I decided a while ago that we won’t go to England and Santa Pod Raceway for The Doorslammers and Main Event in 2023 either!… 🙁

It wasn’t enough cars / teams from Sweden that was interested to go to the events and only 3 cars in the class for the Main Event weekend is not fun, it’s also way too expensive ferry’s and diesel fuel and also still not simple enough when it comes to customs etc due to Brexit!…. All above takes too much time and cost too much compared to what it gives back so we can’t make the trip!..

We really wanted to go but if I can’t find enough fundings for it and it won’t be enough cars there to make the event I feel it’s wrong to work on it, and to be honest I do not think we will see a lot of cars from Scandinavia attending races at Santa Pod I the future due to Brexit and how expensive everything have got….. But I really hope that I’m wrong about that!

And I really hope it will be different in 2024! 🙂

And when it comes to the EDRS Top Doorslammer series in 2023…

It does not fit us at all, I can’t be away from work for more than 3 weeks to make Piteå, Kauhava and Sundsvall that are 3 weeks in a row! July is a typical vacation month for most people in Sweden and my team can’t spend 3 whole weeks on the road just for racing…

Drag racing in Sweden is not a work that you get payed for, it’s just spending money!

And the price money is not enough to pay for what it really cost, of course more partners would make it possible but still it’s too much time away from everything back home!

And after the 2022 series finals at Gardermoen in Norway I did learn that it’s way too late to have that race in September, it was way too cold to be able to use the car and go fast!… So I can’t see that we will go to that event either.

But what I do know is that we are going to Tierp Arena in June, and we are going to Kauhava in Finland in July if they solve the problems so they can continue to use the track…

And we will for sure go to Dala-Järna in August for the race Dala Street Open, this is just an exhibition thing and we will do it just for fun because this is today my home track and my home motor club SHRA Vansbro – Äppelbo is one of the organizers so we will be there and do some burn outs just for fun and see if we can get the Chevelle down the track even that the track won’t be prepped for an high powered race car like ours! 🙂

Not much have happened since the 2022 season ended except that I have made a lot of posts on Instagram and Facebook with great memories from last year, it’s really fun to look back at the first real season we made in years that also ended up just amazing good for us! 🙂

In the beginning of March me Krille and Fredrik went to Florida and Bradenton Motorsports Park for the World Series Of Pro Mod, that was a crazy good race with the top of the line Pro Mods, drivers and tuners in the world!

It was fun to meet up with some friends I haven’t seen in many years!

This is something I look forward to do again in the future!

And we have just started to work a little on the Chevelle again after sitting in the shop untouched for about 6 months except for our little event at our partner Swedol in Arninge in October last year.

Me and Max did service the converter and converter drive some weeks ago and both are ready to go back into the car whenever it’s time for it!

Stay tuned, more to come soon!

Here is a little report from what’s been going on after the last race in 2022 and our going to Santa Pod plans for the 2023 season as it looks today if we get the fundings for it.

The 2023 season is here already! Thanks for the support to all of you out there during our Summit EDRS Top Doorslammer Championship Winning 2022 Season!

I hope that all of you out there did have a really great Christmas and New Years!

The truck and trailer got the yearly inspection in the mid of November last year and are ready to hit the roads in 2023.

We did have a great time at the price giving banquet in the end of November at Aronsborgs Konferanshotell in Bålsta together with a lot of other drag racing friends!

After winning the Top Doorslammer series in 2022 and as far as I know today there is no schedule out yet for the series in 2023.

So, I’m looking at what I want the most during 2023 and that is going to England and Santa Pod Raceway again for The Doorslammers and Main Event in May and we are looking for partners to get the founding’s for it!

I want to go there and get the Chevelle into 3.7? on the 1/8 mile and 5.7? on the 1/4 mile!  I’m pretty sure I got it in the car after looking on the data from when we were at Santa Pod in 2019!

I will still be using the same motor that we got in the car in 2019 without any updates except small changes on the tuning part! I’m just looking to beat my own world record with a conventional headed big block Chevrolet!

Once again I want to say a huge thanks to my awesome team, Dad (Åke), Max, Sofi, John, Krille, Dennis and Fredrik and to our partners, Åkes Bil & Motor, Birka Motorrenoveringar, Sjödin Motorsport Race Cars, Swecomposite, LSF Custom Lackering, Swelube Amalie Motor Oil, LVV AB, Bengtssons Smide, Loggamera, Clearwrap, SnapOn Pro Tools Peter Hult, ICA Gärdet, W-Linds Bärgning, Kustservice, Supra Trading, T. Grundström Plåtslageri, Jonnie Lindberg Motorsports, Swedol Arninge, CP-Carrillo, Alwerco Svets & Smide, Catch With Care, Edlunds Maskinservice that made our 2022 season so successful!



If you are interested and want to see us at Santa Pod Raceway again in 2023 and want to be a part of it and help us, please don’t hesitate to contact me at andreas@abmracing.se!


Support us by like and subscribe to our social medias!




Thanks/ Andreas

Tomorrow Tuesday October 25 we will be at our partner Swedol in Arninge for Swedoldagen and we will fire up the Chevelle at 11:00 and 13:00 and let the audience hear some Chevrolet Big Block music! 😀

Please come by and have a chat with us! 🙂

Me and Sofi did some preparations during the evening for tomorrow and we are ready for the long trip tomorrow morning, about 1 minute from the shop! 😉

Hold your thumbs that the weather forecast for tomorrow will change!

Thanks to all of you that ordered T-shirts and Hoodies! 🙂

It was so many orders placed so it took much longer to get all shirts but it’s getting closer, hopefully they will start going out to you in the end of next week!

Stay tuned and I will contact you about paying and get your address.

Last race report for 2022.

And, Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing are the 2022 Summit EDRS Top Doorslammer Champions!

Feels pretty good to win the championship when we for the first time in many years makes the series for real!

We ended up as runner up at Top Doorslammer round 5 and the finals this year in the series at Gardermoen Raceway in Norway September 9-11.

The weekend started already on Wednesday before the race when I drove the first part to my hometown Vansbro alone to meet up with parts of the team for this weekend for some team building dinner and then continue to the track on Thursday morning.

Before that we made sure to fix all we needed on the Chevelle, I bought the new parts we needed that got damaged on the race before in Sundsvall and got spares are fixed to make sure we would have parts if it would happen again and after that I got the trailer cleaned and organized! Max and Dennis also went the last time for the year to our awesome partner ICA Gärdet and got all the grocery’s we need to survive during the race weekend! They have been with us since 2014 and I can’t describe how much I appreciate my friend Kaare Naess support to my racing!

It wasn’t a lot of cars on this outing either but at least we were 5 cars in the TD class, and we were in the points lead and was for sure planning to stay there in the top when the weekend was over! 


The roads we did chose on the way from Vansbro to Norway was not suited for our truck and trailer! They were so crazy narrow so it was really hard to drive, it was some road work that forced us to take roads that was even worse, we checked out a ditch a little too close with the right side of the trailer at a moment but it all went good! And then when it felt like nothing more can make the trip worse we almost fronted with another truck like ten minutes from the track that was in our lane heading straight against us when trying to go around a moped or something so I did step on the brake and turned around it and when I did stuff moved around in the trailer and damaged our winner trophy from Tierp this year, things could have been really bad because of this and I’m just happy I reacted fast to the situation!…

This was the first time in eight years we went to Gardermoen, I’m pretty sure we were there in 2014 the last time! The track did look good like always at Gardermoen but the weather wasn’t with us, it was really cold, around 10-12 degrees Celsius so I was not really sure how the car would react to my tune and I did overpower the track a bit and went into a shake in Q1! The car left pretty ok but then I felt it started to shake so I was off the throttle and just coasted down, Tee Cee made a decent pass after us with some pedaling where I started to shake!


But with some data to work from I made a 4.21 @ 293 km/h in Q2, better but not good, little shake and some pedaling to the number 1 position in the qualifying list for a moment! After that we ended the first qualifying day with a 4.11 @ 295 km/h in Q3 and we finally got a full pass even that the car moved around some! Track was a bit tricky due to the cold weather, the 10-12 degrees and no sun during the whole day of course makes the conditions with the track hard to figure out!

Tee Cee made a nice 4.02 @ 295 km/h against us in that round so we both started to find what the track could handle.

First round on Saturday was cancelled due to too cold weather and some rain during the night and morning!.. Sad but it’s nothing we can do anything about and they did working on the track to do the best of the situation and keep it under control so we could be out quickly whenever it stopped.

First round we made on Saturday the car left the line really good and felt good but it started to move left against the center line so I had to pedal it and made a 4.22 @ 248 km/h!

In the last qualifying pass for the weekend we manage to make the weekends first full pass with just a tiny shake but no pedaling! 4.0575 @ 299.63km/h and that did put on in the second place in the qualifying list on the last event for 2022! It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t beautiful, and it took a long time but the cold weather makes it really hard if you try to go fast… Well, we ended up with a 4.0575 @ 299.63km/h and I’m amazed it went that ET and speed with the little power I did put in it!.. Data and tuning changes gave results for sure in that qualifying round so I was happy with that!

Sunday and last race day for the season, and we did actually have some sun and blue sky and you could feel some heat finally!

We were out in first round against Kenneth Lingvald and KLR Motorsports that was struggling during the weekend with different problems but finally started to get the car to work, I was really lazy on the tree that I was during the whole event, really don’t know why because even if I really tried I got reaction times like a snail!… Well anyway I did have power enough to reach the finish line first with a millimeter or so! We won the round with a 4.0575 @ 296.42km/h! And we made sure we are THE EDRS TOP DOORSLAMMER CHAMPIONS in 2022!!!

After that it was time for elimination round 2 and the finals against Tee Cee Racing where they made a better job than us and also made the only 3 second pass for the weekend with a 3.9993 @ 298km/h! A huge congratulations to the whole Team Tee Cee Racing for an awesome performance this weekend and I’m happy that I did loose against just you and that you got an event win on your last race ever in the class!… Yes, this was the last pass for the team that have decided to end their drag racing career after about 25 years, we will miss you guys in the future for sure because you have always been around me since I got involved myself in Top Doorslammer back in 2008! But we did spend one last evening at the track together! 🙂

I gave it a bit too much in the final and the car went slower and to the right in the top end! So, I’m just happy we did have a car without damage with us back home to be honest! We made a 4.06 @ 295km/h in the finals and I must say that I’m happy anyway with figuring out the track so we could make some decent passes to end the year with!

And it’s not so bad making 4 outings and getting 4 trophies during the first real season we make in years! Also, I did say in December 2021 that we are going to make 4 events in the series in 2022 and its time to bring home the biggest trophy of the year and we did!

Nothing of this would have been possible without my awesome team, Dad (Åke), Max, Sofi, John, Krille, Dennis and Fredrik that went with us on the last event!

Our awesome partners during the 2022 season, Åkes Bil & Motor, Birka Motorrenoveringar, Sjödin Motorsport Race Cars, Swecomposite, LSF Custom Lackering, Swelube Amalie Motor Oil, LVV AB, Bengtssons Smide, Loggamera, Clearwrap, SnapOn Pro Tools Peter Hult, ICA Gärdet, W-Linds Bärgning, Kustservice, Supra Trading, T. Grundström Plåtslageri, Jonnie Lindberg Motorsports, Swedol Arninge, CP-Carrillo, Alwerco Svets & Smide, Catch With Care, Edlunds Maskinservice.

Last and absolutely the final event for Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing in 2022 is to fire up the Chevelle at our partner Swedol in Arninge / Täby (about a minute from our shop) on their event “Swedoldagarna” 25 of October! If you are around, please come by and say hi!

More info about that later.

After that it’s time to start think about what to do in 2023! What I want the most is going to England and Santa Pod Raceway again for The Doorslammers and Main Event in May if we get the opportunity and I find the founding’s for it! And main reason is that I’m looking to adjust my personal best of 3.84 on the 1/8 mile and 5.88 on the 1/4 mile to a 3.7? and a 5.7? I’m pretty sure I got it in the car after looking on the data from when we where at Santa Pod in 2019! And also, it will still be with the same motor that we got in 2019! Without any updates except on the tuning part!

If you are interested in seeing us at Santa Pod Raceway again and want to be a part of it and help us, please don’t hesitate to contact me at andreas@abmracing.se!

Thanks for season 2022!



The past two weekends have been good with some great progress on the truck and trailer again! 😀

Me and Max did fill up some water in the fresh water tank for the first time and started the water pump and the water heater for the first time and everything did work just fine without leaks or so! 🙂 A huge thanks again to Peter and Patrik at Rörmekano in Vallentuna for their support helping us out install everything when it comes to the plumbing! 🙂

We did also finish up the front storage area where we have all the stuff outside in our pit space, we made some changes for a better storage and did put everything except for the tent in the trailer again, feels kind of crazy that we have packed almost everything 5 weeks before the first outing!

We did also remove the winter “insulation” on the lift gate that been sitting there for almost 2 years now because we are going racing again! 😀 We did install lamps in the rear part to help out when we load the race car in the dark, and at the same time we did finish up some small stuff to hide the plumbing to the lift gate, it’s all about the details! 😉

After that we got the fridges installed so they can’t move around after we changed them out almost a year ago!… 😉

Really not much left to do on the trailer now! 🙂

The week after I went by our partner Bengtssons Smide and got some material for a future storage box on the Scania Truck, thanks for your support! Really appreciate it! 🙂

And how freaking nice did this turn out!? 😀 We will really soon have a working sink in our tent / kitchen with fresh warm and cold water and also a pump station that gets the waste water to the waste water tank with some simple plug and play hoses! A huge thanks to our partner Peter at Rörmekano for swinging by today and finishing up the last piece of our plumping / water system on the trailer!

The week after we got a holiday that made us a longer weekend here in Sweden and that means trailer work! 😉 Plan all week was to work on the race car… but then work happened instead!… 🙁 So I did not have time to prepare stuff around the Chevelle for the planned weekend work! Anyway since Thursday last week we have been spending a lot of time on the trailer and on the Scania truck!

My old friend Dennis that was with me already already 15 years ago and also did help out a lot when I was modifying the body before making the mold and then the carbon fiber body have helped us out and finishing up all the electrical stuff in our roll out kitchens!

Krille from Sollefteå way up north Sweden is now a part of Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing and went down to help out during this weekend, good part with Krille is that he is a real fixer and can do what ever and that is something we really need in the team!

John the Snake have been here doing some stuff on the Scania and helped Max out with organizing the lights in our tents (in the rain of course) after 5-6 years finally!

Sofi have been cleaning up the roll out kitchens and organized them so we only got what we really need in them instead of way to much junk!

After a really long day it’s nice with some beers and just hang out! 😉

We also started to get the new trailer based weather station in place!

And we have finally got the stereo mounted after laying around for a year or so!

We have done some race BBQ practice at the shop on the new grill and Max is the man for the job of course! 😉

The front part of the trailer is finish packed with the tents so we are ready to leave the shop when it’s time for it!

Sofi have done som welding fabrication just like always and also started on the new living room table, Krille have got the new generator in the right place!

We still have more from the trailer work weekend! 😉 During Saturday I was Superman for a while on a ladder on the side of the trailer wall drilling holes for the weather station sensor, yes it did of course rain because it was outside work!.. Like always!… 😉

So with that sensor in place we finally got the weather station up and running, feels good for sure because I have already sold the old one!

Sofi got our kitchens all done and even cleaned up!

After that Sofi and Krille got the new carbon fiber living room table in place, a table that got for over 10 years just laying around and finally found a place to use it!

Then during Sunday we got a tool for the Lenco made by Jonnie Lindberg Motorsports mounted on a bench in the trailer, a really good thing to help Max out when working on the transmissions!

After that we tested everything on our roll out kitchens, and thanks to Sofi everything is organized and clean, all electricity works thanks to Dennis and we got warm and cold fresh water and also a pump that takes the waste water to the tank thanks to Rörmekano in Vallentuna! A huge thanks for that! 😀

We finished up the weekend with some BBQ practice again, of course in a really nice weather, probably because we were done with all the outside work! 😉

Pretty much a real clean up of the trailer is all that’s missing right now! 🙂

Really soon it’s time to start work on the Chevelle again, kind of look forward to it! 🙂

Enough about the trailer for now, we also got the Chevelle and believe it or not! We have spent a little time on it also! Just way to little!…

In the beginning of November 2021 i saw the Chevelle for the first time in over a year! Or more exact I would say 14 months! 🙂

It got a spontaneous chassis inspection because the inspection guy did call me and did wonder if it was possible to do it with that short notice and I took the opportunity to have it done of course! That made both the truck, trailer and race car inspected and approved for the 2022 season! Felt good with some preparations but after this it needed to wait a couple of months more before we could continue working on it!… 🙁

Then after about 6 weeks, in mid December 2021 it was time for some real activity in the Sjödin Motorsport / ÅBM Racing shop for the first time in about 15 months! 😀 And it made me get some spirit back to work on the Chevelle again! 🙂

Me, Max and Sofi started to take the race car apart and everything that needs to be checked is out from the car and all stuff that needs service and recertification are ready to go to the US!

So far all is good so now it’s just the wait on parts and service the motor, Bruno Drive and converter! The trans did Max already go trough and I did check the third member!

Ready to go to the US for some service / reapair!

And below is a problem that I got for a couple of years, the led back light on the Racepak dash haven’t worked. So now when I finally removed it from the car I heard that something was lose in it, but no biggie because I was able to buy a spare part and fix it!

And a couple of weeks before we started to work on the car Speedgroup / EDRS did publish the dates that is possible for the 2022 Top Doorslammer season, and after that it was a really long waiting game on the real schedule!… Would be a lot better if they could release it early so it would be possible to make a plan for the coming season…

I did say a while before that that we will hopefully be a part of 4 event in the series and I can’t tell for real where we will go until the real schedule is released!… And during this time we did still have the shitty Corona thing going on in the world as a huge problem compared to today in May!

After this the car got packed together again for the winter sleep so I could continue with customer stuff in the shop after some well needed days off during the Christmas and New Year holidays! 🙂

Then in mid January it was time to take the rest of the motor apart!

Me and Sofi took the motor apart that been sitting since we tested about 15-16 months ago… And everything did look just fine, bearings, rods, pistons, heads, valve train etc! 😀 But I think I might change out some sleeves that I should have changed already a couple of years ago now…

Measuring is knowing! 😉

Want to make sure the last small stuff is the best it can be so the motor will be even happier with some tuning changes that I will try whenever we can go to a race track again!… I hope in 2022 for sure!

Anyway, everything is cleaned up and ready to go back together again as soon as I changed some cylinder sleeves!

In the end of the first week of February Max spent some time getting the Bruno Drive checked and serviced, then he did the same with our Neal Chance billet converter and at the time did a stator change that I want to test and see what I makes to the car, then he assembled the whole unit together with our newly rectified Browell Aluminum Bellhousing so it is ready to go back in the Chevelle again when I’m done with some other stuff around it in the car!

Really look forward to make some passes and try out some new stuff I got in the making! 🙂

At this moment I did hope it will be a “kind of” normal season in 2022!…

And now in the beginning of May almost 3 months or 12 weeks later they finally have released the Top Doorslammer series!.. So now it’s time to find fundings to make the season possible and maybe do something on the race car that been sitting for 3-4 months because I did not see any reason working on it if there isn’t a series to work for!…

At the moment I really don’t know how much we will race this year, but I’m sure we will find out soon,

Stay tuned!

Here is the last stuff that’s been happening on the trailer during the first part of 2022 from mid January to mid February!

Starting below with January 16!

Time to make some progress on the trailer again! Me and Sofi spent some hours getting the last cabin mounted in the rear right part of the trailer, looks a bit better when you are able to hide the mess behind 2 doors instead of being able to see all the stuff!… 🙂 Thanks to Bengtssons Smide for your support helping us with fabrication and material! 😀 Now it’s time to make a plan inside the cabin so it will fit all the stuff I want to have in there!…

Below is from the end of January.

What a SUCCESS!! 🙂 A couple of weeks later me and Max finished the storage cabin in the right rear part of the trailer! Finally a place for all stuff to be instead of having it on the floor everywhere and also a real mess to make sure it won’t move around when out on the road!… But now that is not a problem anymore! Think it turned out really nice, organized and are able to hide it, really like that! 😉

Thanks to Bengtssons Smide for the support with material and some fabricating! 😀

Next was to make the front storage area inside the trailer easier to organize so we don’t need to take out all the stuff every time we need something, think this simple solution was great! 🙂 Pretty much just a wooden board and we have two planes to have stuff on without the need of lifting heavy stuff too high and also like it is now we can reach everything much easier!

Not much left to be all done with the stuff I want to have in the trailer!! Will it be done this year!?

We will see I guess!!

Then I got a element in place in the tuning office, good for cold rainy days at the race track! 😉 Also got the tuning office cleaned up a bit and it feels so good that I made this corner like this, it’s here all the record setting stuff happens! 🙂 Made a place for all the brooms to be at and also so they will stay there when we are out on the road and not everywhere in the trailer! Then I got som speakers mounted in the roof, they have been laying around for almost a year now and I got this idea for about 5-6 years ago when we did remove the old lamps that was there earlier, a perfect place for speakers so we can have the track radio on and also for those record setting party evenings of course!

More awesomeness during the first week of February when I got the trailer cleaned up really good! It’s kind of crazy what a huge mess I’m able to create just by making some work inside the trailer!

It feels so nice to finally see that the light in the tunnel is close (and no it’s not a freight train coming) pretty much the only thing that is missing now is a calendar for the dates so we can go racing!….

How awesome!?? 🙂 Me and Sofi got the bathroom door finished and mounted in the trailer, thanks to our awesome partner Bengtssons Smide that helped us out fabricating the parts we needed! After that we also got some other stuff in place in the bathroom, right now it’s just some small details that we are missing and we can call the trailer bathroom ALL DONE!!

And this have been possible thanks to a lot of special people, both when it comes to the parts and also the work they have spent on it for me!

Last stuff that is made on the trailer in the mid of February is that we got some lamps mounted at each bed, maybe a good thing if you want to read a book or something on a rainy race day! 🙂


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