The truck and trailer are now back at the ÅBM shop again and the 2023 season is over for real!

The past is behind us, now it’s time to start think about the future and the 2024 season! 🙂

It’s Chevelle time! 🙂

Me and Krille arrived at the ÅBM shop yesterday evening after our rainy weekend at Tierp Arena, directly we did start to prepare for this coming weekend and Dala Street Open at Dala-Järna Raceway with the Chevelle!

It’s going to be fun to make some exhibition rounds in the Chevelle to end the 2023 season! 🙂

Hey ho let’s go again!

Me and Krille arrived in Täby at the ÅBM shop a while ago and on our way home the weather that we been missing all weekend came!… And here at the shop we got clear blue sky, sun and 22 degrees Celsius!… Kind of hard not getting angry after 4 days at the race track in rain, cloudy sky and no sun, really cold and heavy winds!… 🙁

It’s warm, sunny and blue sky!…

We started to load up pretty early today when the rain finally stopped!…

We got some lunch.

The it was time to finally go home!

And Bänkt did his thing like always! 🙂

Good bye Tierp Arena for this time!

The truck did turn 600000km on the way home today! 🙂

And here is the sun… On the way home!…

This is the weekend and how it was pissing on us..

Now some food and then start prepare for the next weekend! 🙂

And I forgot! Great idea by Krille, five of us got a team tattoo late Saturday evening as a memory from the worst weekend in a long time! 😉

This might be the worst weekend I’ve been on for many many many years!…

The first time ever that I got wheel speed in the Corvette!… Straight up, I felt in the burn out that there was NO track because it felt like making a burn out on grass!… The change from the round before when we was way low in wheel speed was to move a little weight in the car and a little shock change! That ended up with that I spun the tires directly on the line….

When looking at the other runs (so far) they are not done yet because Åke the Baker made a couple of 360:s out on the track, which tells me that the track is not there and I would say that this qualifying pass would have been cancelled, the track is not like it should be when letting out cars like this!…

I got rain drops on my windshield when rolling down the track after I spun the tires…


Q3 coming up

The pairing for todays first round!

The schedule for today!

We just got some breakfast here at a chilly and cloudy Tierp Arena, the Vette is ready to warm up in a little while and I think we will be called about in about 2 hours!

Stay tuned!


Next up


Time for Q2


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