Better 60ft better to 330 but then I was a little aggressive on the tune!.. 🙂 Soon on it again!

We will soon be rolling down for test pass 4 this weekend!

Sunny Sunday morning and last day of testing here at Hudik Raceway!

But first some breakfast!

We turned around the car really quick because I wanted one more pass to see if I need to change stator in the converter. But when I was strapped in the car and ready to fire up the motor Charlie Östedt did an Amazing saving with the Amazon Delivery and kept it all 4 wheels! Thank God for that! 🙂

And after that it started to drizzle a bit so the crew called the day because all this happened just before they need to stop making noise for the day. Well it’s a new day tomorrow and nobody got hurted and that’s the most important thing!

Now some service of the motor and transmission and get them ready for tomorrow’s testing!

Did go back a bit on the tune up and went straight down the track again with a 4.0109 @ 305.78km/h! Still off the throttle a bit early!…

One more try soon! 🙂

But we are soon back on it again! 🙂


Lunch first!

Due to the clean up we decided it was time for some lunch instead! 🙂

Soon ready to rock n roll!!

Thanks to all of our partners for supporting us and making this possible for us to do! 🙂

Weather is awesome and the car is hopped up a bit, time to have som fun!

But now I just heard that it is a clean up after a oil down.

Stay tuned! 🙂


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