Did hot it up a bit from the line and that did improve some, 0.99s to 60ft but then I did slow it down to get by the strange spot at 330ft, but it did not work like I wanted, did improve a bit in time to 330ft but I was off the pedal pretty early due to some fishtailing… 🙂

My place to be at tonight and find a problem solver for tomorrow’s qualifying round number 3.

Car went way better than what I expected, needed to do some driving but no problems (there is a steering wheel in the car) 😀 But then i spun the tires and hit a shake at the 330 mark 2.8 out, the place were it always is a problem here at this track… but still pretty good with a 4.41s when I was totally off the throttle at 3.1! 🙂

But now I got a graph to read so now I just need to get by that spot, time for some thinking.

Green is the wheel speed and the blue is the lateral g-meter…

Pretty good 60ft to be here on a track they haven been racing on the last year.

Soon ready again!

After a soft day here at the track we starts to get ready for the first qualifying round!

Warmed up and it’s time for the final touch!

But first lunch!

It’s warm and the sun is shining on the blue sky! 🙂

Morning track walk.

Nice breakfast.

Together with Martin Westerlund 🙂

Time to do those last small things and then just wait until Q1, think we will go out around 2-3 somewhere. I 

We are ready with our pit area, the car is inspected and approved and we just got some nice dinner from Stockholm Gourmet and top of that we got some soft Johnny Cash on the radio! 🙂 I just love it! 😀


Of course no problems during the inspection!

Ain’t she fine! 🙂

Dinner time!

Now it’s me, mr poop and mr happy to make a tune for tomorrow’s first qualifying round!

Finally at a race track again! 😀

Closest beside us is our friends from north side Stockholm that have our old short block that we used in the Chevelle from 2010 to 2016! 🙂

Things goes fast here!

Really fast! 🙂

Yeaay, a little beer! 

This is pretty much all you need to lose some weight when you are out on the roads! 😉

Delayed a couple of hours but right now I’m happy that I spent the late night and early morning in the shop, otherwise we would not be on the way until late tonight…

Kermit and the white Hell is ready to hit the road!

Food from ICA Gärdet / Stockholm Gourmet and Max is still worried if he really got enough Cola to drink…. 😉

She is ready to leave and meet up with the other Doorslammers! 🙂

It’s around 2 in the morning and we are just ready after some service on the Chevelle, first thing tomorrow is to load the car and some other stuff in the trailer and then hit the road for the first of the two event of the Northern Swing that start at Sundsvall Raceway with the third round in the Scandinavian Top Doorslammer Series! See you there!! 🙂

She’s so fine (and in good shape again) 😉

It did cost a couple of parts to make all those 3.8x passes at Tierp Arena about 2 weeks ago! But now I have learned more about what the motor wants when it comes to the tuning and how different cylinders are running more or less hard, look forward to try out some new stuff this coming weekend! 

Out from the trailer and ready to get some love in the shop!

Heads are fully serviced!

Checking and measuring everything.

Some new stuff is going back in the motor.

We went trough the whole motor and now it’s like brand new! (one more time) We are ready for the northern swing!



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