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We are going out in about 40 minutes!

Hold your thumbs for us! 🙂


Good morning Sunday from Gardermoen Raceway!

It’s elimination’s day today, we are going out in first round agains Kenneth Lingvald at 11:30!

The sun is actually shining today, we got some blue sky and you can feel some heat outside!

This feels nice!

It’s time for the last race weekend breakfast for season 2022!


Tomorrow it’s time for eliminations! Don’t know yet when it’s time, I’m kind of happy with the weekend anyway because I manage to figure out the track during qualifying!

It haven’t been easy, it haven’t been beautiful, and it took a long time but the cold weather makes it really hard if you try to go fast…

Well we ended up with a 4.0575 @ 299.63km/h and I’m amazed it went that ET and speed with the little power I did put in it!..

Right now we have a nice evening in the pit waiting for tomorrow to come!

Car is serviced and we got some dinner!

And it’s time for her to take a nap!


Data and tuning changes gave results in the last qualifying round today!

A full pass with just a tiny shake but no pedaling! 4.0575 @ 299.63km/h puts on in the second place in the qualifying list on the last event for 2022!


Car left the line really good and felt good but car drifted left so I had to pedal it and made a 4.22 @ 248 km/h!

One more round in 1 hour.


We are going out for Q4 in about 45 minutes!



Lunch time!

We are enjoying some burger BBQ at the moment presented by our partner ICA Gärdet! <3

They have finally started with todays qualifying and we are going out in about 1 hour from now!

Hold your thumbs for us!


First round today is cancelled due to the cold weather and now some rain!..

Well it’s nothing we can do about and they are working on the track to do the best and keep in shape so we can be out quickly when it stops.

So if nothing more happens we will go out in 2.5 hours at 14:30, but with this cold weather and no cars making passes I think it will be really hard to improve yesterdays 4.11 round!

The forecast is not so fun either!


let’s play the waiting game again!

The Chevelle is ready to warm up as soon we get a sign that the track will be able to handle our cars.



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