I made this tattoo earlier this year, i would like to say that it talks for it self!? If dragracing was easy everyone would do it! We start to figure out now how the Chevelle works and what it wants to have to go down the track, to this season we changed everything in the car, the chassis, fuel system, oil system, ignition system, engine, clutch, transmission, and the rear axle…. This made a pretty big hole in our economy and because of work and some other things in life i made the decision last week that after this last weekend at Tierp we are done with the racing for this year..!

We are really satisfied anyway, only 11 hits this year and with a “guessed” set up on the car we made really good anyway i think, 4.104s and 298.51km at 1/8 mile with some pedeling… Really close to 4.0? and 300km/h, but we got a new racing year next year so we will do it then instead! 😉 And now we know we got a good fast car with a lot of power, and no damage this year, so we are really ready for 2014! 😉

The goal for next year is to do the whole Top Doorslammer series and of course win the whole thing! 😀 😉

A BIG thanks to everyone involved this year!



Well, what can I say…! What a fucking great weekend at Tierp Arena, we really start to figure out how the car works now, and I start to feel really comfortable behind the steering wheel now! We did learn something every qualification run this weekend and that ended up with a new personal best, 4.10 and 298,5km/h (185.5Mph) even that I was of the throttle for a while! We got power!!! To bad that the weather changed to much to second run and that we did not follow with the car so I did hit a shake was off and on a couple of times to try find some traction but broke the blower belt instead…!
Thanks to all involved this weekend, Åke, Marcus, Max, Jocke, Simon, Frida, Emilie and Adam!

See you next year!

Did shake some a bit out, of the throttle, back on it, shake again, spun the tires, blew the blower belt….



We will soon roll down, we are up against Micke Nord!

Ready to rock!

Fuck yeah!!!! Did win against Kvalvik and made a new PB 4.10 and 298km/h!!


Good morning! It’s eliminations day, car is warmed up and ready for the track! We will be out in about one hour!

Of course we did get some exclusive breakfast! 😉

Be good now!

The sun is here with us today! 🙂

We did get a nice dinner and the car is done now, soon time to sleep.
We ended up as number 7 in the qualifying list and are out against Kvalvik in the first round tomorrow around 09:30.

The ladder.

Having a nice time.

Good night!

Finally after some rain and some waiting…. We got down the but a bad round, searching for the problem and hope we will find it before tomorrow… Ended up with a 4.54….

Elimination ladder below!



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