Plan was to make a little test pass and then go off the throttle but the car was lame and felt really good so I held it down, it was actually the first time ever that I felt the car work this good but it also came a boom and a fire about 2.8 seconds out…. But I crossed the finish line with a 4.30s so I’m for sure on to something.. 🙂

A couple of broken pushrods, rocker arm axles and we lifted the heads…

 Racepak graphs looks good and I can’t see any big thing that happened so I really don’t know what the problem is…


The plan was to fix it but we do find more and more hurted parts so I just decided that we pack this up and will go back home instead.

Got some work to do now because we need to be back here again in two weeks for the first race in the Top Doorslammer Series.



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