This is my friend Tim, I am not sure but I guess that he will be a racecar driver in the future! 🙂


A huge thanks to all involved the past weekend, we have learned a lot and we have found out that we have a lot to learn, one thing is that I need to keep the pedal to the metal…!! 🙂 I will try next time..!
But first I need to clean up the mess in the shop and then take the car apart and check the engine, clutch and trans.




We are now on our way home after a successful test n’ tune weekend at Kjula Dragway. Andreas finished of with a pretty nice run, and didn’t chickened out as much as earlier. (Too bad the timing system was out of order…). Everybody in the team learned a lot and we are now really looking forward for the next outing at Kjula, June 18-19th.

Andreas has no friends because he is an asshole 🙂

Preparing the car for another run.

Showing of the upgraded license.

Once again, a BIG thanks to Mathias Westman for letting us borrow his bus!

On our way back to Stockholm.

The weather looks really promising here at Kjula Dragway now, and  the Chevelle is prepared for another run.

The sun is shining over Kjula Dragway.

Our old man taking care of the engine.

Åke and Tobbe firing up the Chevelle…

…under supervision by our new mascot.

This weekend is the ÅBM team is on Kjula Dragway to make some test runs and get to know the car better. Andreas have made two test runs so far, and we’re are getting more and more used to all the new routines. If the weather is with us we’re hoping to run at least two more runs today!

We’ve uploaded two photo galleries. One with pictures from friday, and one containing saturdays pictures.


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