It’s been raining during the night and the crew are out with the jet dryer to get some heat in the track!

We have been told that they will come by 1 hour before it’s time for us, they of course want to make sure that the track is safe for us!

This was today’s schedule from the beginning, I’m pretty sure it will be some changes to it because of the weather forecast!

I have been looking to get more wheel speed since we got here!…. During Doorslammers and the testing I have added ratio in the transmission and more and more power!.. We were still low when it comes to wheel speed both at Doorslammers and in testing but the car went down!

Then we put on new slicks yesterday, and now I’m lost instead!…

At least I went past the 60ft in Q2 compared to the wasted Q1 today!..

0.9713 to the 60ft and I was off the throttle at 1.7 seconds! Because of too much wheel speed!… So, now we need to go back and build the transmissions we had earlier to slow it down a bit! Because it wasn’t enough with just take away timing, it did not make the car happy enough!..

After the round we found a broken valve spring, that might have caused a power loss that messed up things…. But it does not look like that when looking at the Racepak data!

Now it’s time for flip flops and a beer in the sun to heal my sore back! 🙂

Stay tuned!


Time for Q2!

The running order for Q2, but if it will be like this is something we soon will see!

First we waited a pretty long time for Kuno to fire up the car, assume they had some issues staring or getting him into the car. And I want to race against someone so I always waits on the one in the other lane.

Then we got hold before the burn out for a crazy long time… I want to do a rolling burn out and I really DONT understand why the track crew is the one to hold me and decide when to do the burn out!?… We have a procedure to do what we do to be able to do it correctly!… My plan was a long smokey burn out to get some heat in our brand new tires!… But that did not happen!..

Next, I went into pre stage and then I was sitting waiting forever / almost 1 minute waiting on Kuno before we both finally were in stage…. And cylinder head temp and transmission oil temp about 45 Fahrenheit more than normal…

Shock the tires hard directly on the line… And after that I almost ran over one in the shit down area that was standing in the middle of the track when I looked forward again after checking around in the car and turned of all bottles and so on!…

So now I’m kind of lost, on to the next in about 1 hour or so.

Good morning Saturday from Santa Pod Raceway, it’s qualifying day!

Follow the link and look at the qualification that starts today around 12:00 English time!

Today we have spent all day servicing the Vette and doing changes to it after yesterday’s test and looking at some data!

Some changes to the converter is one thing I’m sure will solve some of our problems!

Of course we have been eating today also! 🙂

We have got the car inspected and approved!

We have put on some new slicks!

We have done some weld repair and tried to fix our bent wheelie bars!…

We have sold shirts and met the awesome English fans and supporters! 🙂

We did even get a drawing of the Vette from a little guy named Oscar! 😀

Then it was a traditional Swedish Taco Friday for dinner!

We did also check the third member after all tire shake to make sure it looks good for the coming weekend!

Qualifying for the Main Event starts tomorrow around lunch, English time!

Stay tuned!

We are getting there with the Vette but there is still stuff to sort out!…

It’s been a messy day here today!… Started with the Racepak issue, and then some other messing around!

BUT, I’m pretty happy anyway! We have made 2 more passes down the track with the Vette! 😀

0.9568 to the 60ft in the first test round tells me I’m on to something, but still far away when I look at the Racepak data!… I went into a shake before I saw the shift light for second gear and when I shifted it went way worse!… That round ended up with a 4.06 to the 1/8 and 6.26 to the 1/4!

To the next round I did A LOT of changes everywhere in the car! I felt when I backed up after the burn out that something was kind of wrong but I could not say why I felt like the engine wasn’t idling like it should…

The car felt great but a bit lazy in the round, 0.9748 to 60ft and 4.04 to 1/8 and ended up with a 6.20 to the 1/4 mile!… I felt it was down on power and after the round when I looked at the data I saw that cylinder 1 was kind of out directly when the burn out started…. 🙁 And when we took off the valve covers we found a broken valve spring on cylinder 1…. So that was the power I was missing during the round, the good thing is that engine looks good so far, so we haven’t hurt anything!

Tomorrow is a day off for us, servicing the car and have it inspected for the Main Event that starts on Saturday!

Stay tuned!


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