We are getting really close for take off to Santa Pod Raceway!

The Scania truck finally got back to the ÅBM shop Saturday last week after the repairs / freshen up that’s been made during the winter! And what a difference it is! Thanks to all involved in this that made it happen!

Then I spent some time messing around with it due to some air leaks, it’s so much fun with an old truck! But I succeeded to repair the valve that caused the leak after some work with it!…

Then I installed arm rests on the “new” drivers seat to make it even more comfortable! And I must say WOW what a difference it is to drive it now, that old park bench that was in it before was junk already when we bought it in 2017! This was money WELL spent for sure!

After that I cleaned out the cabin / dumpster really good, installed the generator on the truck and did put the truck and trailer together again and took the trip to Opus car inspection in Norrtälje for the yearly control of the truck and trailer!

And it looks like the hard work during the winter payed off, because both passed without any problems! Thanks for the great customer service as always at this control station!

Then when I got back to the shop John The Sneaky Snake came by and washed of the rig!

After that I did some last messing around with stuff that needed to be prepared, loaded in the trailer, organized in the trailer to be able to go to Ludvika to load up the Vette!

I have spent about 160 hours in the shop during 8 days trying to get work stuff done and the racing circus ready to leave for Santa Pod on Monday next week, I did finally leave the ÅBM shop way delayed on Thursday evening for Ludvika to drop of the rig and then directly home to Vansbro for something really important!

Celebrate the love of my life and best friend Sofi that’s turning 40 years young on Monday! When I’m in the Scania on my way to England!

Then 2 days back home in Vansbro relaxing some and having a good time and then back to Ludvika on Sunday and load up the Vette and the missing parts around it, trying to organize the trailer a bit because it’s ha HUGE mess right now….

After that back to the ÅBM shop on Sunday and then leave for England on Monday!

England and Santa Pod Raceway, see you in less than one week from right now! 😀

Stay tuned!


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