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Top Doorslammer

Today we have spent all day servicing the Vette and doing changes to it after yesterday’s test and looking at some data!

Some changes to the converter is one thing I’m sure will solve some of our problems!

Of course we have been eating today also! 🙂

We have got the car inspected and approved!

We have put on some new slicks!

We have done some weld repair and tried to fix our bent wheelie bars!…

We have sold shirts and met the awesome English fans and supporters! 🙂

We did even get a drawing of the Vette from a little guy named Oscar! 😀

Then it was a traditional Swedish Taco Friday for dinner!

We did also check the third member after all tire shake to make sure it looks good for the coming weekend!

Qualifying for the Main Event starts tomorrow around lunch, English time!

Stay tuned!


We are getting there with the Vette but there is still stuff to sort out!…

It’s been a messy day here today!… Started with the Racepak issue, and then some other messing around!

BUT, I’m pretty happy anyway! We have made 2 more passes down the track with the Vette! 😀

0.9568 to the 60ft in the first test round tells me I’m on to something, but still far away when I look at the Racepak data!… I went into a shake before I saw the shift light for second gear and when I shifted it went way worse!… That round ended up with a 4.06 to the 1/8 and 6.26 to the 1/4!

To the next round I did A LOT of changes everywhere in the car! I felt when I backed up after the burn out that something was kind of wrong but I could not say why I felt like the engine wasn’t idling like it should…

The car felt great but a bit lazy in the round, 0.9748 to 60ft and 4.04 to 1/8 and ended up with a 6.20 to the 1/4 mile!… I felt it was down on power and after the round when I looked at the data I saw that cylinder 1 was kind of out directly when the burn out started…. 🙁 And when we took off the valve covers we found a broken valve spring on cylinder 1…. So that was the power I was missing during the round, the good thing is that engine looks good so far, so we haven’t hurt anything!

Tomorrow is a day off for us, servicing the car and have it inspected for the Main Event that starts on Saturday!

Stay tuned!


Was about to warm up the motor for the first test pass today, turned on the power to check Co2 bottle pressure!

And I could see that the Racepak dash started to blink and did turn on the warning lights… Then I started to smell something electrical getting burnt!…

After some troubleshooting we found out that the v-net module for the oil pressure sensor had burned up!… Really strange because last night I did have the power turned on for 10-15 minutes doing some stuff with the Racepak and had no issues! Today it took 10 seconds and we did have a problem!!! 🙁

Dick Koster, our Racepak supplier at the track will soon be here with new parts for us so we can get the Vette ready again!

But first lunch!


Good morning from a chilly Santa Pod Raceway, today we have the Thursday test before The Main Event this coming weekend!

This might the most sun we have seen now since Monday! 🙂

It’s only about 12 degrees Celsius outside so it’s cold, but the Santa Pod crew are working on the track and are helping it building up some heat with the jet dryer! Kind of amazing that they do it over here for a test day when tracks back home won’t do it during a race weekend!…

The Vette is ready after some service and 2 days of beauty sleep! 😉 I just got some tuning stuff left to do on her.

I think we will go out around lunch for the first hit when Sofi has finished up her work for the day!


We are still at Santa Pod Raceway, just having a good time, spending time together, servicing the car and watching the rain! 🙂

This is how our Sunday ended, on the grandstand in the sun!

After that we got some food and a little Sunday party! 🙂

On Monday we took the engine apart!

All looked just great after the weekend!

So we put it back together again after some control of the parts.

We have made some changes to the transmission to hurry up the wheel speed!

The ladies went out for some exercise in the great Monday weather! 🙂

The car is done!

Monday was a good day when it comes to the weather!

So we had some BBQ!

And a nice evening! 🙂

Then pretty much all Tuesday and so far all Wednesday we have been sitting here listening to the rain in our tent!

We are just eating and relaxing as much as possible!

But I must say that I’m happy with the amount of rounds this past weekend, total 7 rounds where we kind of made it down the track in 5 of them! Not the numbers I’m looking for but we are on to something and we will be faster!

Compared with last year when we made 7 hits total on all 3 events we went to!…

No more Pro Doorslammer!

It’s now time for Pro Modified this coming weekend at The Main Event!

We are hoping that the weather will be better tomorrow because we are looking at making some test rounds, I want to see if the changes I made to the transmission and power curve will get us in the direction I want!

Stay tuned! 🙂


I messed up totally in E2!… Had a hard time to see the tree and deep staged, did not see the pre stage lamp and when I saw the stage lamp light up I was like, FUCK!….

A huge congrats to Anders Edh with team for the awesome round and performance against us! NICE WORK GUYS!!! 🙂

But the car made it down the track again and I’m really happy with the weekend but I’m NOT all satisfied with the numbers!….

The time slip numbers are bad but the Racepak data shows something else! This will be good! 😀

The Pro Mod wives are happy for some vacation and sun instead of working on the race car! 😉

Now some mixed vacation and service of the car, building transmissions, looking at data from this weekend! Test on Thursday, and then do some data check / adjustments all Friday for the first round in the FIA series that starts on Saturday!

Stay tuned!


Made it down the track, and the pedal down all the way so we got a little better top speed! 🙂

But we need more ratio on first gear, and we do not have time to build a transmission for it now so this is what it is! I will do the best I can with what I have! 😉

We got our Swedish friend Anders Edh in the next round in about 30-60 minutes I guess! The pairing and information for us racers could be a lot better here if you ask me!…

Wish us luck so we can get more data for next weekend!

Now some service of the car!


And we are lucky! We got a bye round for E1 in the chip draw last night, so I see it as a free test round! 🙂

Warmed up and ready after some messing around with the transmissions during the morning!



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