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More work on the truck and trailer, a little repair, the yearly inspection and a well needed wash!

Ready and clean! =D

My traveling buddies on the way to the yearly inspection! 🙂

Friday last week it was time for the yearly inspection on the truck and trailer, went pretty good! 🙂 But like always some small brake issue, that’s the bad part when you don’t use the rig enough…. Well a little adjustment on one axle on the trailer and we are ready for one more year on the road! 🙂

Truck work!

Max did remove some old rusty crap that is supposed to hold one of the air tanks, Sofi fabricated a new one, I helped to mount it back on the truck, that’s what I call team work! One more step getting everything around the racing circus ready!

Saturday was rig wash Saturday! A huge thanks to John the Sneaky Snake for spending the day washing off the truck and trailer! <3 😉


It’s been a perfect sunny but a bit chilly weekend to spend some time on the trailer!

I have spent pretty much the last month or more working on the trailer, whole days during the weekends and at least a couple of hours every work day and this past weekend wasn’t any different!

Spent some time cleaning it out and finish up some insulation that should been done earlier.

Max spent some time on the truck so we can fabricate a new holder beam for a air tank.


Finally some progress on the trailer! =)

I’ve got the air heater / air conditioner pumps laying around in the trailer for about 3 years now, I think… And finally yesterday they are installed and up and running!!! =)

Me and Sofi started to prepare the mounting for the outer pumps about 4 weeks ago, and then all the mess with the leaking roof took our time so we could never finish it….

And then me and Max finally got the whole assembly mounted on the front of the trailer last week.

Then some holes for the tubes on both floors, put the tubes and electricity in place and then the inside pump on the lower floor!

And HURRAY!!! 😉 Yesterday I got some help connecting the tubes, electricity and then start them up by people that work with stuff like this! =) Thanks a lot for the help Jocke!


Worlds fastest standard bore space Big Block Chevrolet with conventional cylinder heads are finally out from the trailer and back in the ÅBM Racing shop!

Haven’t seen the car since we loaded it after our 5.88@242mph pass at Santa Pod on Monday May 27, that’s about 4 months already! Must say that it makes me kind of happy to see it again, I actually smiled a little when I was just standing and looking at it. =) I mean it’s kind of BAD ASS! 😉 And also it’s mine!

I realized it was pretty dirty and in a big need of a really good clean up, good part is that it is winter now so it’s time anyway to take it apart completely and service / check everything trough!

Finally empty, maybe we can find some time to continue the work on the trailer soon? If we don’t find more fucked up stuff…! 😉

Pretty much nothing this year have been easy or turned out like we planned or wanted.. I just mean that it’s not funny to spend a lot of money and a lot of time and then don’t be able to use the race car, of course the trip to England was amazing and successful in all ways but we did have more plans for 2019 that got destroyed!…

About 2020, I don’t have any plan yet except that I would like to go to England again. But a lot of things needs to work out better before that, more info about that later on.


All of you out there that been following the little trailer project That I started in 2015 knows that it have been a little bumpy road with some up and downs so far when it comes to the quality on the stuff that I handed over to other people / companies… And of course the problems and extra work for me and the ones that helps me out continues!…. 🙁

A couple of months ago I saw that it was coming out some kind of dirt / rust water or something like that just above the side door on the trailer on the right side below the piece that holds the roof together with the side wall, I assumed that it was just a bad sealed aluminum frame or so that made some water get in there when we were out on the road to England. But it was way worse!….

A couple of weeks ago it was time for me and Sofi to continue the work on the trailer, but… It turned out to as a clean up and redo work that someone else should have done… Instead they have more like destroyed the trailer!…

It was a lot of water trapped inside here for sure….

This is apparently how it looks when you have hired companies that works only with stuff like this like fabricating and mounting roofs on trailers and trucks etc. It’s really sad, I was thinking about change the roof on the trailer myself but I know I’m to slow and way to accurate and did not have a shop to keep the trailer inside so I decided to pay a company that only works with stuff like this to do it. Shame on me…. this have cost me way to much money and time!…

It started with this…. First time I saw it was in June or so, kind of sad that the side walls on the trailer got damaged because of bad work from the company I hired to change the roof on it…. I was hoping that the repair we did in the bottom of the trailer years ago should be the end of moisture damages… But no!

So I started with the fun work of removing all the silicon / sealing around the whole trailer… And once again it’s big and A LOT of work just remove it so all the water can get out somewhere….

And at the same time I saw the roof for the first time after the trailer got paint on it and more disappointments!….

You maybe remember that I was more than disappointed / angry about the bad paint job on the rig? And of course it did not end there, the whole “new” roof got totally destroyed because the people that painted it never covered the roof and just sprayed up paint / dust on it do it looks like shit….!

So now instead of continue the work and make some kind of progress on the trailer we needed to seal the whole roof again BUT… Before that me and Sofi did spend about 3 days of just cleaning the roof and take away the paint dust… You know the roof is pretty big 14 meters long and 2.6 meters wide, everything takes so long time to do because of the size on the trailer…

We used about 12 liters of thinner and a million of rags just to take the paint away….

After that it was time to make sure that the aluminum frame the holds the roof sits good and because of the bad work we needed to put in plenty of screws to make sure it won’t start to move…. Again!… Looks like shit now but at least it works, I hope!…

Then remove all the sealing up on the roof also and redo it with new material and make sure it will be stuck to the roof and not get loose like the earlier shit… Just a lot of fun work cleaning up after shitty people…

Just look how good the old sealant looks that the company that works with stuff like this made….

And then on top of the sealants I put a rubber paint that hopefully seals up a little extra to make sure it won’t continue to get in water….

Well I can sum this up with that I hate shitty people that don’t understand a simple instruction! From the beginning I’ve said that I’m gonna build this trailer and will keep it until I stop racing, a lot of people have destroyed that goal and pretty much all I do is repair and redo bad work on it, and it’s kind of sad.

Right now it would be good with a new roof, sand blast and paint it underneath, sand it down completely and paint it, exactly what I have hired people to do since I started to work on it!….

I know that I never will be totally satisfied with it because of the shit above but I hope that I soon can start to work and move forward instead of taking one step in the right direction and the ten steps backwards all the time…!

This is one of many reasons why we haven’t been out on the tracks racing this year!… And now when we starts to get ready with the roof on the trailer once again I hope that it will be time to unload the Chevelle that have been in the trailer since we left Main Event at Santa Pod in May!….


No more racing for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing during the 2019 season! We can’t find enough time to continue after a really messy start of the year.

It’s about 8 weeks since me and Max got back to the ÅBM shop after the trip from Santa Pod Raceway, the Chevelle is still in the trailer I have been in it once just because Max went by and helped me clean out some stuff. Before we left to England I didn’t see my own bed in 10 weeks and I totally missed spring time because it was summer when we got back… After last season I thought that 2019 would work out great for us but instead a total mess with 5 months delay on the paint job on the trailer that ended up far from the quality I expected… at least they did compensate me a bit but I can’t get that lost time back… And on top of that a crazy mess and way too much problems at work that really made our lives way much harder than what we needed, but at least those problems are over now and we can start to work on a better future for our companies! But still, it makes me so mad and disappointed of the never ending story with shitty people…! Best part is when they act like nothing happened.

So the racing season got way shorter than what I planned from the beginning but what a hell in the end I can’t be happier, we did succeed with my goal and got that world record that I planned already in September 2018 even that we got a lot of problems during the way and then we did struggle some during both events with small things but still we made a total of 8 personal best rounds, went the whole way to the semis during both weekends, qualified as number 7 of 23 cars or at The Doorslammers and number 4 of 8 cars the second weekend at The Main Event! All of this without hurting anything major or expensive, we made 12 rounds and 11 of them between 5.88 to 6.56. Just hard work and servicing the car and giving it the love it deserve and it will be fast and still in good condition!

Priority’s will be work, hopefully a couple of days of vacation and continue the work on the trailer.

Hopefully we will be a part of more events during the 2020 season, see you all out there! =)

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Time to sum up the success at The Doorslammers and Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway! Below is a lot of pictures and text from both weekends!

How about that awesome time with friends and family, first five second round with our Swedish Self-Built Bad Ass Doorslammer, world record setting “House brick on wheels from hell built, driven, tuned and owned by the same guy” well that’s what they did say in England at least! =)

But first a little about how this season started… I have been quiet for a while now, due to I needed to take a break from racing and take care of work stuff that I’m way behind with….

It’s 4 weeks since me and Max got back to the Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing shop after the 2 day travel from Santa Pod Raceway, the first thing that amazed me when we arrived to Täby were we have the shop was that it was green grass and trees everywhere and I realized that the summer is here and I totally have missed the spring time… I haven’t even been home to my own bed in the last 10 weeks and the reason to all this and why I missed spring time was because the mess during the first part of this year… After last season I thought that 2019 would work out great for us but instead a total mess with 5 months delay on the paint job on the trailer that ended as a big joke when it comes to the quality on the result… And on top of that a crazy mess and way too much problems at work that really made my and my dads life way much harder than what we needed, but at least those problems are over now and we can start to work on a better future for our companies instead!…

But still, makes me so mad, sick and tired of the never ending story with bullshit talking shitty people…!

Back to the fun and to racing at Santa Pod Raceway, Monday this week it was 4 weeks since we made the second world record setting pass in the semi elimination round with our standard bore space big block Chevrolet with conventional heads that ended up with a 5.8813 @ 242.55mph or 390.35km/h on the 1/4 mile!!!

Crazy good feeling to first set that world ET record with 5.8929 in E1 and make reality of what I been talking about since September last year, and then in E2 repeat and improve with 0.0116 seconds the pass after, ridiculous is the word that many people might use but in drag racing this means a lot and also that the tuner knows what he does and that the car is consistent! Make a good pass now and then is something that everyone can do!…

Wizard tune on the way! 🙂

I was more than sure I was able to do this, I knew I had it in the car! The old record to beat was 5.898, and that was made in a turbo powered Corvette (that of course is better in the air compared to my brick on wheels) and that one also got Big Chief type of heads (and that’s cheating of course if you ask me) they did speed a lot better, I think it was 12mph more than what I did and I knew I won’t be able to beat that with the Chevelle so I never even did think about it. But the ET, funny thing is that I haven’t done anything to the motor since before the 2017 season, haven’t found a reason to update anything because I haven’t used all the power yet! Next funny thing is that I have made better numbers on 60ft, 330ft and on the 1/8 mile once before so I know I have more in the motor and better numbers are coming next year at the Doorslammers! 🙂

What’s even better on top of this is that a lot of people said this is not possible with my car, guess they are just jealous and wrong and I’m right!? Oh wait I did it so I’m right for sure! 😉 Hate to say I told you so!…

My tuning buddies! 🙂

First weekend, The Doorslammers and the class Pro Doorslammer! Awesome event were they did have a rule I like “Let the racing do the talking” and what I mean with that I like it is because this is not a place for all the keyboard warriors out in the world, just make sure you brought all you have and that it is enough! 🙂

First of all to this weekend I needed to take it easy and make baby steps when it comes to the tuning on the car, I didn’t have too much 1/4 mile racing experience and no good old runs to look at before this. And of course when everything back home at the shop have been a mess during the whole start of the year I never got the time I wanted to sit down and figure out anything more than rear axle ratio and some ratios to start with in the transmission. The rest of the stuff when it come to tuning of the chassis, fuel, timing and so on was something I started with first when we got to the track at Santa Pod… But the most of it are just logic stuff, after all I got a lot of experience of 1/8 mile racing and now I just needed to make sure to get the parts to run about 2-2.5 seconds more and survive it! We are a low budget team just trying to have some fun so I got just one motor that’s all, no spare crank, heads and fancy stuff like that so we simple can fix it if we hurt something at the track, of course I got internal parts like rods, pistons, valves, cam and so. But when you hurt parts in a motor like this because you are doing stupid stuff it will take a lot of parts with it and the weekend is probably over for you…

One way to solve that we didn’t got any spare heads was to fabricate a fixture to be able to service the heads and cut / be able to change seats at the track!

In Q1 I only wanted to make sure to get the car down the track and get a graph on it and I did, made a personal best directly with a 6.56@226mph and this was my first 1/4 mile pass since 2011, that’s 8 years of just making the 1/8 mile racing! It felt really good and it was fun to show my dad and Fast Freddy that I wasn’t afraid to keep the pedal down all the way on the 1/4 mile, they both said I wouldn’t, I said I will if it feels good (yes I could hear both of them in the helmet during the pass!…) I was off the throttle at 6.66 seconds and I was more than satisfied with the pass improving from my earlier one and only 6 second pass with a 6.81@195mph 8 years ago the first year I raced with the Chevelle.

Now it was time to step it up just a little but the Racepak did not work like it should in the first pass so I never got a drive shaft graph to look at and continue to work from so I just guessed on what to do and of course it was in the wrong direction… 😉 Q2 ended up with a 9.91 second pass that started with a crazy tire shake and I just coasted down the track!…

And then Saturday we never made a pass due to a lot of rain during pretty much all day, so that was all for qualifying, 2 rounds or one real round for us! Must say that I’m way impressed of the track crew at Santa Pod that did work all day so a couple cars could make some passes even that the weather was against us all day!…

Sunday and elimination day! In E1 we got a bye so I took it a little bit soft to make it all way down but still hopped it up a bit and made a 6.28@232mph and that felt good with a new pb again! In E2 I got some gear shift problems and could not get into high gear so I went up on the rev limiter instead, not with a bang so we did not hurt anything and ended up with a 6.35@195mph!… In E3 the transmission worked but now instead we did have some misfires from the motor but still we made one more pb with a 6.17@232mph!!! In E4 and the semi finals we made even one more personal best! Still with some misfire issues but what a way to end the weekend with a 6.04@229mph, never felt that good to loose a round before! 🙂 Congrats to Wulcano Racing Team for the event win!!

During the week between the races me, Sofi and dad stayed at the track having some vacation, servicing the race car and Sofi are lucky to have a job that she can do in front of a computer wherever she is so she was still able to do her daily work but away from home!

Second weekend, The Main Event and in the class Top Doorslammer but here as a exhibition class running on the 1/4 mile instead of on the 1/8 mile we are doing in Sweden.

Now I did have some good data from the earlier weekend so in Q1 I did put in pretty much the same tune l had from the last 6.04 pass and we ended up with a 6.11@231mph which felt really good to start the weekend with! In Q2 we made a 6.09@223mph but we got some misfire issues again and now I finally found the reason and made something to solve it!

The rotor tip did came loose… not good at all!

Now something big happened! THE FIRST FIVE SECOND ROUND FOR ME AND THE CHEVELLE in Q3 with a 5.97@238mph!!! How about that!?!? 🙂

Still ignition problems… but now they started really far out at 5.5 seconds… Q4 repeated with one more five second pass, we now got a real five second car and this time with a 5.98@229mph, and yes misfires…. Of course….

Monday and race day, time for eliminations! I now felt it started to be short on time to make reality of my plan why we went to Santa Pod, yes that world record thing…. I knew this might be the last round for this event so just go for it, time to use the motor! E1 ended up with a 5.89@239mph and that made it, we just made a world record with our conventional headed standard bore space big block Chevrolet!!! What a crazy feeling it was, I was screaming in the helmet when Sofi gave me the numbers on the radio when I was rolling down the shut down area, fuck yeah we did it!!! 🙂

Time for E2 and we were up against Mattias Wulcan, on the paper we are going to loose this one but everything can happen in drag racing, we got some rain after E1 and that made me go from a tune I did put in and made it slower because I was afraid the track would have changed too much, and the track was different, it was better… bummer!…. I was slower all the way to the 1/8 mile compared to in E1 but still we ended up with a new personal best again and one more world record with a 5.88@242mph, pretty good top speed for that brick also! What’s even better is that I know I got more to give in the car, 5.7? Next year! 😉

And that’s the worlds fastest Chevrolet Big Block with standard bore space and conventional cylinder heads!

So at the end we did succeed with my goal that I got planned already in September 2018 even that we got a lot of problems during the way before we even headed for Santa Pod and then we did struggle some during both events with small things but still we made a total of 8 personal best rounds, went the whole way to the semis during both weekends, qualified as number 7 of 23 cars or at The Doorslammers and number 4 of 8 cars the second weekend at The Main Event! All of this without hurting anything major or expensive, we made 12 rounds and 11 of them between 5.88 to 6.56. Just hard work and servicing the car and giving it the love it deserve and it will be fast and still in good condition!

Chevy power!!!

Felt kind of sad to pack it up and go back home again…

Thanks to Keith Bartlett for inviting us, thanks to the whole crew at Santa Pod Raceway for an AWESOME work with the track no matter what, it was drizzling, raining a bit, crazy rain and they worked all the time to make sure we did have a track to race on as soon as possible when the rain stopped, I’m amazed how good the track was all the time and I for sure enjoyed to be able to use my car and power all I could for once!!… And also, thanks to everyone that works with everything around at the track, safety crew, shut down area, spotters, speaker, timing crew, photographers etc, just awesome!

Must say also that I was really impressed of the crowd, all the English drag racing fans! You guys are just amazing, it was great to meet you all and I look forward to the next time already!

Thanks to our awesome partners!

First our own companies that makes this possible for us, Åkes bil & Motor, Birka Motorrenoveringar, Sjödin Motorsport Race Cars.

The companies / people below are the reason we were able to go to Santa Pod Raceway and do what ai wanted because they believed in me and my plan!

Micke, Victor, Andre, Putte from Clearwrap. Glenn from Sprinkler Resurs. Peter, Patrik from Rörmekano. Uffe from Winassist. Larsa from L.I Karlsson Transport AB. Tobbe from T.Grundström Plåtslageri AB. Björn from Norrort Fitment Custom. Kaare from Stockholm Gourmet / ICA Gärdet. Marcus from Loggamera. Jonnie from Jonnie Lindberg Motorsports. Jörgen from Lastvagnsverkstan i Smedjebacken. Peter from Pro Tools SnapOn. Erik, Micke from Bengtssons Smide. Johan from Swelube / Amalie Motor Oil. Kenneth from Swecomposite. Danne from Berga Lås & Larm. Johan from LSF Custom Paint.

Parts suppliers like Bryan at CP Carrillo. Trevor at Manton Pushrods / Rocker Arms. Rick at Alan Johnson Performance Engineering. Marty at Neal Chance Racing Converters. And much more!

Thanks to my awesome team / family, my dad Åke, girlfriend Sofi, Max the best a man can get, Mr and Mrs Monk Daniel and Elin that was with us during the first Doorslammers weekend and my cousin Marcus and John the snake that was with us during Main Event the second weekend! Love you guys!

Two weekends with champagne is not bad at all! 😉


Its around 6 in the morning and we are finally back home again after a long long trip from Santa Pod Raceway!

About 17 days since me and Max left the shop and we are back with a world record setting race car!! A lot of days away from work and a lot of traveling time but it’s more than worth it now after we did succeed with my goal with the trip to Santa Pod Raceway!

It still feels kind of unreal that we did it, even that I know i got it in the car but still WE ACTUALLY DID IT!!! 🙂

Thanks to the Santa Pod Raceway crew for making this possible for us! You all did a lot of hard work to make this happen for us!

Thanks to all of our awesome partners and sponsors, my awesome team and family! Can’t thank you enough for making this possible for me to do!

The sun is shining, I got a big smile on my face event that I haven’t slept for a couple of days or so because I’m soon on my way home for the first time in 10 weeks!