Below is the race calendar for us in 2013 as it looks right now!

Would be fun to make the whole Top Doorslammer series… It may be more but this is what myself and the team can handle right now, Tierp is an awesome place to be at and it is just 1.5 hours from the ÅBM shop, Malmö has the best 1/8 mile track in this part of the world and I don’t wanna miss it! So the decisions was pretty easy to make for me!

The car will be a total new car first run out this year because of all the changes i made to it this winter, this years budget is already blown big time…
So this has nothing to do with “we don’t wanna go to any other track” It’s the money, the team, our time, our work and family that will decide what we can do!

I have heard people talking about how expensive it is to go to Tierp and just be a visitor, fuel to get there, the tickets, the food, etc. I promise you it costs much more to take a Top Doorslammer car to the track. I am just happy that I can do this! Fill my wallet and I promise that we will be at all the races! 😉

See you all at the track! 🙂 Really soon!!!


Race calendar 2013

Today I had some quality time with our Lencos! Just took them apart checking if something was broken or worn but it all looked just fine! 🙂
I also took out two of the gear sets that I will trade for to others that will work better for us, thanks to Johan Åström (The Outlaw Nova) for making the change with me! And also a HUGE thanks to Ulf Snygg-Totte Lindqvist for deliver them and pick up the old ones and get them back south again!


Two must be better than just one!? 🙂

The boys are ready!

Can someone please tell me where the missing part is!??

Got a e-mail from Alan Johnson Performance Engineering yesterday that our new heads and intake for the Chevelle 65 is machined, assembled and ready to ship to Sweden!! Just need to order some more stuff and then we got a complete engine again!!! 🙂


Night work before loading the car and heading for the racetrack!!

Enjoy! =)


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