Me and Daniel did finally arrive at Santa Pod Raceway in England at 7 this morning after a 44-ish hour long trip through Europe from the ÅBM shop!

And I want to say a special thanks to Neale at Santa Pod for all the help with the customs papers that we needed because of Brexit! It went so smoothly both at the French border and then here at the border / customs in The UK! Would not been possible without the help from Neale! 😀

After that we got about 2.5 hours of sleep and then did roll into the track and started to set up our pit area and get things ready for the weekend!

After we got the pit area done we unloaded the Vette! And did put her on English soil for the first time!

After that Daniel started to finish up som small stuff and I did start to clean out the mess in the trailer! 🙂

Then she got her new pajamas on!

Preparations for the coming weekend will continue now for a couple of hours and then tomorrow so we will be ready for the Doorlammers race that starts on Friday!

Stay tuned!


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