Unloaded at The Parts Stop Sweden and ready to make some noice!!!! 😀

On our way to Sollentuna to make some noise at our partner Roffe and The Parts Stop Sweden!

Fun ride with Kermit! 🙂

A good trip except that I’m sick like crazy again….

A bit sad that we could not be a part of the eliminations but I’m still really satisfied with our performance on that one 3.90s pass, that’s a good way to start the season for sure! 🙂

Tomorrow will be a day totally of from everything except going to the doctor and see what caught me… Tuesday is time to start solve the parts problem in the motor so we can go to Tierp Arena in June and kick some asses! 😉

Kermit did a good job! 

See you next year Malmö, hopefully we can be a part of the elimination day then…. 

I can tell you it sucks really much to go home now after one round that put us on the number one spot and kept us there, a 3.90s is a pretty good baseline to start the season motor was tuned down really much so I still got A LOT to give out of it! 😉 

It’s the first time ever we ends up at the number one spot and pretty good from number two that made a 4.02s that’s 0.12s difference:D

Come to Tierp Arena in June to see more of our evil little Chevy!

And there the weekend ended….

Kind of boring, this could been an awesome weekend for us to start tune the car for really fast numbers…. but that needs to be waited with to the second race in the series at Tierp Arena….

See you at Tierp!

Before the Q3 pass I said “lets go from the bottom to the top of that list! 🙂 This tune should make us a really low 4 second or really high 3 second round! Car was lame and soft and low on all the numbers down the track and I was totally wrong with the tune cuz we ended up with a 3.9059@309.54km/h (192.33mph) in the first full pass for the season after just a test 60ft! 

But…. of course there is a but, We got some parts problem… and need to contact the manufacturer to see what they have to say about it, so the weekend is already over here for us cuz I don’t wanna continue to use the motor and hurt more parts…

Next race will be a looong waiting for number 2 in the series at Tierp Arena, can tell you it really sucks to sit as number one qualifier with 0.12 seconds to number two and we have to give up…. 🙁

Low numbers all the way but ended up good, it will be fast cuz I still got a lot in it to show the people! 😉

It did look like this.

But I did the job right and put in a good tune!

I just love small annoying stickers! 😀

Thanks Marcus, I blame you for not going under the 3.900s and in to the 3.8x zone! 😉

Swedish Self-Built BAD ASS Doorslammer!!!! 

Plan was a low powered soft test hit and it turned out like I wanted, track was good and I was too low on power, little shake and went left and off the throttle after 0.95s and still made 0.9993 to 60 foot! 

All graphs look good and we are turning around the car, changing transmission and adding some power, next one will be a full pass if everything works like it should do, about one hour from now at 15:30, stay tuned!

And it’s finally time for that first shake down pass to start the dragracing season for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing!! Planned is i 60 foot and the off to check the graphs in the computer! 


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