In the media

Below is our scrap book. It’s from various media where Sjödin Motorsport / ABM racing has been featured.
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From Svenska Bilsportförbundets website, september 2010 after our first test-run on Kjula Dragway.(rough translation)

21 september, 2010

Andreas Sjödin is coming!.

Next year the competition will be tightened in Top Doorslammer when Andreas Sjödin and his team will be joining the fight. After some hard work Andreas and his friends got the car (Malibu 65) ready for the first test-drive. Andreas spent countless hours working on the car and still it wasn’t ready when the team showed up to the race. After a full day of hard work on Kjula Dragway everything was finally finished and Andreas could take it for a spin.  The test went well with the support of the Lindberg brothers. The goal for the weekend was to see some tire-smoke and take it down the track and everything went very smoothly. Andreas was very pleased and said “Now it can only get better! Thanks to everyone who helped out!”


Nitroz / Motor couch, Chassie talk. May 2010


Street & Strip nr 2 2010

Wheels nr 4 2010

Street & Strip nr 6 2009