I made a stupid mistake and forgot to push down the release valve when I pack the chutes… That makes the air leak out with the vibrations from the motor when it’s running… The alarm for low pressure went on when I was going into pre stage and I did not have any transbrake… So I turned the motor of!…

Bad way to end a really good weekend when it comes to our awesome performance yesterday and today!…

My fault, so this is something I have to deal with in front of a mirror… 😉

Really don’t like you right now….

First 3 second pass and round win!!!! 3.9590@303.37km/h!!! And a personal best on all numbers except for on the 60ft!!

This is so fucking good!!!! 😀

Yeah baby!!!!! The 3 second pass is getting closer and closer!!!! 🙂

Personal best to 60ft with a 0.97s and personal best to 330 with 2.65s car started to fishtailing 3.0 seconds out so I pedaled a bit out with the chutes and lifted at 3.8s… 

We will go out again in about 40 minutes! Stay tuned! 🙂

Feels good!!! 🙂

We will go out for Q2 in about 1 hour!

The sun is shining and it’s time for some breakfast!

Think we will be out for Q2 in about 1-2 hours..


Ready to warm up!

No more rounds here today… Standing here in a really great weather but we can’t be noisy after 6… So one round is what we got today, kind of disappointed because I think they took in way too much cars on this event with only two days, I mean 258 teams is pretty much if you ask me…. We ended up as number 3 in the list after today and that feels good! 🙂

But I just got the info that we will get one more qualifying round tomorrow morning and that makes me happy, I really want to make more passes in the car now, must go below 4.0 and make a 3 second pass!! 😀

Serviced and ready for tomorrow!

Now, dinner time! 🙂

Plan was that we would get one more qualifying round today and then the rain started again… 🙁

We can’t be loud here after 6:00… Feels stupid because it’s warm and sunny here right now…


And the sun is shining…. 

And the ground is dry again….


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