Last weekend me and Max did install our Cinderella Comfort incineration toilet in the trailer!

Finally, we got a toilet in the trailer and there is no need to handle the number 1 and 2 stuff!… All that will just end up as some clean ash and that is something that I don’t have a problem to deal with! 🙂

First take the biggest guy in the team and put him on the toilet so see if he sits comfortable! 🙂

Read the instructions, once, twice and maybe a third time! Better safe than sorry when you are going to make two BIG holes I the wall!

Ready, steady, go! Scary moment but it turned out really good!

When we where making holes in the walls I took the opportunity to install a PAX fan to get the moisture out from the bathroom when we are using the shower!

Some metal tubing to put in the walls to make sure we don’t get any more moisture in them!…

Of course we did chose the best day possible with a lot of rain to make big holes in the trailer wall and be outside and install the necessary stuff around it…! 😉

But after all we got it done but we were freezing our asses of!!!..

Sunday the weather was way much better and we could continue to install the last stuff on the outside, exhaust pipe and the fresh air inlet!

And yes we will remove the upper part of the exhaust pipe and mount a cap over the tubing when we are out on the road!

It was a pretty simple installation procedure and I think it will be Event simpler to do it in a house, just like always with the trailer we have the problem the this “house” need to be able to go down the highway in a rain storm without getting any rain water into it!…

That causes a lot of thinking about how to solve problems with ventilation valves the are simple to open and close and all the stuff around that!

Plastic tubing installed in the wall and sealed really good, we are ready to install the toilet!!

Final installed! 🙂

I think it all turned out really good, and also it looks good in the bathroom!

Ready to use!

Burning poop! 😉

Want to get a really good product that is simple to install and use? Well this is what you want for sure!

Contact Cinderella Eco Solution in your country!

And thanks again to Glenn at Sprinkler Resurs for helping me with the toilet, thanks to Erik Roos at Cinderella for helping me get the correct model, thanks to Hasse at Westlund & Persson Bygg AB for helping me out getting the bathroom ready and thanks to Peter and Patrik at Rörmekano in Vallentuna for helping me out with parts to install the toilet! =D

In June I bought some paint to finish the floor on the upper level! But then just like always things never turn out the way you plan so instead a couple of weeks ago me and Sofi finally made some time to get the paint on the floor!.. 🙂

And it did turn out pretty nice don’t you think!? =) It starts to look all done! Finally!!

Compared to where we started before we got the paint on the floor!..

First, clean the floor REALLY good!!..

The to the fun part, see the difference!!

I’m really satisfied with it, really start to see a little light in the tunnel really far far away! 😉

And in the sofa I got presents from my sister Sara and cousin Marcus, pop pillows! Really don’t know how I should take it but it’s fun to have them around! 🙂

Throw back to the first round of eliminations on Monday at Santa Pod Raceway and the Main Event in 2019! The pass when we became the worlds fastest and quickest standard bore space big block Chevrolet with conventional heads on the 1/4 mile with a 5.8929 @ 239.03mph / or 384.68km/h!


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