I have been looking to get more wheel speed since we got here!…. During Doorslammers and the testing I have added ratio in the transmission and more and more power!.. We were still low when it comes to wheel speed both at Doorslammers and in testing but the car went down!

Then we put on new slicks yesterday, and now I’m lost instead!…

At least I went past the 60ft in Q2 compared to the wasted Q1 today!..

0.9713 to the 60ft and I was off the throttle at 1.7 seconds! Because of too much wheel speed!… So, now we need to go back and build the transmissions we had earlier to slow it down a bit! Because it wasn’t enough with just take away timing, it did not make the car happy enough!..

After the round we found a broken valve spring, that might have caused a power loss that messed up things…. But it does not look like that when looking at the Racepak data!

Now it’s time for flip flops and a beer in the sun to heal my sore back! 🙂

Stay tuned!


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