Spent this whole sunny day with loading all the stuff we need in a loaned buss to make sure we have all we need for next weekend at Sundsvall Raceway!

Only thing missing right now is some food and that will be taken care of on Thursday morning and then we are heading north!! 😉

A huge thanks to Tony Lagerberg for letting us borrow his Black Beauty!! 😀

The Chevelle is back together again after some service and some small adjustments! 😉 We are heading for Sundsvall Raceway Thursday next week!

Only thing left is tuning stuff to do when we get to the track! Yeah baby!!! 😀


Dad is checking over the valves and springs.


The bottom I checked.

New blower belt and some other small stuff!

Made a tool to get the Bruno / converter unit easier in and out the car.

All done!

Some new tuning stuff that we might need at Sundsvall Raceway!! 😉

Our bus Olga did move to Falun today and are from today a party bus instead of a race bus! 😀 I hope the new owner will be nice to her! 🙂

This for sure opens a lot of new opportunities for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racings future! 😀 More to come! 😉

The new happy owner!

Looks a little bit sad… 

Bye bye Olga, take care!

Race report, pictures and event movie! Click on the link below.


Enjoy!! 😀


Some magic is made and the boys are checked and looks just fine and now back together again! 😉

Getting back in the car tomorrow! 🙂


Today it was time to start getting ready for TD round 3 at Sundsvall Raceway that we are heading for in about one and a half week! 🙂


Me and Max unloaded the Chevelle and got it back into the shop again!


Took out the Bruno and the converter that I am going to do some tuning stuff to.

Drained engine oil, catch tanks, frame rail etc. We are also going to check trough the engine so it will be all set for some fast rounds in Sundsvall! 😀

Movie from Tierp Internationals 2015, TD round 2 at Tierp Arena!
Movie of course made by our movie master Simon Arvidsson!!

Enjoy!! =)



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