during it! 😀