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Did go back a bit on the tune up and went straight down the track again with a 4.0109 @ 305.78km/h! Still off the throttle a bit early!…

One more try soon! 🙂


But we are soon back on it again! 🙂



Lunch first!

Due to the clean up we decided it was time for some lunch instead! 🙂

Soon ready to rock n roll!!


Thanks to all of our partners for supporting us and making this possible for us to do! 🙂

Weather is awesome and the car is hopped up a bit, time to have som fun!

But now I just heard that it is a clean up after a oil down.

Stay tuned! 🙂


We are ready to warm the motor up and I have hopped the tuning up a bit from yesterday’s safe set up! Gonna be interesting to see how the car react to it! 🙂


Good morning Saturday! 🙂 It’s 8:40 in the morning and it’s a warm and sunny day!

Max arrived late last night in Sofi’s “blueberry” like he calls it! 😉 Sofi prefer no name it Plutten, at least it’s a Chevrolet!… 🙂

The crew are out on the track dragging rubber, I believe the track will be even better today so I look forward to continue to work from my baseline from yesterday.

But first of all, breakfast!


Must say that I did have an awesome day today here at Hudik Raceway! Great people, great track and just an great feeling all day! 🙂

The Chevelle is pretty much done for the first test round tomorrow!

Sofi made it look good and clean tonight! 🙂

Over and out! Zzz Zzz


4.02 @ 289km/h in first test pass after 451 days off from racing!

Was looking for a 4.00 so I’m pretty satisfied with this 4.02 even that i did have the chutes out and off the throttle a bit before the finish line! 🙂

Feels good with an A to B pass after this long time!

Motor is happy!

Messed up an 10 passes old blower belt but that’s ok if you ask me! 😉

Now some service and get her ready for tomorrow’s testing! Food and a good nights sleep is also something on the wishlist! 😉



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