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Top Doorslammer

Added some power and stepped it up a little!

A little bit better, but I’m starting to reach the limit on the track! Soon one more round!


Managed to power down the car enough to make a pretty decent pass with 4.34 @ 272km/h in the first hit!

I’m here just for fun and did not expect the track to be this good, car is of course really powered down but the they have succeeded really good with the most important thing, a smooth and even track prep all the way so it’s possible to tune the car after the track!

Of course it was some driving and fishtailing but I’m really happy how the pass turned out, because I was looking for a mid 4 second pass!

Well done by all the track prep guys for the Dala Street Open race!!!

We will go out and try to improve in a bit! 🙂

But first service of the car!

And some burger lunch!

Stay tuned!


Test round 1 is about to happen!


We have spent the day working on the Chevelle and putting all the parts back in it that I borrowed to Jörgens Pro Mod Vette!

And we did celebrate Krille that turned 40 today!

And the Chevelle is now ready to warm up tomorrow and let the Big Block Chevy make some noise again after almost one whole year sitting in the shop! 🙂

We have also spent the day doing some standard at the track updates, one thins is that the Chevelle got a foot brake pedal that I never used in it earlier!

We did also clean up and inspect the chassis! And it’s Bänkt approved!

Just before some rain today we got a chance to go out and check the track, it will be tricky but I’m here just for fun and we have made some converter and transmission changes that I think will make the Chevelle go down the track, no record times but I look forward to have some fun tomorrow!

Then we did have some Taco Friday dinner of course with grocery’s from our awesome partner ICA Gärdet!

And after that we did have some birthday cake to celebrate Krille that turned 40 years young today! 🙂

Now it’s time to get some sleep!

Tomorrow is Chevelle fun day!


The day started really warm with sun and blue sky! 🙂 Which feels kind of strange after 2 weeks of rain!… It’s time to put the Chevelle together and make it ready for tomorrows exhibition rounds!

We got some breakfast and did play Happy Birthday for Krille! 🙂

Eddie is having the best time of his life here at the track!

It’s time to start put shocks, some Racepak stuff and the converter, converter drive and transmission back in the Chevelle!


We are at Dala-Järna Raceway for this coming weekends Top Doorslammer exhibition race at Dala Street Open with our old Chevelle 65!

It was a 10 minute drive from our friend Dan where we parked the rig when we arrived to Vansbro Monday this week!

For the first time in three weeks it was sunny, blue sky and really warm outside when we arrived at the track!

When we arrived to Dala-Järna Raceway Henrik Brink from Hudik Raceway was here and helped out with the track preparation!

We got the trailer in position and started to build our pit area!

Went out for a sunny and warm track walk!

Got the Chevelle unloaded at a race track for the first time in a year! 🙂

Then me, Sofi, Krille and Fredrik got some pizza dinner! The rest of the team will arrive tomorrow!

After that it was time to just enjoy the warm evening and have a good time before the work starts tomorrow on the Chevelle!

Eddie is tired! Zzzzz

Racing starts on Saturday, so tomorrow Friday is just about preparations and getting the Chevelle ready!

Stay tuned!


And now it’s time to hit the road for the 10 minute trip to Dala-Järna Raceway for the Top Doorslammer exhibition race at Dala Street Open this coming weekend with the Chevelle 65!


It’s Chevelle time! 🙂

Me and Krille arrived at the ÅBM shop yesterday evening after our rainy weekend at Tierp Arena, directly we did start to prepare for this coming weekend and Dala Street Open at Dala-Järna Raceway with the Chevelle!

It’s going to be fun to make some exhibition rounds in the Chevelle to end the 2023 season! 🙂

Hey ho let’s go again!



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