Been struggling with ignition problems since Q3 and I’m pretty sure I solved it to E2 after I changed the crank trigger because I gained power to get way too much wheel speed that I been trying to get all weekend….

Next thing is also that I needed to move a bit to the left out of the groove to see the pre-stage and stage bulb… been like that all times I got the left lane this weekend. Car went a little left directly of the line.

Anyway, I’m really satisfied with the weekend here at Mantorp Drag Revival and hopes for a race here in the series next year also.

Over and out from Mantorp Park, time to heading home again!


E1 win!

Plan was to repeat yesterday’s last qualifying round and I did!

One more 3.97@301km/h!



In the lanes for E1, but they do have some trouble with water in the shut down area that they are working on right now.

Ready but now first it’s time for the waiting game…

It’s Sunday and time for eliminations here at Mantorp Drag Revival!

Hope the rain will stay away today…

Qualifying is over due to rain… We ended up as number 6 in the qualifying list of the 25 cars on the event, we are facing Monte Grace and Thunderrace in elimination round 1 tomorrow at 9:00!

Feels pretty good anyway after one year away from the steering wheel!..

Ready, but first some sleep! zzZ zzZ…

Ready to rock n roll!

Boring….. But also what the weather forecast said…!

Plan was to step it up a bit today after I got some data from yesterday’s passes, and I did, car is still really soft but I’m trying out some new stuff so I’m taking baby steps here! 🙂

What’s even more fun is that Tony Johansson / Crowcastle Racing that we share pit with and I also help tune his car made a new personal best against me with a 4.32@282km/h! =D His car is still really low on power but we are getting the numbers better and better.

Nice 60 foot with the Chevelle, track is good and I’m gonna try to make a low 3.90 in the next round, but first a clean up after some rain…

Both cars are ready for qualifying round 5 as soon the track is ready again!


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